Law of Conservation of Matter and Balancing Equations

What is the Law of Conservation of matter?
During an ordinary chemical change, there is no detectable increase or decrease in the quantity of matter.
What is the left side of a chemical equation called?
What is the left side of a chemical equation called?
How is the arrow in a chemical equation read?
What are the three types of chemical reactions?
synthesis, decomposition, replacement
If the total mass of the products is 10g, what was the total mass of the reactants?
True or False: A coefficient is a number placed in front of a chemical formula in an equation.
True or False: In an open system matter can enter from or escape to the surroundings.
What is a closed system?
In a closed system, matter is not allowed to enter or leave.
What is the smallest possible number of products in a decomposition reaction?
True or False: When one element replaces another in a compound, or when two elements in different compounds trade places, the reaction is classified as synthesis.
The substance produced in a chemical reaction is called the ________.
What is the first step in balancing any equation?
Write the equation
True or False: A pear decaying in a glass dome is a closed system.
True or False: Matter is not conserved in chemical reactions.
True or False: When they are two or more reactants, they are separated by minus signs.
True or False: The number of reactants and products are always the same.
True or False: The formula of a compound identifies the elements in the compound and the ratios in which their atoms are present.
What is the basic structure of a chemical equation?
Reactant + Reactant —> Product + Product
True or False:The subscript is at the end of an equation.
What is the formula that states that the ratio of carbon to oxygen is 1 to 2?
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