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Life offers different experiences to people at different times. We can agree or disagree on this, but the fact remains that life has never lacked lessons. There are those who enjoy and appreciate life, while others have never appreciated what life offers. What exactly are you supposed to do if people you consider important in your life abandon you? Are you supposed to cheer and say “Yes, life is good”? This paper shares my traumatic life experience when my parents abandoned me.

I had never known that life could be that unfair as I was only twelve. My parents had offered me unending love since childhood. I had the best clothes and attended the best schools. Friends envied me so much always wanting to associate with me. I remember pretty well that morning when I woke up; no one was ready to attend to me. I wanted to leave for school but neither mum nor dad cared. I could not understand what was happening.

My father was very furious that morning. I did not understand what was going on considering I was very young by then. My dad accused my mum of nfidelity. Because I was too young, it was difficult for me to understand what means infidelity. It is until recently that I was made to understand what this term means. That was the last day I saw my parents, after my father had seriously battered my mother.

My greatest question since then has been “What mistake did I do to deserve to be abandoned?”. Was it my mistake that my mother cheated on my father? I have always known that forgiveness is a value to be treasured. The reason why my parents have never considered forgiving each other is beyond my understanding. I tend to believe that the society is quite judgmental especially when it comes to a woman. It is harder to forgive a wife who has cheated on her husband than a husband who has cheated on his wife. I am sure that if it was my father who had cheated on my mother, things would be better now. I am not trying to defend my mother’s actions neither I am trying to hate my father, all I am trying to say is that forgiveness should prevail in marriage.

No one has offered to explain me why my mother cheated on my father. I am veery sure, there were reasons behind this. No woman will just wake up from the blues and decide to cheat on her husband. All I believe is that my mother should have been given a second chance as well as should have been allowed to explain her actions. Yes, this is what I think, and I know my thoughts would have been useful if they were only communicated to the right person.

This has made me have a different perception of marriage. There are those who believe that marriage is an important institution to the well-being of an individual. I strongly disagree with this view. Why then has my mother and father not benefitted from their marriage? I believe that marriage is an institution of oppression. It does not only oppress the married couple, but also offsprings. I always wish that family is back together for a day laughing and dinning together as before. It has never been easy for me to live without my parents. All I would urge for those in good marriages is that they should always try to maintain peace and love at all times. It is only until you are out of a good marriage that you will be able to appreciate what you lost.

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