MKTG 431

Whenever I go into Safeway, I have to scan my Safeway card to receive the advertised discounts. Sometimes, when I have purchased a certain amount of groceries, the cash register will spit out a coupon good for 5% off of my next purchase. This is an example of a ____________ sales promotion?
Loyalty program
Which of the following is a difference between inside selling and outside selling?
The job may involve extensive travel
Which of the following a selling situation is as described in class?
All of the above are selling situation
Which of the following is an inside sales job?
All of these are inside sales jobs.
Which of the following is one of the three primary roles for a salesperson as discussed in class?
New customer development. / Generating transactions
Which of the following services is a full-service advertising agency likely to provide?
All of these – that is why they call it a full-service agency
Which of the following statements about publicity is False?
Good publicity doesn’t cost the marketer any money
Which of the following was NOT one of the three approaches to selling discussed in class?
Psychological selling
Which of these trends is the result of advertisers seeking to deal with the problem of getting their communications noticed in a world where ad clutter is increasing?
Seeking non-traditional channels distribute sponsored communications.
_____________ are moral and legal principles that govern the actions of an individual or a group?
___________ are society’s values and standards that are enforceable in court?
____________ is a socializing force that determines what is right and what is wrong for most people?
_____________ is a strategy that involves a company’s efforts to provide, promote and reclaim environmentally sensitive products?
Green marketing
_____________ is a strategy that involves tying the charitable contributions of a company to customer revenues produced through a promotion of its product?
Cause marketing
_____________ is a systematic approach to gathering information about the environment, analyzing it, and predicting its impact on your business?
Environmental scanning
_____________ is an ethical perspective that believes a decision is ethical if the benefits outweigh the cost?
_____________ is an ethical perspective that believes the motive behind a behavior is more significant than the outcome of the behavior?
Moral idealism
____________, is the amount of money a consumer has after paying taxes?
Disposable income
_____________, is the amount of money a consumer has left after paying for necessities such as food and housing?
Discretionary income
_____________ the total amount of money made in one year by a person, household, or family unit, averaged $43,318 in the U.S. in 2003?
Gross income
A _______________ has at least one urbanized area of at least 10,000 but fewer than 50,000 people and adjacent territory with a high degree of social and economic integration?
Micropolitan statistical area
A _______________ has at least one urbanized area of 50,000 or more people and adjacent territory with a high degree of social and economic integration?
Metropolitan Statistical area
A _____________ is a person who reports unethical behavior in a company?
Whistle blower
A ________________ is a systematic assessment of a firm’s strategies, objectives and performance in terms of social responsibility?
Social/ethical audit
A disruptive innovation is a technological development that radically changes the competitive landscape. For example, who could have imagined in the 1950’s that innovations in the ___________ industry would almost destroy the dry cleaning industry?
A marketer interested in selling luxury goods would naturally pay close attention to changes in the amount of?
Discretionary income
According to the discussion in class, which of these is a reason consumers frequently give to justify unethical consumption?
Everybody does it
According to the text, ____ is one of the major reasons employees violate a company’s code of ethics?
Lack of specificity
According to your book, which of the following is NOT a question suggested by ethical legal framework for evaluating marketing decisions?
Can I make money doing it?
According to your instructor, the world is quickly becoming a place where companies that fail to ___will find themselves at a disadvantage in terms of reaching customers and finding good employees?
Promote diversity
According to your instructor, which of the following is a reason why environmental scans are so important to you as a marketing manager?
Because the quality of the environmental scan affects the quality of the marketing strategies you develop.
According to your instructor which of the following is a reason why environmental scans are so important to marketing managers.
They can help you avoid being “blindsided” by unanticipated market factors
According to your instructor, why is a good environmental scan so important for a marketing manager??
Because the better the environmental scan, the better the strategic and tactical decisions that will be made based on the environmental scan.
Advertisers frequently engage in ___________ where they exaggerate the benefits of the product without actually making a false claim about the product?
All of the elements of the Consumer Bill of Rights have become law in the United States, EXCEPT for…?
Actually, the Consumer Bill of Rights is not the law in the United States; rather it guides the thinking of legislators and the courts in determining commercial law.
Although not usually considered to be an ethical issue per-se, ___________ which deals with the performance, reliability, and safety of products can be thought of as “product ethics”?
Although you have the ability to decide whether or not to do business with a particular supplier, you can’t tell the supplier how to run his or her business. This is why suppliers are part of the…?
External microenvironment
Ideally, analysis of the social trends will allow you to identify a target market is…?
In general, the intent of government regulation of business in the United States is to…?
Increase competition
One of the difficulties in determining ethical behavior in marketing is that ______; the clandestine collection of trade secrets or proprietary information is both illegal and unethical; while collecting marketing intelligence about your competition is necessary?
Economic espionage
One of the ethical issues in distribution is for retailers to require manufacturers to pay _________ to ensure placement of new products in a store. This practice is legal, but there is a question of whether it deprives customers of their right to choice under the Consumer Bill of rights?
Slotting fees
One of the ethical issues in marketing is establishing what is a fair price. Some pharmaceutical companies charge very high prices for life-saving drugs because they need to recover the massive amounts of money needed to bring a new drug to market. While there is no question this practice is __________, there is a question about whether it is ___________?
Legal, ethical
One of the ethical issues in marketing is it may be impossible to make a product that is 100% safe. In that case the company has to make a choice between the price of a product and ___________?
One of the ethical issues in marketing is that data mining techniques where information from several databases is combined may be a violation of a customer’s ________?
One of the ethical issues in marketing is that some market segments, such as children or the elderly, may not fully understand the choices they are being asked to make. What is the proper approach to marketing to these _____?
Vulnerable groups
One of the issues facing ___, people born between 1946 and 1964 is coming to terms with growing older?
Baby boomers
One of the ongoing demographic trends in this country is the migration of population to the _______ and _________?
South, West
One of the problems in acting ethically in international business is that __________ and _________, the basis of what is right and wrong, can vary from country to country?
Customs, religion
One of the reasons the examples in class may seem obscure to you is that your instructor was born between 1946 and 1964 and most of the students in marketing 431 are members of ______________, born between 1977 and 1994?
Generation Y
The ______________ approach to social responsibility in business believes that a company is has obligations to the environment as well as the general public?
Societal responsibility

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