MARK 3000 Chapter 18

The difference between advertising and publicity is that advertising is
a paid form of marketing communication.
Kelly is the head of marketing for a nonprofit agency that supports the arts. She just received the go-ahead from her board of directors to conduct the agency’s first-ever advertising campaign. Her first step will be to
identify the target audience.
For an advertiser, the target audience can be understood as
consumers whom its research designates as its target market.
Advertising slogans such as “Don’t text and drive” and “Buy flood insurance before it is too late” are examples of ads designed to
persuade consumers to take action.
In very simple words, advertising is really about
getting consumers’ attention.
Because advertising is the most visible form of marketing,
many people think of marketing and advertising as synonymous.
To get us to remember their ad and the product or brand in the ad, advertisers must first
get our attention.
Yesenia is working on an advertisement to promote consumer awareness of the danger of solar radiation causing skin cancer. Yesenia’s first concern will be to
get consumers’ attention.
Brent is working on an advertising campaign to promote downtown businesses. He knows the increasing number of advertising communication channels available and changes in consumers’ media usage
makes his job more difficult.
The __________ stage of the advertising campaign planning process can be described by the question, “Who are we trying to talk to?”
identifying target audience
Greg is planning an advertising campaign to promote his kayak tour company. The success of his ad campaign depends on
how well he can identify his target audience.
After using market research to identify the target audience for his advertising campaign, Jorge will next use this information to
set explicit and measurable objectives for the campaign.
Generally speaking, all advertising messages are designed to
inform, persuade, or remind customers.
Yana has identified the target audience for her line of Russian jewelry. For optimum success, she is creating an advertising plan that will
clarify the specific goals that the advertising is designed to accomplish.
An advertising plan is crucial to an ad campaign because it
will later be used to measure the success or failure of the campaign.
Generally, when advertising to consumers, the objective of an advertising campaign is
a pull strategy—to get the product into stores by having consumers demand it.
Whenever the major beverage companies develop a new product, they advertise it heavily using television and print media. These efforts are designed to
pull the product into retail stores through consumer demand.
Florida Heat Pump Manufacturing Company is offering a free, all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas for HVAC dealers that sell at least twenty units this year. Florida Heat Pump is using a __________ promotional strategy.
Anne’s Pita Bread Chips offers free POP (point-of-purchase) displays to retailers ordering their product. Anne’s is using a __________ strategy.
After identifying the target audience for the university’s new advertising campaign, the advertising team needs to decide whether the advertising objective is to __________, __________, or __________ potential and/or existing students.
inform, persuade, remind
Informative advertising is used to
create and build brand awareness.
“Now available. The latest fall fashions.” is an example of a(n) __________ advertising message.
When a product has gained a certain level of brand awareness, firms use __________ advertising to motivate consumers to take action.
Which of the following is the best example of a persuasive advertising message?
“Buy now, pay later.”
P&G’s Tide laundry detergent has been around since 1948 and is still a market leader. P&G has used __________ advertising to reposition Tide several times over the product’s life, trying to motivate new consumer segments to use the product.
Persuasive advertising is often used when competition
is most intense.
Reminder advertising is primarily used to
prompt repurchase of a product.
Which of the following is the best example of a reminder advertising message?
“Doing business in Peoria since 1848.”
Each year in December, Anheuser-Busch runs television ads featuring the Clydesdale horses pulling a stagecoach with an Anheuser-Busch logo. The message is low-key, wishing everyone well during the holiday season. This is an example of _________ advertising.
Campbell’s soup Company ran a series of radio ads tied to local weather forecasts. Before an impending storm, the ads said “Time to stock up on Campbell’s soup.” During the storm, the ads said, “Stay home and stay warm with Campbell’s soup.” The first ad was __________ advertising, whereas the second ad was __________ advertising.
persuasive; reminder
The California Raisin Advisory Board used to run ads featuring “The California Raisins,” a fictitious R&B musical group composed of dancing raisins that boogied to the song, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.” The ads, which were hugely popular and which gave rise to a line of raisin-themed merchandise, were designed to encourage raisin consumption. This campaign was an example of
institutional advertising.
A __________ is an advertisement that focuses on public welfare issues.
public service announcement
First Lady Michelle Obama has recorded an ad encouraging parents to teach their children good nutrition habits to stem the increase in child obesity. This message is an example of
a public service announcement.
Because PSAs are a special class of advertising, FCC rules require
broadcasters to devote a specific amount of free time to them.
