Marketing Ch. 17, 18, 19

If there is a difference between the message that is sent and the message that is received, it is probably due to noise.
It may take several exposures to marketing communications before consumers are moved to buy.
Though advertising experts wish it were true, there is not always a direct link between a particular marketing communication and a consumer’s purchase.
Almost everyone is engaged in some form of selling.
Beverage companies often pay movie producers to have their products used and shown in movies. This is an example of product placement.
Betty is assessing the effect of her firm’s marketing communications. She should remember that the ultimate goal is to drive the receiver to action.
Because the goals of IMC are only part of the overall promotional plan, they do not need to be explicit or measurable.
A pulsing advertising schedule uses periods of heavy advertising followed by periods of no advertising.
When a company’s communications budget is based on a percentage of forecasted sales, this is known as competitive parity.
“Top-of-mind awareness” is when consumers indicate that they know the brand when the name is presented to them.
Gross Rating Points (GRP) measure how often the audience is exposed to a communication within a specified period of time.
The sender of an integrated marketing communication controls the meaning individual receivers take from the message.
Glenn is using a push strategy to promote his new, self-published financial guidebook. He is directly promoting it to readers in the Wall Street Journal.
Public relations is the component of IMC that has received the greatest increase in aggregate spending.
A manufacturer’s rep is involved in __________ selling.
Bridgette went to The Gap ready to buy a new blouse, but not sure which color or style she wanted. The sales representative, sensing Bridgette’s buying mode, began with the _________________ stage of the selling process.
Sales presentation
Jami is managing an extended advertising campaign for a local convenience store chain. The campaign includes a series of television, radio, and print messages. As part of monitoring the campaign, Jami will keep track of:
changes in the weather, economic conditions, what rival convenience stores are doing, and special events in the community.
The ______________ stage of the selling process offers a prime opportunity for salespeople to solidify customer relationships through great service quality.
The effectiveness of an advertising campaign:
depends on the objectives, can be influenced by competitors’ actions, needs to be assessed before, during, and after the campaign runs, and is influenced by changes in the economy.
The key to a successful emotional advertising appeal is to use the emotion to:
create a bond between the consumer and the brand.
In the IMC process, noise can occur as a result of lack of message clarity, a poor choice of medium, and:
competing messages
Karen manages cosmetic counters in a regional department store chain. She wants to increase sales during the summer, hoping to generate repeat business during the holiday season. Because Karen is selling personal care products in a department store, she will most likely use __________________ as her primary methods of sales promotion.
free samples and point-of-purchase displays
Integrated marketing communications include all of the following EXCEPT:
supply chain management
National manufacturers and retailers often pay a service provider to monitor television ads around the country, in order to ensure that their ads are seen in their entirety during the time frames that were purchased. This service provider is monitoring for IMC noise problems associated with:
A flaw in the medium
Gretchen has just started as a fashion marketing intern for an up-and-coming design firm. When she came in she expected to begin right away implementing the four Ps she had learned about in class. Instead, she was asked to work on a project identifying important events where celebrities might wear the fashions. She soon realized that this activity was part of ______________, directly related to marketing.
public relations
In the “create advertisements” step when planning and executing an ad campaign, often the execution style for the ad will:
dictate the type of medium used to deliver the message.
If the marketing communication has captured the interest of its target market, the goal of subsequent IMC messages should be to move the consumer from:
“I like it” to “I want it.”
The proliferation of new media alternatives has led many firms to shift their promotional budgets from:
advertising to direct marketing and Website development.
The goal of any marketing communication is to:
get the right message to the right audience through the right media.
After using market research to identify the target audience for his advertising campaign, Jorge will next use this information to:
set explicit and measurable objectives for the campaign.
Which of the following is NOT true about public relations?
With the growth of the Internet, PR is quickly losing its impact.
Jennifer has worked for many years reviewing and approving print ads for his firm. She has memorized a checklist of key points to review. Which of the following would NOT be on her checklist?
