Motivational Interviewing: How It Works With Native Americans Essay Example
Motivational Interviewing: How It Works With Native Americans Essay Example

Motivational Interviewing: How It Works With Native Americans Essay Example

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  • Published: September 25, 2017
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The Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change attack is complementary to the cultural values of Native American people and emphasizes listening. acquisition. and regard. Addictions in this twenty-four hours and clip can be contributed to many factors and consequence every ethnicity of people. Substance dependence has even affected the smallest ethnicity of people. Native Americans since their brush with white people. Motivational Interviewing ( MI ) has even helped Native Americans through counsellors larning and implementing the techniques. Even though clients are of course immune to alter. using the three pillars are really effectual in assisting even Native American people because showing empathy shows that you care and developing disagreement between client’s present behaviours and values & A ; beliefs.

Counselors today need to be trained in MI an


d traverse culturally trained besides to better service persons. I would through MI be empathetic and express it through brooding hearing. rephrase what I hear from the client. inquire them allow me see if I am hearing you right. You are saying… . . . I would pass on respectfully with the client. be supportive and set up a non-judgmental curative relationship with the client. There are some great CBT techniques entirely with prep assignments to assist cover with the shame and embarrassment that a client is experiencing about their substance usage or other jobs that are traveling on. CBT can be self talk with positive statements to themselves. day-to-day temper and idea record and etc. There are so many techniques that can be utilized with MI to assist a client even through shame.

As a counsellor. I will use the undermentioned rules known besides as pillars with MI

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to assist actuate my clients: expressing empathy through brooding hearing. developing disagreement between client’s present behaviour and values & A ; beliefs. turn overing with opposition by avoiding statements & A ; confrontation besides adjust to the opposition. and last support self-efficacy by confirming clients strengths and leting freedom and pick. First pillar that would be utilized is showing empathy. Expressing empathy agencies to understand my client. cognize and esteem where they are in the phase of alteration. and utilizing brooding hearing by utilizing contemplation. paraphrasing. or sum uping what has been stated by the client. For illustration. so allow me acquire this right you said …… . . . Did I get that right? Okay. allow me see if I understand what you are experiencing right now.

In other words walk a stat mi in their mocassins and cognize where they are coming from. Second. pillar that would be used is developing disagreement by acquiring the client to see that their behaviours that they are exhibiting does non reflect what they have stated that is their values. beliefs. and ethical motives. I would listen to my clients. reflecting. and ask unfastened ended-question. Harmonizing to Capuzzi & A ; Stauffer ( 2012 ) . “When a client is able to see an internal disagreement between his or her current behaviours and his or her values. beliefs. and ends. the alteration procedure can get down. This is due in big portion to the underlying rule of cognitive disagreement ( p. 131 ) . Third pillar is turn overing with opposition which is where a client is immune to alter than as a counsellor I would non reason

with the client. I will inquire the client to state me more about their position point so that I can understand where they are coming from more. Most of import avoid labeling a client.

I would inquire open-ended inquiries to ask for them in to speak more about what they believe is their ground for non desiring to alter. engage in job resolution. or possibly reflecting back their values. beliefs. and ends ( Capuzzi & A ; Stauffer. 2012 ) . Last pillar is support self-efficacy which is furthering the client’s belief that they can do the necessary alterations successfully. doing certain the client knows that they are responsible for make up one's minding to alter and transporting out the alteration. allow the client cognize my belief that they can alter. and guide client to research alternate job work outing solutions or attacks to alter ( Capuzzi & A ; Stauffer. 2012 ) .

In decision. I learned that if a counsellor is trained in MI and understands how to present the techniques with clients that it would be an effectual technique with clients to actuate the phase of alterations. For case. “data from the current study collected in a Native American community suggest that MI may be good suited as an intercession to forestall minor imbibing and that a MI research plan to cut down minor imbibing would be by and large good tolerated in this reserve community ( Tonigan. Miller. & A ; Villanueva. 2007 ) .


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