An advertisement featuring a cartoon Smokey the Bear saying “only you can prevent wildfires” is an example of a successful
public service announcement.
Regardless of the objective of an advertising campaign, each campaign’s objectives must be
specific and measurable.
Generally, less money is spent on advertising in B2B markets because
B2B marketing usually involves more personal selling.
Which of the following is NOT a major consideration in determining an advertising budget?
the budgeting method used
Steve is working on the message to convey in his firm’s advertising campaign. As a starting point, Steve should first consider
touting the key benefits of his firm’s services.
When developing an advertising message, the message should focus on
solving problems for consumers.
The advertising message admonition, “People are not looking for quarter-inch drill bits; they are looking for quarter-inch holes,” suggests that advertising messages need to
focus on solving problems.
Neville is trying to create an advertising message that tells consumers how his company’s cell, pager, instant messaging, and Internet services differ from other alternatives in the market. Neville is trying to create a(n)
unique selling proposition.
Walmart’s “Everyday low prices” selling proposition is effective primarily because it is
meaningful to the consumer.
__________ appeals help consumers make purchase decisions by offering facts in advertising messages and strong arguments built around relevant issues, explaining key benefits of the firm’s products and services.
Estella is trying to create an advertising message that communicates the tangible features of her company’s laptop computers, telling consumers about the relative advantages of her products as compared to other offerings in the market. Estella is trying to create a(n) __________ appeal.
Jamara knows that his spring-break travel packages are the best deal on campus. He also knows his competitor is sloppy, often waiting until the last minute to provide the needed tickets and documents to students buying his island packages. Jamara wants to develop an advertising message that emphasizes the key benefits he provides. He will develop a(n) __________ appeal.
Danielle is creating an advertising message designed to appeal to consumers’ fears of having their home broken into. Danielle’s message will focus on a(n) __________ appeal.
The key to a successful emotional advertising appeal is to use the emotion to
create a bond between the consumer and the brand.
An emotional appeal aims to satisfy consumers’ __________, whereas an informational appeal speaks to consumers’ __________.
personal desires; utilitarian needs
Automobile manufacturers often use television advertising showing an attractive man or woman driving the manufacturer’s stylish new car on a winding road along an ocean vista. These types of ads have __________ appeal.
Which of the following is likely the LEAST common emotional appeal for advertisers?
The content of an advertising message is closely tied to
the characteristics of the media selected to carry the message.
The __________ is the combination of media used and the frequency of advertising in each medium.
media mix
Ashley was nervous about making the ___________. She knew it was likely to be the largest expense in the advertising budget.
media buy
When Microsoft introduces a new version of its Windows operating system, it typically uses selected magazine, Internet, and direct mail advertising. This combination of advertising outlets represents Microsoft’s
media mix.
Generally, which of the following is the most expensive media buy?
In addition to Spanish-language media, which of the following mediums are experiencing significantly growing advertising expenditures?
Which of the following is the best example of a mass media advertising channel?
USA Today
One of the advantages of niche media is that it often allows marketers to
change and personalize messages for different audiences.
__________ is a particularly good advertising medium for groceries and fast food.
Advertisers can determine how effective their media mix has been in reaching their target audience by calculating __________ of the advertising schedule.
the total GRP
How does an advertiser calculate the GRP?
reach times frequency
Advertising in which medium relies on a mix of visual and auditory techniques?
A ____________ advertising schedule uses heavy advertising during some periods followed by periods of no advertising.
A ____________ advertising schedule uses a base level of advertising during some periods followed by periods of increased advertising.
For consumer products like toothpaste and groceries, things consumers purchase throughout the year, most advertisers would use a __________ advertising schedule.
Tyler runs a parasailing business on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Tyler closes his business in winter when the water gets too cold. Tyler should use a __________ advertising schedule.
Gypsy just bought a gift and jewelry store on Main Street. She knows from the previous owner that almost 60 percent of her sales take place during the Christmas holiday season, with the other 40 percent of sales evenly distributed over the rest of the year. Gypsy will probably use a __________ advertising schedule.
After the advertiser has decided on the message, type of ad, and appeal, its attention now shifts to
creation of the advertisement.
In the create advertisements step when planning and executing an ad campaign, often the execution style for the ad will
dictate the type of medium used to deliver the message.
Often, advertisers will employ a variety of media to deliver their message. When using different media, advertisers need to deliver
a consistent and compelling message.