Photo credits
One reason why B2B salespeople spend considerable time qualifying potential customers is because:
it can be costly to prepare and make a presentation to a business customer.
The preapproach stage occurs _____________ and extends the qualification of leads procedure.
prior to meeting the customer for the first time
U.S.-based global marketers have often found that:
EU advertising laws are more restrictive than those in the United States.
In integrated marketing communications, encoding means:
converting the sender’s ideas into a message, which could be verbal, visual or both.
An ad for Bud Light ran six times during a recently televised football game. When measuring IMC results for this ad, six would be the _____ for this telecast.
In the “create advertisements” step when planning and executing an ad campaign, often the execution style for the ad will:
dictate the type of medium used to deliver the message.
The selling proposition communicated by advertising needs to be:
unique to the brand, meaningful to the consumer, sustainable over time, and supportive of repetition.
Studies have found that customers are typically ready to make a purchase decision well before salespeople attempt to close the sale. Salespeople can learn when to close the sale by:
listening to customers and paying attention to their body language.
One of the disadvantages associated with personal selling is that:
it is expensive.
Many marketers are shifting marketing communication resources away from advertising and toward:
direct marketing, website development, product placement, and Internet advertising.
To stimulate interest and persuade consumers to further investigate a firm’s product or service, marketing communications include:
information about attributes that are of particular interest to the target audience.
Marketers __________ an advertising campaign in order to ensure that the various elements of the campaign will work in an integrated fashion and do what they are intended to do.
Which of the following is the best example of a persuasive advertising message?
“Buy now, pay later.”
Reminder advertising is used to:
prompt repurchase of a product.
Which of the following is the best example of puffery?
“You have tried the rest, now try the best.”
Julia is driving down Interstate 95 on her way from New England to Florida and sees a billboard saying “South of the Border Restaurant and Motel is just 100 miles away.” Julia has never heard of South of the Border before. After seeing the sign, she will most likely:
go through several steps before deciding whether to stop at South of the Border.
In integrated marketing communications, encoding means
converting the sender’s ideas into a message, which could be verbal, visual or both.
If you have ever watched a television commercial and at the end of the message wondered what were they promoting, you may have had trouble _____________ the IMC message.
Noah is just starting out as a sales representative, and he has been following the personal selling process carefully. Which of the following statements would describe Noah’s approach?
None of these describes the Personal Selling Process well.
Hiro sells building materials to local contractors. He wants to build long-term relationships with his contractors through effective follow-up. After delivering the materials ordered, Hiro can expect to have to address complaints about:
delivery time, billing, product performance, and installation.
Regardless of the objective of the advertising campaign, each campaign’s objectives must be:
specific and measurable.
A ____________ advertising schedule uses a base level of advertising during some periods followed by periods of increased advertising.
The advertising message admonition, “People are not looking for quarter-inch drill bits; they are looking for quarter-inch holes”, suggests that advertising messages need to:
focus on solving problems.
Sales promotions include all of the following EXCEPT:
online ads.
Several years ago, changes in advertising restrictions allowed pharmaceutical companies to begin promoting their products through traditional media. Today, it is hard not to see ads on television ending with “Ask your doctor about (our medicine).” In addition to creating awareness about their drugs, the companies are hoping to:
stimulate interest, persuading consumers to investigate further.
The attitudes that Ryan’s customers develop after they have purchased his yearly lawn care service will become the basis for determining whether they renew each year. He needs to be ____________, quickly addressing any problems that occur.
The attitudes that Ryan’s customers develop after they have purchased his yearly lawn care service will become the basis for determining whether or not they renew each year. He needs to convey ____________, delivering the right services the right way.
The attitudes that Ryan’s customers develop after they have purchased his yearly lawn care service will become the basis for determining whether they renew each year. He needs to convey ____________, guaranteeing his work in writing.
Sue spends much of her time checking inventories, processing straight rebuys, and making sure that everything is going smoothly. Sue is primarily a(n):
order taker.
Monica works as a salesperson in a retail clothing store. Of the five stages in the selling process, Monica is least likely to engage in:
generating and qualifying leads.
