Marketing Final 9-16

pricing methods involves setting prices based on the costs of producing, distributing, and selling a product plus fair rate of return for effort and risk?
Cost-based pricing
refers to attaching features and services to differentiate a company’s offers while charging higher prices?
Value-added pricing
the only element in the marketing mix that produces revenue?
Harold sells ice cream from an ice cream truck
Cost-plus pricing
what is the purpose of a demand curve?
to demonstrate how product demand determines price
on a budget stores realizes that it holds a special place in the market…Which of the following does on a budget stores use to determine its prices?
Price Elasticity
Sharon runs white wheat farm in Eastern Oregon.
Pure competition
Access energy is going to enter the coffee market and start making coffee machines. What strategy did Access energy use?
Target costing
is least likely to be a consideration when setting the price for a product?
Frequency of advertising
is least likely to be used to increase product sales in a particular market?
introducing a fighter brand
Doors Inc. Which of the following, if true, would strengthen the CFO’s argument for adopting a price skimming strategy?
Large organizations are eager to adopt the new version because of improved enterprise functions.
Doors Inc. Which of the following, if true, would strengthen the CEO’s argument for adopting market-penetration pricing?
there are significant economies of scale in production
best describes the purpose of market penetration pricing?
to gain large amounts of market share
Product mix strategies differ from other product pricing strategies in which of the following ways?
prices in a product mix are set to maximize profit on several products, not one.
price increases in most likely to lead to a negative customer reaction
a company sets high prices in order to take advantage of customer need
involves temporarily lowering pricing to fuel sales on short-term basis?
promotional pricing
Legal Eagle Law Firm. Which of the following pricing strategies is being used by Legal Eagle Law Firm?
Psychological pricing
When competitors collaborate to determine the price of an item, they are engaging in which of the following?
Price Fixing
Fran’s Fashions. What is Fran’s Fashions doing?
Price fixing
Whis is the biggest problem with confronting predatory pricing?
is NOT a reason that companies develop marketing channels?
to assist in the development of new products
How does a conventional distribution channel differ from vertical marketing system (VMS)?
Intermediaries in a VMS are unified, whereas in a conventional distribution channel the members are autonomous
is NOT considered when a company sets channel objectives?
Company location
Which method of selecting marketing intermediaries involves giving a limited number of intermediaries the right to distribute a product?
exclusive distribution
Ready to Grow. what is the first thing that the company should do in order to prepare to create new marketing channels?
analyze the needs of its customers
Phoenix Corporation. which of the following, if true, would weaken the argument for intensive distribution
the company plans to market the shoes as a high-end luxury brand
Phoenix Corporation. which of the following, if true, would strengthen the argument for intensive distribution
consumers treat the kinds of shoes that phoenix will produce as commodities
is not a problem that must be considered when dealing with international distribution channels
product availability
is NOT an integral part of marketing channel management
control of channel members
is NOT a standard used to evaluate channel members
marketing budget
Make That Quota. which of the following is the best decision for Make that Quota to make?
Terminate the relationship with One More Sprocket and find a better intermediary
Flora’s Arrangements. What must Flora do to attain her goals?
Convince channel members they can succeed better by creating a cohesive value delivery network
which of the following would NOT be a consideration when selecting a channel member
the company’s corporate structure
which of the following involves managing the upstream and downstream value-added flows of materials, final goods, and related information among suppliers, the company, resellers, and final consumers?
supply chain management
Mark is responsible for creating and maintaining a logistics system for his company. Which of the following would Mark NOT be likely to do as function of his job?
Assist in the development of new products and product lines
Astrid. What problem is Astrid facing?
a lapse in inbound logistics
what is the ultimate goal of marketing logistics
provide target level of customer service at the least cost
retailing involves sales primarily to which group of people?
which of the following best describes a retailer who buys at less-than-regular wholesale prices and sells at less than retail
off-price retailer
Germaine’s Glassware. which of the following does germaine’s glassware engage in?
shopper marketing
Amy’s artwork supply. which of the following best describes Amy’s Artwork supply?
a corporate chain
Jensen Winchester. What does Jensen believe his company should enhance?
its shopper marketing
retailers and wholesalers are similar in which of the following ways?
both focus on bringing value to customers
Wholesalers are not as likely to be as well-known as retailers for which of the following reasons?
the do not sell directly to consumers
Direct retail. which of the following, if true, would strengthen the argument for creating a discount store chain?
the retailer’s logistics operations are more efficient than the industry norm
Direct retail. pursues the discount store approach, which of the following is most likely to be true
it will seek to create profit through large volume of sales, rather than higher profits
which of the following is NOT considered a retailer marketing decision?
