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Merchant Banking – College
Merchant Banking – College

Merchant Banking – College

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A merchandiser banking is a fiscal establishment chiefly engaged in offering financial services and advice to companies and affluent persons on how to utilize their money. A merchandiser bank trade with commercial banking demands of finance. company & A ; long term loans and stock authorship. Merchant banking does non hold retail offices where client can travel and entree their history. A merchandiser bank is besides called as sweeping banking. Aim Main aim of merchandiser banking is organizing the activities like the bankers. advertisement bureau. pressmen and investment bankers etc. Guide companies to acquire registry their portion under SEBI act.

The merchandiser banking find the figure of portion. monetary value of the stocks and the timing of the release of this new stock. They besides provide services to the finance lodging strategies for the building of houses and purchasing of land.Before 1960s there was no merchandiser banking in India. This system started after 1960s. The Grind lay’s bank was the first bank that started merchandiser banking services. Grind lay’s bank is the largest foreign bank in the state. The chief service offered by merchandiser banking includes the direction of public issues and some facets of fiscal consultancy. After this more Bankss took enterprise of merchandiser banking services. Bank like Citibank came in 1970. Merchant banking with Citibank drama function in new enterpriser and rating of new undertaking. Raising financess through equity took topographic point. Management consultancy services were started. State bank of India started merchandiser banking in 1972. Before 1972 province bank of India used to merely supply financ


ess. But after 1972 province bank of India started multi-tasking. Commercial Bankss which followed province bank of India were

  1.  Central bank in 1977.
  2. Syndicate bank in 1977.
  3. Standard chartered bank. mercantile bank and bank of Baroda in 1978.
  4.  United bank of India. Punjab national bank. canara bank. Indian abroad bank in late 70’s and in early ’80s.

Need for Merchant Banking is felt in the aftermath of immense public nest eggs lying untapped. Merchant bankers can play an extremely important function in mobilizing financess of rescuers to investible channels guaranting assuring returns on investings and therefore can help in run intoing the broadening demand for inevitable financess for economic activity. With growing of the merchandiser banking profession corporate endeavors are undertaking enlargement. modernisation. and variegation of the bing endeavors. This reinforces the demand for a vigorous function to be played by merchandiser banking.

Reasons why specializer merchandiser Bankss have an important function to play in India

  1.  Turning industrialization and addition of technologically advanced industries.
  2. Need for the encouragement of little and average industrialists. who require specialized services.
  3. Turning complexness in regulations and processes of the authorities.
  4.  Need to develop backward countries and provinces which require different standards.
  5.  Researching the possibility of joint ventures abroad and foreign markets.
  6.  Promoting the function of New Market in mobilizing nest eggs from the populace.


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