Sales representatives are often compensated, at least in part, on a percentage of the sales revenue. This percentage is known as a:
Red Bull sends out student brand managers to distribute free samples to their peers. What form of marketing communication is this?
sales promotion
To stimulate interest and persuade consumers to further investigate a firm’s product or service, marketing communications include:
information about attributes that are of particular interest to the target audience.
Because PSAs are a special class of advertising, FCC rules require:
broadcasters to devote a specific amount of free time to them.
An emotional appeal aims to satisfy consumers’_______________, while an informational appeal speaks to consumers’____________________.
personal desires; utilitarian needs.
As the number of communication media has increased, the task of understanding how best to reach target customers has:
become more complex.
Boris tells a colleague all about a major prospect Boris plans to call on in the next few days and asks the colleague to pretend to be a customer while he makes his sales presentation. Boris and his colleague are engaged in:
role playing.
Brent is preparing for an initial sales trip to Guatemala. He is hoping to find leads for his company’s textile manufacturing equipment. Which of the following would likely be the best source of leads for Brent?
The Internet
_____________ advertising has the disadvantages of long lead times and relative inflexibility.
_____________ advertising has the advantages of being linked to detailed content, flexible, and highly interactive.
_____________ advertising has the advantages of being highly targeted and offering opportunities for personalization.
Direct mail
_____________ advertising has the advantages of being flexible, timely, and can be localized.
Each year in December, Anheuser-Busch runs television ads featuring the Clydesdale horses pulling a stagecoach with an Anheuser-Busch logo. The message is low-key, wishing everyone well during the holiday season. This is an example of _______ advertising.
Regina has made the same sales presentation twice a day for almost a month. At first, the presentation seemed to flow nicely but lately it has not seemed as effortless as it initially was. Regina might ask another sales rep to participate in _______________ and critique her presentation.
role playing
Firms can use _____________ to bring customers together to share experiences around the products.
social media
Compared to mass media advertising, a key advantage of direct marketing is:
it allows for personalization of the message.
Automobile manufacturers often use television advertising showing an attractive man or woman driving the manufacturer’s stylish new car on a winding road along an ocean vista. These types of ads have ________________ appeal.
Each time an employee at an audio store makes a sale of $500 or more, the department manager awards a chocolate gold coin in recognition of the employee’s accomplishment. This reward is known as
nonfinancial reward.
For salespeople who practice ___________________, an unsuccessful close one day may lay the groundwork for a successful close during the next meeting.
relationship selling
Often a(n) _____________________ accomplishes the task of encoding IMC messages.
advertising agency
The sender of an integrated marketing communication:
has little control over what meaning any individual receiver will take from the message.
Public relations is the component of IMC that:
supports other promotional efforts by generating “free” media attention.
Jamara knows that his spring-break travel packages are the best deal on campus. He also knows his competitor is sloppy, often waiting until the last minute to provide the needed tickets and documents to students buying his island packages. Jamara wants to develop an advertising message that emphasizes the key benefits he provides. He will develop a(n) ____________________ appeal.
Every Monday during the month of December, salespeople who reached their weekly sales goal the previous week participated in a balloon surprise, where each would receive a balloon containing either a $50 or a $100 bill. This short term incentive is known as a:
sales contest
Like any effective salesperson, Tiffany walks into a customer’s office, shakes hands, looks the customer in the eye, and smiles. After exchanging pleasantries, Tiffany will try to create interest in her company’s product. Tiffany will likely ______________________ to adapt or customize her presentation to match the customer’s needs.
ask a series of questions
Aaron is an attorney. He uses his knowledge of sales and selling principles to:
sell potential clients on his ability to meet their needs, articulate his arguments to judges and juries, handle rebuttals and objections, and sell himself inside his company.
Chesnee works in the office of a building materials company. One of her jobs is to identify new building projects and to determine who will make the building materials purchase decisions. Chesnee is involved in the _______________ step of the selling process.
generate leads
When a product has gained a certain level of brand awareness, firms use _______________ advertising to motivate consumers to take action.
