marketing chapter 10 interpersonal skills

two procedures that will help you in dealing with customer complaints are
listening and establishing a plan
ethical behavior includes the personal traits of
honesty and integrity
personal traits that foster positive attitude are
enthusiasm and Interest
the first step in making personal changes is
confidence is enhanced by good
self esteem and self awareness
two important elements of teamwork are
shared responsibility and shared leadership
consensus is an important element in setting
team goals
using your imagination and acting on your ideas demonstrate the personal traits of
establishing standards so all employees have equal rights and opportunities creates
cross training makes it possible for team members to be assigned many
personal strengths
self esteem and self awareness, positive attitude, initiative, responsibility, self-control, creativity, time management, stress management, assertiveness, and flexibility
honesty, respect, fairness, and equity
managing conflict requires
understanding, skill, knowledge, and experience
negotiation is the process of
working with the parties to a conflict to find a resolution
negotiation requires two of four basic communication skills
speaking and listening
six techniques for negotiating conflict resolution
1. show respect 2. recognize and define the problem 3. seek a variety of solutions 4. collaborate 5. be reliable 6. preserve the relationship
self esteem
how you view or value yourself as a person
being able to understand your customers frame of mind
say what you believe without being pushy or bossy
must be established before a team can work together
when all the team members have reached a decision
when each group member commits to perfect a certain task within a period of time
shared responsibility
all members take action to bring up whole teams performance

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