the practice of charging higher prices on an everyday basis while offering frequent promotions and sales is known as which of the following
high-low pricing
Cellie’s Cell Phones. which of the following does Callie’s focus on in order to differentiate itself from the competition?
services mix
Avery Ennis. Where is avery going to go shopping
power center
which of the following is a decision that is made by both retailers and wholesalers?
segmentation of target market
how can smaller retailer compete with megaretailer in the same market
create unique offerings to gain proper positioning
how should retailers react to economic difficulties
focus on building customer value
in the wheel of retailing concept, which of the following does NOT eventually occur to a new retailer
the retailer maintains a top position in the market
which of the following does not explain why megaretailers are becoming so successful?
more innovative advertising techniques
Old Fashion Bread. which of the following is the best technology to incorporate
install touch-screen kiosks to give customers more information about the products in the store
which of the following is NOT a current trend in retail development?
retailers are decreasing their reliance on tech
which of the following would not be a channel function of a wholesale operation?
store differentiation
which of the following best describes a wholesaler whose function is to bring buyers and sellers together and assist in negotiation?
Rodney. which of the following best describes Rodney?
hes an agent
Wendy’s Wholesalers. What tactic is Wendy’s using?
bulk breaking
Today’s wholesalers face many challenges
Increase efficiency and effectiveness
which of the following is true about the promotion mix?
it needs to be coordinated with other parts of the marketing mix
discounts, displays, demonstrations, and coupons are used in which of the following methods of promotion?
sales promo
a company. which of the following is this company working on?
its promotion mix
Edwin Unger. What is edwin’s primary responsibility?
personal selling
which of the following elements of the promotion mix is most dependent on the image of the company?
public relations
which of the following is not a consideration when developing an advertising strategy?
product lines
the nature of the promotions mis has been most affected by which of the following
changes in communication tech and communication strategies
which of the following is not a recent change in marketing communication
the use of a promotion mix
in a pull strategy, marketing activities are directed primarily toward which of the following
Viva la Video Games
integrated marketing cummunications
Felix Systems
brand content manager
which of the following promotion mix elements are used most often in a push strategy
personal selling and trade promotion
which of the following execution style features shows how a product falls in line with the way a particular set of people choose to live their lives
which of the following is not involved in the selection of advertising media
determining which product to advertise
which of the following involves setting the advertising budget at a portion of projected sales or a portion of the unit sales price
percentage-of-sales method
which of the following public relations functions is concerned with building and maintaining relationships with legislators and government officials to influence legislation and regulation
Book Club Books
the company has a horrendous return on advertising investment
Holistic Consumables
consumer expressions
Jim Riley
it is difficult to determine which specific tasks will achieve Sapphire’s objectives
Sapphire. which of the following would be the most effective counterargument?
Companies differ greatly, and each has its own special promotion needs.
which of the following is true about an advertising special
it must be distinctive from other advertistements
which of the following is an advantage public relations efforts have over advertising
PR are most cost effective
Dreamboat Dolls
corporate identity materials
why is pr occasionally referred to as a marketing stepchild
because of its limited and scattered use
the phenomenon that occurs when a company becomes attached to a salesperson is known as
salesperson-owned loyalty
which of the following is not an action usually undertaken by a salesperson
American Motors
personal selling
the most important aspect of sales promotion can be considered which of the following
the relationship with the customer
which of the following best describes the ideal relationship between salespersons and marketers
salespersons and marketers should cooperate in order to create value for customers
the practice of using people from several departments in a company in order to service a large sales account is known as which of the following
team selling
which of the following represents a sales quota
the amount of product required to be sold by a salesperson
Multilevel Computing
inside sales force
Alice Ledbetter
it didn’t offer any incentive pay
sales force management depends largely upon which of the following
finding, training, and motivating quality salespeople
which of the following represents a major advantage to a customer sales force structure
organizing the sales force around customers can help build closer relationships with important customers
which of the following is the focus of value selling
delivering and demonstration customer value
Mark Abernathy
handling objections
Personal selling differs from reliance on consumer promotion tools in which of the following ways
Consumer promotion tools are financially based rather than relationship based
which of the following group is not targeted by sales promotion tools
which of the following is usually associated with trade promotion
getting more shelf space for products
a company is attempting to convince a retailer to feature its product
an allowance
Awesome Hair products
sponsored an event
Jennifer Bowls
promotion clutter
Marketers need to evaluate the success of their promotional activities, the most common evaluation method is to
compare sales before, during, and after the promotion
how does direct and digital marketing differ from mass marketing
direct and digital rely on one-on-one interaction, whereas mass marketing targets large groups
for consumers, the benefits of digital marketing include all of the following except which one
there is not enough variety online
Joanne’s House of Style
switch to digital marketing techniques
which of the following is not a reason that a company would choose to use direct or digital marketing strategies?
