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What makes an effective manager
The quality of manager and effective management styles can determine the culture of the organisation, the productivity of its staff, and, ultimately, success or failure. A manager should have the ability to direct, supervise, encourage, inspire, and co-ordinate, and in doing so facilitate action and guide change. Managers develop their own leadership qualities and those of others. Management utilises planning, organisational and communications skills. These skills are important in leadership also, but even more so are qualities such as integrity, honesty, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion, determination, compassion and sensitivity.
An effective manager should have the following skills.
1. Creative Problem Solving Skills: Describing and analyzing a problem, identifying causes of a problem, developing creative options and choosing the best course of action, and implementing and evaluating effective and efficiency of the decision.
2. Communication Skills: Listening skills, presentation skills, feedback Skills, report writing skills.
3. Conflict Management Skills: Identifying sources of conflict – functional and dysfunctional conflicts, understanding personal style of conflict resolution, choosing the best strategy for dealing with a conflict, and developing skills in promoting constructive conflicts in organization and teams.
4. Negotiation Skills: Distinguishing distributive and integrative negotiations, position and principle negotiation, identifying common mistakes in negotiation and ways to avoid them, developing rational thinking in negotiation, and developing effective skills in negotiation that benefits all parties involved.
5. Self-Awareness and Improvement: Understanding the concept of self-management, evaluate the effectiveness of self-management, developing creative and holistic thinking, understanding the importance of emotions in works as well in self-development, understand of self-motivation, and…

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