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ISAT 229-002

The primary editing view in in PowerPoint where the user can write and design presentation is: normal view The power point _______ allow(s) you to control the look of the presentation window with a set of commands. view buttons The ______ provides an introduction to the topic covered in the presentation. title slide A PowerPoint […]

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any compound that increases the number of hydronium ions (H30 group-positive charge) when dissolved in water; acids turn blue litmus paper red and react with bases and some metals to form salts. Example is lemon with citric acid acid citric acid in lemons Example of an acid a compound that can reversibly change color depending […]

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Chapter 4 Searches

United States v. Jacobsen defined a search as a \”governmental infringement of a legitimate expectation of privacy.\” A lane search, or partitioning the area into lanes, can be adapted to any number of police personnel. What is not a goal of a search during an investigation? to punish the offender Which of the following do […]

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MA 112 – Medical Records and Doucmentation

The patient owns the medical record False An aggregate of activities designed to ensure adequate quality is called, quality control True Subjective information is that which the physician observes during the physical examination of the patient False A standard, nationwide rule must be followed in establishing a records retention schedule False Conditioning paper involves including […]

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psych quiz questions

Over the past year, Jay has gained several inches in height, experienced a deepening in his voice, developed courser skin, and noticed hair growth on his face, chest, and pubic area. These particular physical changes in Jay’s development are all examples of ______ sex characteristics. secondary Though raised as a female by her parents, Jasmine […]

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chapter 1 journalism

anchorman CBS coined the word for the person who tells TV audiences about the news and calls on correspondents to provide stories \”areopagitica\” an eloquent plea for free speech, written in 1644 by english poet John Milton, that was later used by American Revolutionionaries Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 James Gordon Bennett […]

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CSC 110 Test 2

The speed of the _____ influences how fast the processor can process data. Internal Clock An integrated circuit is a chip that can contain millions of transistors. True Which of the following is an example of a special-purpose input device? LED LCD OCR CRT OCR Speakers are always classified as _____ devices. Output Moore’s Law […]

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Scenario 1: Wendy Gordon Interview Notes Wendy is 20 years old, single, and a U.S. citizen with a valid Social Security number. On Wendy’s Intake and Interview sheet, she answered \”Unsure\” to the question, \”Can anyone claim you or your spouse on their tax return?\” During the interview with Wendy, you determine the following facts: […]

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English vocab words from The HINDU newspaper daily

scampering run quickly with light steps due to fear or excitement. improvise create or perform spontaneously without any preparation reconnaissance preliminary surveying or research, exploration purport appear or claim to do something esp. falsely debris scattered fragments , typically of something wrecked or destroyed mangle severely mutilated , disfigure by cutting , tearing , crushing […]

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Chapter 8 The Electronic Claim

Accredited Standards Committee X12 The United States standards body formed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for cross-industry development, maintenance, and publication of electronic data exchange standards. Accredited standards Committee X12 Version 5010 System developed by the American National Standards Institute that meets HIPAA standards for the transmission of either ICD-9 or ICD-10 diagnostic […]

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intaglio which of the following is a printmaking process? an impression when a printmaker rolls ink onto a raised surface and presses a piece of paper onto it, the resulting image on the paper is known as Mesopotamia images were first reproduced by printmaking in this ancient culture China The earliest existing printed artworks on […]

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INTE 1100: Final Exam Study Guide Matching

Wait state Issued by a slow device that is not ready Data bus The system of pathways used for communication which carry data Protocol A set of rules and standards used for communication Virtualization When one physical machine hosts multiple activities that are normally done on multiple machines CMOS battery A component that provides a […]

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Woodwind instruments are so named because they

Answer: were originally made of wood Recource Music Appreciation EXTRA: Musical Texture, Symphonic Bands And Orchestras, Woodwind Instrument

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Which of the following statements is not true about software theft?

Answer: A keygen distributes user names and passwords to those who register their legally purchased copies of a software program. Recource CIS 130 Exam 5 And 6

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Which of the following is true regarding technical skills?

Answer: They encompass the ability to apply specialized knowledge. Recource Ch. 1 What Is Organizational Behavior

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Which of the following concepts refers to a shared cultural heritage?

Answer: ethnicity Recource Sociology Final- Chapter 11

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Rudolf Virchow

Answer: the first to observe leukocytes within the tissue of solid tumors

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one important result of the french revolution is that

Answer: political power shifted to the bourgeoisie

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