it requires less effort from marketers
which of the following is common factor in all forms of direct and digital marketing
the ease of contact with customers
Selenium Inc.
the consumers’ direct-mail marketing reaches are much better prospects compared to those reached by advertisting
direct digital marketing tools include all of the following except
which of the following allows marketers to send highly targeted, tightly personalized, relationship-building messages?
e-mail marekting
if a company creates a web site that does not sell its products but rather presents brand content and engages consumers, what has the company made
branded community web site
Vicky’s Vivacious Curves
Reba’s Fried Chicken
Multichannel marketing
Larry Burns
contextual advertising manager
why is online marketing so successful in today’s society
consumers spend a lot of time online
what is a possible downfall of viral marketing?
it is hard to predict or control where the message ends up
what is perhaps the biggest advantage of social media marketing?
customer engagment
mobile marketing
Selenium Inc
customers can use a menu of email selections to opt into receiving only communications marketing products they are interested in
which of the following marketing methods involves sending an item directly to a person
direct-mail marketing
which of the following is not a concern associated with online marketing
expense of maintaining web sites
what is the purpose of COPPA
to protect the rights of children
Better Batteries
Edward was a victim of phising
Ed and Stanley
printed catalogs are the best way to drive online and mobile sales
Consumer privacy and security are rapidly growing concerns in the digital age
hire a self-regulatory organization to audit privacy and security measures
how have the do-not-call regulations helped direct marketers
by creating an opt-in calling system that provides only willing consumers
which of the following is not a type of industrial structure
post-war economy
which of the following best describes a group of nations organized to work toward common goals in the regulation of international trade
free trade zone
which of the following best describes a firm that operates in more than one country
global firm
A large Asian country
an american company is planning to sell its product in a foreign market
cultural differences
which of the following is the most important factor in whether or not a company decides to globalize
its ability to navigate a foreign market
all of the following affect how a company enters a foreign market except which
the type of product the company sells
which of the following is not a factor in whether or not a company adapts its products or marketing strategy for foreign market
the organizational structure of the company
which of the following is not a reason a company would choose to globalize
to diversify its product base
entering foreign markets by selling goods produced in the company’s home country, often with little modification, is know as
which of the following methods of entering foreign market has the greatest balance of control between domestic and foreign investors
joint ownership
Kid’s Television Network
It’s Elementary
indirect exporting
The Aberdeen Group. which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the argument for contract manufacturing
Aberdeen does not want to assume too much risk, at least initially
The Aberdeen Group. which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the argument for direct investment
the operation will be used as an export hub for south asian markets
for a company, direct investment represents which of the following
the biggest involvement in a foreign market
which of the following involves channel design that takes the entire global supply chain and marketing channel into acct
whole-channel view
if a company keeps its marketing strategy consistent across all international markets, its is engaging in which of the following
standardized global marketing
Country Candy
product adaption
All in One Industries
make a simpler laptop that can be sold at a lower price
which of the following is the initial step for most companies in entering the foreign market
start shipping out goods
what is the smallest and least involved method of global marketing
export department
Online Office
world product group
Veridian Inc.
geographical organization
which of the following best describes an international subsidiary
an international subsidiary is responsible for its own sales and profits
which of the following is not a requirement of sustainable marketing
actions are fiscally feasible
which of the following is necessary for a company’s actions to exemplify sustainable marketing?
the action must take future generations into account
Aqua Works
the actions of the company were not environmentally responsible
which of the following is true about sustainable marketing
it focuses on meeting the needs of consumers and businesses
which of the following is true of the societal marketing concept
it considers the futures needs of consumers and the present needs of the company
why is high-pressure selling a poor business practice
it can damage customer relationship
Light of the World
planned obsolescence
Best Breakfast
the price is inflated due to the psychological value of the product
why have companies begun to embrace sustainable marketing practices
traditional marketing practices were harmful to consumers
According to environmentalists
maximize life quality
why are consumerism and environmentalism important factors in marketing ethics
they both focus on doing no harm to consumers or the environment
the advent of new technology
future increases in the price of fuel are likely to make customers more interested in fuel efficiency
which statement is a traditional buyers’ right?
to expect a product to preformed as claimed
which of the following is not a sustainable marketing practice
a company should always strive to create products at the lowest possible cost
Infinite Idle
product-oriented marketing
the advent of new tech has made it possible for EcoCars
the cars must have less of an impact on the environment than any other car models
why are ethical business practices problems in international business
illegal and unethical practices are considered standard business practices in many countries
embrace ethical values
Do No Harm Pharmaceuticals
helping resolve ethics problems facing employees
why do companies institute broad corporate marketing ethics policies instead of making the policies mare specific or narrow
the best thing to do in any situation is often unclear, so guidelines need to be broad

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