Regina just bought a gourmet bagel store. She is working with a freelance graphic artist who is designing her logo and print advertisements. Regina is spending days looking over the various designs and color options. She needs to remember that the creative aspect of advertising design
should not overshadow the message.
The execution style of an advertising message must
match the medium and the objectives.
Brad is working on the creative design for his company’s new ad campaign. This is his first major assignment. His boss reminds him that when writing a headline, it should
be short and use simple words.
Jennifer has worked for many years reviewing and approving print ads for her firm. She has memorized a checklist of key points to review. Which of the following would NOT be on her checklist?
photo credits
The major text portion of a print advertisement that should arouse a desire for the product and move the consumer to action is contained in the
body copy.
The effectiveness of an advertising campaign is assessed during the campaign by
Marketers __________ an advertising campaign to ensure that various elements of the campaign will work in an integrated fashion and do what they are intended to do.
Jami is managing an extended advertising campaign for a local convenience store chain. The campaign includes a series of television, radio, and print messages. As part of monitoring the campaign, Jami will keep track of
the daily and weekly sales volume.
Thomas had conducted a thorough pretest before the new ad campaign, so he was fairly sure the elements would work together. A lot was riding on the success of the ad campaign, so he couldn’t wait until the campaign was over to see how well it did. During the campaign, he will be monitoring the sales volumes on a daily basis as part of his
In the early stages of an ad campaign, the objectives are established. To determine whether those objectives have been met, the marketer will
The additional sales that can be attributed to an advertising campaign are known as
In the United States, the regulation of advertising involves a complex mix of laws and informal restrictions designed to
protect consumers from deceptive practices.
Which of the following is NOT one of the federal agencies that regulate advertising activities?
The __________ is the primary enforcement agency for mass media advertising.
Brett has developed a vitamin-enriched crouton in crazy colors that can be added to children’s salads to make them more nutritious and fun. She’d like to ethically advertise the product directly to the children, so she is examining
the Better Business Bureau’s Children’s Advertising Review Unit guidelines.
The head of the marketing area told Alex to find the most stringent federal regulations on advertising to create the toughest standards. “If we can pass those, we should be able to get by all regulations.” One real problem is
state regulations are not always consistent with federal standards.
U.S.-based global marketers have often found that
EU advertising laws are more restrictive than those in the United States.
Which of the following is the best example of puffery?
“You have tried the rest, now try the best.”
Unlike advertising, public relations
supports promotional efforts by generating free media attention.
Gretchen has just started as a fashion marketing intern for an up-and-coming design firm. She expected to begin right away implementing the four Ps she had learned about in class. Instead, she was asked to work on a project identifying important events where celebrities might wear the fashions. Gretchen soon realized that this activity was part of __________, directly related to marketing.
public relations
Which of the following is NOT true about public relations?
With the growth of the Internet, PR is quickly losing its impact.
Kevin is recognized by his friends as an activist on many fronts. He prefers to buy products from firms that will donate part of the total purchase price to organizations he supports. Marketers recognize that this approach can be an important competitive tool; it is called
cause-related marketing.
Which of the following is NOT a public relations tool?
coupons and rebates
__________ are special incentives or excitement-building programs that encourage consumers to purchase a particular product, often used in conjunction with advertising or personal selling programs.
Sales promotions
Sarah goes through the newspaper looking for coupons to help reduce her living expenses. Her roommate Paige doesn’t read newspapers, let alone look through them for coupons. But Paige filled out a form from inside a cereal box entering her in a drawing for free exercise equipment. What kind of sales promotion reached Paige?
“Buy one, get one free” is a __________ sales promotion.
Chet was struggling selling his golf photography outside a PGA event. When he offered a tee shirt with a golf photograph on it with any framed golf photo, sales picked up. Chet discovered the value of sales promotions—specifically _________—in encouraging customers to buy.
Firms are willing to offer generous rebates because
rebates increase sales, but few customers actually apply for the rebate.
Actress Sissy Spacek once objected to a series of movie scenes that included her smoking a certain brand of cigarettes. She was probably objecting to a __________ arrangement the film company had made with an advertiser.
product placement
Special in-store displays for magazines and chewing gum are most likely to be effective if located
product placement
__________ is when two or more firms join forces to reach a target audience in a short-term effort.
Traditionally, marketers have seen the role of __________ as generating short-term results, whereas the goal of __________ was to lead to long-term results.
sales promotion; advertising
Cross-promotion is most successful when
the two products appeal to the same target market.

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