MKTG: Chp. 10

The _____ is the starting point in
creating a marketing mix.
A. price
B. place (distribution channel)
C. promotion
D. product
Why is creating of a product the starting
point for the marketing mix?
A. The production department must
know what to produce first
B. determination of the price,
promotional campaign, and distribution
network cannot begin until the product
has been specified
C. Product development takes the
longest amount of time to complete
A _____ is everything, both favorable
and unfavorable, that a person receives
in an exchange. It can be tangible,
intangible, a service, an idea, or a
combination of these things.
A. brand equity
B. quality
C. warranty
D. product
Sebastian got a haircut this afternoon.
His haircut cannot be called a product
because it is a service, not a tangible
A. true
B. false
RockTenn produces cardboard cartons
to be used by companies in the food
industry. RockTenn is selling _____
A. specialty
B. consumer
C. convenience
D. business
The consumer product classification
system is based on:
A. how the market is segmented
B. the way the products are
C. the way the products are used
D. the amount of effort consumers
spend to acquire the product
_____ products are purchased with
little shopping effort. These products
typically are purchased regularly,
usually with little planning, and require
wide distribution.
A. Convenience
B. Specialty
C. Branded shopping
D. Generic
Compared to the other classifications of
consumer products, shopping products
A. widely available, so they need little or no
B. usually less expensive than convenience
C. usually more expensive than convenience
products and are found in fewer stores
D. purchased without significant planning
_____ products are searched for
extensively, and substitutes are not
acceptable. These products may be
quite expensive, and often distribution
is limited.
A. Specialty
B. Exclusive shopping
C. Branded shopping
D. Heterogeneous convenience
A product _____ is a specific version of
a product or a single product, a product
_____ is a group of closely-related
product items, and a product _____ is
all products that a firm sells.
A. item, line, mix
B. item, mix, line
C. entity, category, mix
D. entity, mix, category
Along with its Macintosh computer line,
Apple markets its iPod, iPhone, iPad,
and AppleTV products. This is an
abreviated listing of the company’s:
A. customer mix
B. marketing mix
C. promotion mix
D. product mix
Product mix width is defined as:
A. the number of different product
categories found within an industry
B. the average number of products
within each product line in the company
C. the average number of products
offered by the company
D. the number of different product lines
an organization offers for sale
Which type of product modification is
an aesthetic product change?
A. functional
B. quality
C. repositioning
D. style
Adding additional products to an
existing product line in order to
compete more broadly in the industry is
referred to as:
A. product line extension
B. product modification
C. repositioning
A _____ is the part of the brand that
can be spoken and a _____ is the
element of a brand that cannot be
A. brand name brand mark
B. brand equity brand quality
C. brand mark brand label
D. trademark quality mark
A brand name of a manufacturer is
known as a private brand and a brand
name owned by a wholesaler or a
retailer is known as a manufacturer’s
A. true
B. false
When a company uses different brand
names for different products, it is using
_____ branding. When a company
uses the same brand name for different
products, it is using _____ branding.
A. individual family
B. family individual
C. family umbrella
D. individual captiva
Which of the following entails placing
two or more brand names on a product
or its package?
A. family branding
B. private branding
C. co-branding
D. dual-code branding
The two types of package labeling in
common usage today are:
A. persuasive and informational
B. promotional and nonpromotional
C. functional and persuasive
D.Motivational and required
Which type of warranty is a written
A. complete
B. express
C. implied
D. explicit
E. primary

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