Naren knows that he needs to ask a series of questions early in his sales presentation, but he also knows that he:
needs to listen carefully to the answers.
One of the difficulties in measuring the effectiveness of IMC efforts is the ______________, where consumers do not act immediately after receiving a marketing communication.
lagged effect
Brad is working on the creative design for his company’s new ad campaign. This is his first major assignment. His boss reminds him that the ad execution style needs to:
attract the audience’s attention, give consumers a reason to pay attention to the ad, accomplish the advertiser’s objectives, and not overshadow the message.
Reaching the right audience with marketing communication is becoming more difficult because:
the media environment has become more complicated.
The Salvation Army runs a campaign over the Christmas holidays called the Mobile Bell Ringer. Volunteers send text messages to their friends’ cell phones asking them to donate. Which type of marketing communication does this represent?
Mobile marketing
Brett has developed a vitamin-enriched crouton that can be added to children’s salad to make them more fun. She’d like to advertise the product directly to the children, so she is examining:
the Better Business Bureau’s Children’s Advertising Review Unit.
Before approaching a potentially major B2B customer, a salesperson will usually:
try to find out everything possible about the firm and its needs.
Taylor loves the lifestyle associated with being a salesperson. She particularly values the _________________ associated with creating her own schedule.
In the AIDA model, the “do” stage is the ________________ stage.
Personal care product manufacturers know that samples are one of the few effective promotional efforts that can be used to get consumers to switch brands. These marketers will likely use ____________________ to monitor the effectiveness of giving away samples.
changes in sales data
To estimate reach in terms of electronic media, marketers can use the click-through rate (CTR). To do so, they need to know the number of clicks and:
number of impressions.
Cheryl asked Nadia to help her buy some aftershave for her boyfriend. Nadia was going through a list of different brand names, when Cheryl stopped her and said, “I recognize that one.” Marketers call this ______________.
aided recall
Elliott was asked to take a look at the company’s website. He noted that customers can order products on the site, but he felt it would also be important to:
build the brand image of the firm’s products, encourage customers to post product reviews, improve the overall image of the company, educate customers on how to use the products to their full advantage.
Marketers use corporate blogs to:
create positive word of mouth, build customer loyalty, gather feedback, and respond directly to customers.
In recent years, the component of IMC that has received the greatest increase in spending is:
Whenever the major beverage companies develop a new product, they advertise it heavily using television and print media. These efforts are designed to:
Marketers spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually creating and promoting symbols, colors, and images that make it easier for consumers to recognize the company, its brands or its products. These efforts facilitate ________________ in the IMC process.
The goals of IMC need to:
Marketers adjust their messages and media based on the type of audience (suppliers, shareholders, customers or the general public) because:
Which of the following is the best example of a reminder advertising message?
Competitive parity, percentage-of-sales, and available budget are types of ________________________ IMC budgeting.
Which of the following is a mass media advertising channel?
network television, Sports Illustrated, radio, and the New York Times.
The difference between advertising and publicity is advertising is:
a paid form of marketing communication.
In the United States, the regulation of advertising involves a complex mix of laws and informal restrictions designed to:
protect consumers from deceptive practices.
Jonathon sells building materials to local contractors. He wants to build long-term relationships with his contractors through effective follow-up. After delivering the materials ordered, Jonathon can demonstrate ________________________ by checking with his contractors right after the delivery and addressing problems promptly.
responsiveness and empathy
When Yolanda asked her firm’s advertising agency to estimate how often consumers saw her firm’s IMC message and what percentage of the target audience was exposed to the message, she was told the reach was 40, the frequency was 4 and the competitive parity was 10. The gross rating points for her firm’s campaign were:
Florida Heat Pump manufacturing company is offering a free, expense paid trip to Las Vegas for HVAC dealers that sell twenty units this year. Florida Heat Pump is using a ____________________ promotional strategy.
For consumer products like toothpaste and groceries, things consumers purchase throughout the year, most advertisers would use a _____________ advertising schedule.
