Marketing ch. 14

Direct and digital marketing
involves engaging directly with carefully targeted individual consumers and customer communities to both obtain an immediate response and build lasting customer relationships.
Direct and digital marketing pros
convenient, easy, and private.
Spurred by the surge in Internet usage and​ buying, and by rapid advances in​ ________, ________ has undergone a dramatic transformation.
digital​ technologies; direct marketing
direct marketing
immediate and interactive
allowing buyers to create exactly the configuration of​ information, products, or services buyers desire and then order them on the spot.
For​ sellers, direct and digital marketing are powerful tools for building​ ________ and​ ________________.
customer​ engagement; close,​ personalized, interactive customer relationships
3 major forms of digital direct marketing
Online​ marketing, social media​ marketing, and mobile marketing
Traditional direct marketing tools include​
face-to-face selling,​ direct-mail marketing, catalog​ marketing, telemarketing,​ direct-response television​ marketing, and kiosk marketing.
2 main forms of direct and digital marketing
traditional direct marketing tools and the new digital marketing tools
A dazzling new set of direct digital marketing tools has burst onto the marketing​ scene, including​ ____________________.
​online, social media marketing and mobile marketing
online marketing
marketing via the Internet using company​ websites, online advertising and​ promotions, e-mail​ marketing, online​ video, and blogs.
viral marketing
digital version of​ word-of-mouth marketing. Viral marketing involves creating​ videos, ads, and other marketing content that are so infectious that customers will seek them out or pass them along to their friends.
The Internet and digital age have given marketers a whole new way to​ ____________.
create customer​ value, engage customers and build customer relationships
main forms of online advertising
display ads and​ search-related ads.
mobile marketing
stimulates immediate​ buying, make shopping​ easier, enrich the brand​ experience, or all of these.
Marketers use mobile marketing to engage customers​ anywhere, anytime during the​ _____________________.
buying and​ relationship-building processes
Which of the following statements is true regarding traditional direct marketing​ forms?
Marketers use both outbound telemarketing and inbound telemarketing.
toughest public policy issue now confronting the direct marketing​ industry?
invasion of privacy
Direct marketers know​ that, if left​ unattended, direct marketing abuses will lead to increasingly negative consumer​ attitudes, lower response and engagement​ rates, and calls for​ ________.
more restrictive state and federal legislation

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