Movie “Himala” by Ishmael Bernal Essay Example
Movie “Himala” by Ishmael Bernal Essay Example

Movie “Himala” by Ishmael Bernal Essay Example

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  • Published: September 15, 2017
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The film “Himala” by Filipino National Artist Ishmael Bernal trades with the societal issues of poorness. faith and fanatism. It is a commentary to the life conditions of the Filipino people and their religion and beliefs. The illustriousness of the movie is reflected by the fact that it is now considered a Filipino authoritative. with Elsa’s ( Nora Aunor ) address being quoted until today.

The different characters in the film represent a assortment of sectors in society. Elsa. the supporter of the film. is an image of a false prophesier. Apparently she can mend the ill and perform miracles but no cogent evidence of it can be seen throughout the film. Nimia ( Gigi Duenas ) portrays the people who do non believe in miracles. She may be considered a evildoer because she was a cocotte in Manila. non to advert she besides set up a nightclub in the town of Cupang. but she merely does this merely so she can set nutrient in her tummy. She strives difficult to maintain herself alive. Chayong ( Laura Centeno ) is Elsa’s confidante. and she to the full believes in Elsa’s mending powers. She personifies an guiltless and fleeceable individual. Because of this blind religion. she gets assaulted and causes her to fall back to suicide. Mrs. Alba ( Veronica Palileo ) used Elsa’s supposed mending power to gain from the people. selling ware and other gear. She is the prototype of an exploitatory individual. taking advantage of the people’s credulousness and artlessness and doing money out of it.

>The film maker Orly ( Spanky Manikan ) shows a individual who is an foreigner. He uses the chance to do a name for himself by bring forthing a film focus oning on Elsa’s life. He shows a alteration of bosom when he felt guilty for non assisting Chayong and Elsa when they were assaulted. Last. Sepa ( Ama Quiambao ) and the fans of Elsa represent a sector of the Filipino people who are willing to give their supports merely to be saved by a false prophesier. all for the belief that God will assist those who do non assist themselves. They are so blinded in their religion that they don’t even see the truth. Elsa’s confession. even when it is presented right in their face.

The whole movie is focused on religion. It depicts the easiness of Filipinos to believe spiritual claims without grounds and believing logically. Poverty is besides seeable in the movie. demoing childs eating stale meat and ordaining a cholera eruption.

Miracles are a controversial issue. and speaking about its truthfulness will more likely flicker a argument. I personally do non believe in miracles because I believe that what you put out in the universe comes back at you. I think miracles are non miracles per Se. but they are the good that you did before which is coming back to you.

The movie shows Filipino spirituality’s different sides. Of class. there are trusters and non-believers. and none of which is considered right or incorrect since they have the freedom which to believe. As I have said. it shows that people are

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willing to give their whole lives work merely to procure their topographic point in Eden without admiting the facts. There is besides a good side to Filipino spiritualty. as showcased by the priest ( Joel Lamangan ) . who believes in God but still is a rational mind. Peoples should believe the existent significance of faith and non some false prophet’s positions on the affair.

The message of the movie is that to make non believe everything you see. for we may see a somewhat skewed image of the truth. In the movie. it was said that Elsa had mending powers. but non one time did a individual really thank her for mending her or a healed individual appeared. This may state us that Elsa ne'er had mending powers or that the people she was mending were in on the prevarication. We can besides take away from the movie that if we are to believe in God. we should believe in God himself. non on any individual claiming to be a prophesier because it can take to deathly effects. like the decease of Sepa’s two boies and Elsa’s decease.

The movie is now considered timeless. authoritative even because it can defy clip. It is a cosmopolitan battle. Not merely the Filipinos adhere to this job but the remainder of the universe does excessively. Religion scopes a immense population ; many of them may confront the same jobs discussed in Himala.

Overall. the movie was great and I am glad I had the opportunity to watch a Filipino movie authoritative known around the universe because of its illustriousness and permanency.