The Outback Steakhouse blimp is a form of _________________ advertising.
selective demand
Telemarketing is being used less by marketers because:
the success rate is fairly low, government regulations put greater restrictions, of the advent of the Do-Not-Call list, and of prohibitions against unsolicited calls to cell phones.
Regina just bought a gourmet bagel store. She is working with a free-lance graphic artist who is designing her logo and print advertisements. Regina is spending days looking over the various designs and options. She needs to remember that the creative aspect of advertising design:
should not overshadow the message
Ashley was nervous about making the ____________. She knew it was likely the largest expense in the advertising budget.
media buy
An advertisement stating “Buy now: no money down” is a persuasive-type ad.
The primary federal agencies that regulate advertising activities in the United States are the DOD, DOE, and WTO.
Whether or not a salesperson will go through all five steps of the selling process depends on the sales situation and:
the buyer’s readiness to purchase.
_________ stage in the personal selling process corresponds to the need recognition stage in the B2B selling process.
Generate and qualify leads
_________ stage in the personal selling process corresponds to the performance assessment stage in the B2B selling process.
Often, inexperienced salespeople mistakenly believe that during the sales call, they should:
do all the talking.
When realtors meet with new customers, they frequently offer to estimate how much mortgage lenders will be willing to lend the customer. In the process, realtors assess buyers’:
ability to purchase houses in different price ranges.
Campbell Soup Company ran a series of radio ads tied to local weather forecasts. Before an impending storm, the ads said “Time to stock up on Campbell Soup.” During the storm, the ads said, “Stay home and stay warm with Campbell Soup.”
The first ad was ____________________ advertising, while the second ad was _________________ advertising.
persuasive; reminder
Ethical and legal issues in personal selling can arise in:
relationships between the sales manager and the sales force, inconsistency between corporate policies and salespeople’s personal ethics, ethical issues when salespeople interact with customers, and legal issues when salespeople interact with customers.
Retail salespeople should never “judge a book by its cover.”
Consumers often ask workers in supermarkets where something is located only to learn the worker is a vendor stacking and straightening their company’s products on the store shelves. These manufacturers’ sales representatives benefit retailers by _____________________________.
saving them time and money.
Steve is working on the message to convey in his firm’s advertising campaign. As a starting point Steve will consider:
touting the key benefits of his firm’s services.
Public Service Announcements (PSAs) represent a form of social shopping.
The classic “We’re GE, we bring good things to life” ad campaign was a(n) ________________ campaign.
institutional advertising
One problem facing advertisers is consumers screen out messages that are not relevant to them.
___________________ involves the planning, direction and control of personal selling activities, including recruitment, selection, training, motivation, compensation and evaluation of members of the sales force.
Sales management
Most beverage distributors have their delivery people act as the firm’s sales representatives. The delivery people primarily function as:
order takers.
Manufacturers’ representatives are a firm’s senior sales employees.
A postscript on political advertising saying “I am John McCain, and I approved this ad” is an example of ____________ aspect of advertising.
making the source known or knowable
After the advertiser has decided on the message, type of ad, and appeal, their attention now shifts to:
creation of the advertisement.
Thomas had conducted a thorough pretest before the new ad campaign so he was fairly sure the elements would work together. He knew a lot was riding on the success of the ad campaign, so he couldn’t wait until the campaign was over to see how well it did. He would monitor the sales volumes on a daily basis as part of his ______________.
Steven was respected for both his skills as a sales representative and his high ethical standards. In developing relationships with customers, he always respected the customer’s privacy, and he _______.
respected the amount of information that the customer felt comfortable providing
As marketing manager for a start-up business software company, Katrina is deciding whether to hire a company sales force. The bottom line influencing Katrina’s decision will be:
is a sales force worth more than it costs.
Katerina is told by her sales manager, “Do whatever you need to do to get the sale.” She knows from her sales training that the company has a series of ethical selling standards. Katerina faces the ethical problem of:
getting mixed signals from her sales manager.
