Mao Zedong’s Motives as a Leader

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Sedona initiated a series of revolutions to change the way China ran, the final being the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution starting in 1966 and ending in 1976 (1). The goal of this investigation is to determine Mao Godsons motives as a leader to initiate such a movement that ended up with the loss of culture, struggle between social classes, force of government, and the loss of human life (2).

This investigation will describe Mao as a person, China as a country, the Cultural Revolution as a movement, and the results following the movement for Mao Sedona and China, to tell whether or to the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was a good thing or bad thing, as well as if it was a success or failure. In 1966, Mao Sedona, leader of China, initiated his last revolutionary action, known as the Cultural Revolution, which was his desperate attempt to change China, which he felt still needed improvement.

His goal of his final movement was to modernize the country and build its structure in relation to life for the Chinese to be more advanced (1). Mao Sedona was the founder of the Chinese Communist Party (ICP), and throughout their rule, they worked on gaining power, as ell as revolutionize all parts of China. The ICP won over people through their promises to improving China’s agriculture, construction, and education, starting out to be a success in the economy (2).

China’s culture was mangled severely as an effect of Communism rule, especially because Mao Sedona attempted to destroy all parts of their ancestry, because artifacts that provoked a different life were considered a threat towards the movement. Communist views affected the way China and their people through the way their lives were run (3). The country of China has dealt with he reign of communism for several decades and the leaders have used force to create a new and different place for its citizens. As of 1938, they had separate control of China through taxes, armies, hospitals, schools, etc (4).

Around Mao Godsons teens, China was afloat culturally, although facing troubles structurally. Mao Sedona had several professions in different periods of his life, from educator to politician to businessman, all while attempting to find which political ideology fit him, which ended up being Marxism, leading him to be a strong Communist leader. Mao Sedona was the revolutionary leader of his People’s Republic of China for 27 years, dragging his country through controversial positions in his failed revolutions (5).

By following through with Mao Godsons Cultural Revolution, many people criticized his ideas and were not in support of his actions. As a result, tens of thousands of people were punished and killed due to their contradictory beliefs (6). Mao Sedona was born in 1893, and as a child, he showed traits in his activities, like swimming, that showed his commitment towards aspects in his life. At this time of his life, China was falling apart, and he had the opportunity to see first-hand what life was like, and was able to piece together what he believed would improve people’s lives, which he attempted as ruler of that country (7).

As Mao Godsons Cultural Revolution took place, all people of China were victims to the brutality and cruelty of the laws that took place, including a young girl by the name of Min-Min. She tells of how her life was affected as Mao Sedona went on a rampage to modernize China, from her lifestyle, to the abduction ND punishment of her parent’s. Her mother and father were brutally beaten and and eventually killed, all of because their views opposed others, and that was not at all tolerable and also led to isolation and disrespect of the rest of the community (8).

As a later effect of the Cultural Revolution, people protested and they were thus punished. One incident of people’s opposition toward Mao Godsons views is known as the Attainment Massacre, where hundreds of protesting college students were gunned down by soldiers (9). Following the massacre at Attainment Square, Eden, Euler following Mao Sedona, and his officials attempted to cover-up this to the world. They used news coverage to hide the fact that thousands of people were slaughtered by soldiers by lying and saying that none had perished that day (10).

The statistics of the wealth in China was published in 2004, and shows that many of China’s inhabitants were not wealthy at all, and were receiving little pay for they Jobs they had. Mao Godsons had the goal of modernizing China in the sass’s, with his last attempt being the Cultural Revolution in the late sass’s. Mao Sedona believed that the country was living in the sass’s, and he wanted a great deal of change to take place to improve China’s rank in the world.

Within his plans in his last revolutionary movement, his goal was to improve China’s political system, people’s social statuses, as well as their rank in the world (1). He wanted things bigger and greater, from the amount of production of goods to his personal goals to be respected and supported by all with no question of his authority (2). Mao Godsons Cultural Revolution was a failure, much like his other attempts. The exult of this movement was negatively catastrophic, breaking apart China into ways unintended due to its shape around Communism which led to the opposition of the people (4).

In the process of attempting to modernize China in a rushed fashion, Mao Sedona got too far ahead of himself, making changes that he himself could not keep up with. Therefore, it tore through the people in China, altering politics, sociality, as well as lives of those that were against him, as well as those that were unintended through the ways of enforcement. Mao Sedona was able to see how China was sinking in his childhood, and he took his arsenal perspective into consideration when he was in power (7). Although his movements were failures, he himself was not a failed ruler, as he still changed China (5).

However, the changes made were not significant, and the country seems to still be in the same class of low quality, as most of the occupants of China do not make enough money to support themselves and the rest of their family, and are forced to survive with nearly nothing. Politically, Mao Sedona enforced the political ideology known as Communism, defined as a political system in which the totalitarian state led by a single party controls all economic and social activity. Socially, everyone is the same due to Communism which would allow all people to be equal, with no differences in rights.

However, this poses problems, as people cannot achieve greater things in life, the quality of living will be less significant, most Jobs are simple and pay less therefore lessening the quality, people do not have civil rights, pop quality of human life. All forms of Chinese culture in art found by the Red Army was destroyed during the revolution, as any form of a different culture was considered a wreath toward the movement (3). Mao Godsons methods of enforcement of his and only his beliefs were torture, beating, and death.

The criteria that met one or all of these punishments was simply opposed viewpoints 6). Min-Min was a victim of other’s abuse along with her parent’s and grandparent’s, who disagreed with the Cultural Revolution (8). The Massacre at Attainment Square was also a mass killing because people were protesting against Mao Sedona and the Cultural Revolution (9). The need for complete innocence toward China also meant lying to the world about this raging event (10) The goal of the Cultural Revolution in China was a failure based on the evidence given.

Mao Sedona went along with aspects of this movement in the wrong ways, leading to disastrous consequences. Thousands of people were killed in an attempt by the country to enforce Communism and to portray Mao Sedona as a hero. Through having the political ideology of Communism, it is granted that people would be in opposition, but violence should not have been the way problematic people were dealt with. Mao Sedona had already brain-washed people to have no rather understanding of life other than Communism, and that life was good.

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