Lord of the Flies, Alternative Ending Essay Example
Lord of the Flies, Alternative Ending Essay Example

Lord of the Flies, Alternative Ending Essay Example

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  • Published: November 2, 2017
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Away watching as Jack and Roger walked into the glade where he sat. “Where could he hold gone? There is no where to conceal? ” Roger groaned jabing the terminal of his lance into the land. Ralph felt a impulse to stand up and eventually give up. but his male parent had taught him better. his male parent was a combatant shouldn’t he be excessively? He glanced around his shoulder detecting the twins break into the trees behind him. They made oculus contact and looked off travel rapidlying off towards Roger and Jack.

Ralph sighed creeping deeper into the burned trees. he looked in front detecting the burned stick and around it the pieces of bone from the broken hog caput. He shuttered standing and keeping his lance tightly in his custodies. Jack looked over detecting the twins walkin


g easy towards him he stood straighter. “What? ” The twins jumped before indicating to where Ralph had gone. “He. he went out at that place. ” Jack grinned forcing the twins aside and walking out into the hayfield. “Well. good. good. Lookie what we have here. He pushed his tangled hair behind his shoulder. Ralph sighed. “Get it over with Jack. ” Roger giggled running out into the hayfield. before Ralph could respond he was surrounded. hunted down like some sort of animate being. the childs looked barbarian. they had all gone mad with their war pigment and blood covered lances. Ralph held the lance up in defence. The huntsmans jumped at him fastening their circle jabing him with their lances catching at his. Ralph yelled jabing his lance forwards he felt the tip excavation into something

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person shouting.

Before he could draw it out. they were on him jostling him to the land. Ralph dropped his spear seeking to contend back. seeking to get away the huntsmans. somehow. Jack laughed knifing his spear down hitting flesh. Ralph screamed out. imploring them to halt. The huntsmans continued in a clockwise dance. knifing. jab and kicking. Jack laughed the circle going broad one time once more. Ralph lay in a muss. a puddle of blood looking around him. he took a shallow breath Jack pushed him with his pes onto his dorsum. Ralph opened his eyes his conceited bloody face doing it about impossible.

He looked up into the sky watching as two birds circling supra. He smiled shuting his eyes his thorax rise and falling of all time so easy until eventually for what seemed a life-time it stopped. Jack laughed taking his knife and kneeling down. A few hebdomads subsequently a big vas anchored. two dinghies neared the island. coming onto the beach. The navy officers in their bluish uniforms looked down at the decomposing flesh of the little kids some looking as if they had their limbs cut off with a severely sharpened knife.

The officers held their guns near walking around the island. They eventually made their manner towards the hayfield halting in their paths at the sight of a caput planted steadfastly onto a stick. his just hair falling over his decayed flesh. some Navy work forces turned at the sight. A few paces from the caput sat a male child his orange hair falling over his eyes in a bushy muss. The officers walked closer forcing the male child with

their guns. He was muttering to himself. easy melting off. Around the male child lay multitudes of castanetss.

He looked up doing the officers gasp his dead bluish eyes agitating them to the nucleus. He raised his manus demoing them the little broken down knife. He chuckled smiling broad demoing a mouthful of icky and fallen out dentitions. “The Lord of the Flies welcomes you. ” He laughed ; some of the officers turned off. others lading their guns. “Who? ” Their captain asked. “The Lord of the Flies welcomes you. ” he repeated express joying hysterically. “The Lord of the Flies welcomes you. ”

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