Companies often employ manufacturer’s representatives:
when they cannot afford to hire a sales force, when they are small and trying to get established, when entering new markets, when they want to achieve extensive sales coverage quickly.
Nevil is trying to create an advertising message that tells consumers how his company’s cell, pager, instant messaging, and Internet service is distinctly different from other alternatives in the market. Nevil is trying to create a(n):
unique selling proposition.
Personal selling can take place in all of the following situations EXCEPT:
through the newspaper.
One of the advantages of personal selling over other types of marketing communications is:
salespeople can customize their message for a specific buyer.
During the preapproach stage, a salesperson usually conducts additional research about prospects and:
develops plans for meeting with the customer.
Changes in technology are affecting salespeople through:
easier access to information, the ability to instantly communicate with customers, reducing the time and cost of training, and facilitating customer access to order status and product information
Years ago, the National Radio Advertising Council ran a series of ads using the slogan “Say you saw it on the radio”. These messages included clever, descriptive language designed to show that good radio advertising can:
overcome the limitation of not being a visual media.
Gwen recognizes one of her roles as a company sales rep is to be the firm’s frontline emissary. As such, she strives to build strong relationships with customers and:
take a long-term perspective.
The difference between advertising and publicity is advertising is:
a paid form of marketing communication.
Like any effective salesperson, Frazer walks into a customer’s office, shakes hands, looks the customer in the eye, and smiles. After exchanging pleasantries, Frazer will try to create interest his company’s product, and establish:
where the customer is in their buying process.
Galena is a new agent for a financial services company. She decides to join the local chamber of commerce, association of business women, and United Way organization. Galena is attempting to use _______________ to generate leads.
To get us to remember their ad and the product or brand in the ad, advertisers must first:
get our attention.
__________ are advertising which focuses on public welfare issues.
Public service announcements
One of the reasons to study marketing is that almost everyone is engaged in:
some form of selling.
Evelyn knows prospective customers are likely to raise reservations about price and quality. She knows she needs to convince customers that her products represent:
a good value.
Danielle is creating an advertising message designed to appeal to consumers’ fears of having their home broken into. Danielle’s message will focus on a(n) ________appeal.
An advertising plan is crucial to an ad campaign because it:
will later be used to measure the success or failure of the campaign.
_______ help consumers make purchase decisions by offering facts in advertising messages and strong arguments built around relevant issues explaining key benefits of the firm’s products and services.
Informational appeals
Sally could recall the brand of toothpaste she used only when a marketing researcher mentioned the brand. This is known as:
aided recall
Sales data, complaints, compliments, and redemption rates for coupons and rebates are types of ________________ marketers use to assess the effectiveness of their IMC efforts.
Ryan is debating how to allocate the IMC budget for his new ski equipment store. He knows having knowledgeable salespeople in his store can simplify buyers’ purchase decisions. He should also consider that, compared to other IMC alternatives, personal selling is:
Fred sells health insurance packages for small businesses. He has been given the names of ten new businesses in his town. During the qualifying leads stage of the selling process, Fred will try to assess which of the ten businesses:
need health insurance packages and can afford them.
Marketers use public relations to:
build a positive image in the marketplace, maintain media relations, address unfavorable stories or events. generate “free” media attention.
An advertising agency in Los Angeles once held a contest among its employees to see who could create the most visibility for the company. The winning team included two staff members who put on a wet t-shirt display on an interstate overpass with television helicopter crews capturing and showing footage on the local news. In the AIDA model, the advertising agency was attempting to create:
If you send an email and include a link, you can track how many people took the desired action of clicking on the link. This is known as:
the click through rate.
In the AIDA model, the “think” stage is the ________________ stage.
When Derek walked into his local Radio Shack store he was not sure what he needed to improve his cell phone connection. The salesperson looked up the specifications on his current phone, showed him alternatives, and sold him a new phone. The salesperson was acting in the sales role of:
order getter, order taker, sales support rep, and technical assistant.
A supply chain is also called _____.
a marketing channel
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