Mmse In Nursing Analysis Essay Example
Mmse In Nursing Analysis Essay Example

Mmse In Nursing Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: June 13, 2018
  • Type: Analysis
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The assessment of Mrs. Pandey's cognitive state involves assessing her arithmetic, memory, and orientation (Changsu Han, 2008). To perform this assessment, I used the mini mental state examination, which is an easy-to-follow test that already includes the types of questions to be asked. Since Mrs. Pandey suffers from multiple sclerosis, effective communication and confidence-building were crucial during the assessment. However, some questions were difficult to ask, such as counting backwards from 100 by 7, as patients may struggle to understand or interpret them correctly, leading to inaccurate results. Additionally, some questions may sound silly and potentially cause psychological distress if the patient perceives a wrong answer as evidence of cognitive inadequa


cy (McMurray, A. 2005). Nonetheless, the advantage of this examination is that no answer is necessarily wrong.Assessing cognitive state is the purpose of the examination and communication was not a major issue. However, there could be misunderstandings about the exam's aim. Mrs. Pandey was an English speaker, so I did not have to rephrase many questions. Nonetheless, a definite conclusion cannot be drawn based solely on answers due to potential mistakes made by individuals, even with normal cognition, because of anxiety or nervousness (Galea & Woodward, 2005; McMurray, 2005). Though disappointed by my low volume in the video, I believe I did well in communicating with the patient by adopting an open posture and appropriate positioning that gave the patient a sense of superiority.

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