Lab report behavior of gases Essay Example
Lab report behavior of gases Essay Example

Lab report behavior of gases Essay Example

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The purpose of this experiment is to conduct deferent experiments that will Illustrate the different gas laws. We will be given a list of equipment need to perform the experiment as well as general rules to help us do the experiment.

We will investigate three properties of gases pressure, temperature, and volume. By doing this experiment we will be able to define the gas laws. According to Boles, it states that a fixed amount of ideal gas that is kept at a fixed temperature, that the pressure and volume are Inversely proportional, If the temperature stays unchanged.

According to Charles Law, if the pressure of a gas is held constant, as the gas is heated, its volume will increase and that cooling the gas will cause the volume to decrease.

Charles law describes that o


f the Gay- Lucas law, who had actually referenced unpublished work of Charles. The law states that at a constant pressure, the volume of the given mass of the ideal gas will increase/ decrease, the same ways as the temperature will Increase/ decrease. An easier way to Interpret this Is that at a constant pressure, volume and temperature are directly proportional.

Materials Lab quest Fernier gas pressure sensor Temperature probe 20 ml gas syringe 125 ml Erlenmeyer flask 3 mall beakers hot plate Dry ice rubber stopper with 2-way valve Procedure and observations (Part 1) The first thing we did in this experiment was measure pressure and volume. To do this we used the lab quest and syringe. You attach the syringe to the valve of the gas pressure sensor.

We pick a volume and when reading the volume o

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the syringe make sure you read from the inside black ring on the piston of the syringe.

Make sure to connect the gas pressure sensor to he Lab Quest and choose new from the file menu. Then you will set up the data collection, first change the collection mode to events with entry, then enter volume and units (ml) and select k. When collecting the data allow for the pressure to fluctuate and when It Is stabilized, select keep and store the data points, We will be collecting five data points.

When you are pushing the syringe you are decreasing the volume, and when you pull you are increasing the volume.

When you have finished collecting the data make sure you save it that way you can view a graph of pressure s. Volume. (Part 2) in this experiment we will be looking at the relationship between temperature and pressure. We will be taking the Erlenmeyer flask with the water and take the temperature of it. We will be putting the Erlenmeyer flask on a hot plate and just raise or lower the temp to see how much pressure will exert from the different temperature changes.

You will connect the temperature probe to channel 2 of the lab quest, choose new from the file menu.

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