MAR 2023 Chapter 1

Dunkin’ Donuts offers coffee and donuts that are “familiar with a twist”—popular items that are available all the time, and seasonal specials like pumpkin spice coffee and heart shaped donuts. This “familiar with a twist” approach is an example of which of the four Ps?
Which of the following statements shows how Dunkin Donuts considers the “Place” element of the four Ps?
Dunkin Donuts studies where people work, play, live and go to school.
In the DDPerks loyalty program, customers earn points for each purchase and are awarded free coffee each time they earn 200 points. Loyalty programs are part of a(n)
CRM program.
Dunkin’ Donuts offers some localized programs; for example, offering free coffee to all customers if a local sports team wins an important game. This is an example of which of the four Ps?
Dunkin’ Donuts uses 100% Arabica beans in its coffee and tests the quality of the coffee beans before using them. The companies who provide coffee beans to Dunkin’ Donuts are part of its
supply chain
Effective marketing doesn’t just happen. Firms like Disney plan their marketing strategies to adjust to changes in the environment, the competition, and their customers.

Disney’s objective is to create entertainment experiences based on storytelling. One of Disney’s key strengths is its well-known brand. Disney targets its Pleasure Island to singles and couples, Epcot to adults and families with older children, and the Magic Kingdom to families with younger children.

When Disney executives noticed attendance at the theme parks declining, they concluded that crowding and long lines were hurting customers’ enjoyment of the parks and causing potential visitors to vacation elsewhere. In response, they reinvented the customer experience and eased crowding throughout the parks by combining global positioning satellites (GPS), smart sensors, wireless technology, and mobile devices. They instituted a FastPass service, allowing guests to obtain a timed ticket for a ride, thus skipping long lines for popular attractions. FastPass+, introduced later, allows advance reservations for a limited number of rides per day through the My Disney Experience website and mobile app, where guests can plan and manage their visit to the parks. Finally, the guest can wear a MagicBand—a wristband with a radio frequency chip identifying the individual. By simply waving the band, the guest can use a FastPass+ reservation, pay for purchases, and even open the door to his or her Disney resort room!

Define the mission/vision: create entertainment experience

Situation Analysis: declining attendance

Identify and Evaluate Opportunities: technology available to improve customer experience

Implement Marketing Mix: installed GPS, sensors & other devices

Evaluate Performance: less crowding

Staples offers quality customer service and its own brand of products to establish a
competitive advantage
Ethnographic research takes place
by human observation
The Staples Mailmate is an example of how Staples offers value by providing consumers with
innovative products
The Staples Mailmate is an example of how Staples offers value by providing consumers with
innovative products
A bundle pricing strategy means that the cost is lower when you buy
more items at once
Which is not one of Staples’s promotional efforts?
the lowest price of any competitor
When Staples plans its store layout and designs its website, it wants to offer its customers
an easy experience

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