Modern World History Chapter 6 Scientific – Flashcards

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What did Francis Bacon help develop?
Scientific method
In what book was the direct democracy explained?
The social contract
Who influenced the Bill of Rights?
Voltaire, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau
Who wrote the declaration of independence?
Thomas Jefferson
Why was Henry Fielding famous?
He was a writer who developed many features of the modern novel
How did the main character in Pamela reflect enlightenment ideas?
She resisted and abuse of authority
What book did the catholic church ban?
The encyclopedia
How did the declaration of independence reflect enlightenment ideas?
It said that people have the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
What were some of the developments caused by the scientific revolution?
Improvements in medicine and scientific instruments
What were the defining characteristics of the neoclassical art style?
Emphasized elegance and simplicity
What was Montesquieu’s influence of the Constitution?
The branches of government
What events occurred after the American Revolution?
The Constitutional convention, the ratification of the Constitution
What ideas did Fedrick 2 support?
Freedom of worship and ending torture
How were baroque and neoclassical styles different?
Baroque was grand and ornate; neoclassical was simple and elegant
What was the law of universal gravitation?
All physical objects are affected equally by the same forces
What did the Americans protest as “taxation without representation”?
Stamps Act
What did Isaac Newton help explain?
The law of universal gravitation
In general, where did the philosophes believe in?
Progress for society
What art style dominated the 1600s and early 1700s?
How did the philosophies influence Catherine the great?
Proposals on a reforms to Russia’s laws
What did Andreus Vesalius and Voltaire both do?
Challenge pre-existing ideas
Which thinker contradicted the ideas of the Constitution?
Thomas Hobbes
How did the taxation problem different before and after the American Revolution?
Before it was too many British Taxes; after where not enough federal taxes
Who propose the heliocentric theory?
Nicolas Copernicus
How did Zacharias Janssen make Anton van Leeuwenhoek’s discoveries possible?
He invented the microscope
The 1700s, what showed up the influence of enlightenment ideas?
A woman reading a novel, a woman allowing her child to have a small pots vaccination, and a man attending a salon
What is the correct owner of steps in the scientific method?
Observation, question, hypothesis, experimentation, and conclusion
How were Thomas Hobbes and Catherine the great similar?
They both believe that a monarch should have absolute Authority
What did the enlightenment promote?
Hey believe in progress, a more secular outlook, and a faith in science
What style of building reflected the neoclassical style?
A church built in a simple, elegant style
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