Jerry Springer and Kilroy Essay Example
Jerry Springer and Kilroy Essay Example

Jerry Springer and Kilroy Essay Example

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  • Published: July 5, 2017
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The one main difference between the two is where they are situated. Jerry Springer is located in the United States whereas Kilroy is in Britain. Because of this the numbers of those watching the program varies, with Jerry Springer's numbers being a lot greater and also it is programmed in other countries, which helps numbers whereas Kilroy is dedicated to United Kingdom only. When Jerry's show commences it gives you a sudden sense of feeling of being not as high as him.

The audience in the show are clapping and an idea of Jerry having power is put over as soon as the show starts.Also contributing to this issue is having Jerry's name written all over the walls and space being provided for Jerry Springer to walk uninterruptedly. When the show begins, people on their feet cheering away, clapping, screaming and making gestures all add up to tension that Jerry Springer has in his control, which the crowd are eager to see. Again, this gives the impression of Jerry being a leader, being the powerful one in the audience's eyes. In contrast to this, when Kilroy's program begins, it shows Kilroy himself talking to the guests, giving the impression of equality.The colours of Kilroy's background and foreground are red and blue.

The colour red giving the impression of anger and blue representing peace and tranquillity. Both these colours contrast. Both meanings for these colours too contrast, thus producing the image of a balance between the two. This is emphasised once again wit


h Kilroy being in the centre of the two colours, implying his role, to find a balance in life.

Jerry Springer's show is deliberately intended to be confrontational whereas Kilroy's is meant to be issue tackling.Kilroy goes on to talk about a set issue and attempts to go on and find the reason for the issue involved, where it started? how it started? will it end? And is it morally right or wrong? Kilroy's chat show tackles real life problems such as, abortions and family problems, so as to try an set a path, step by step guide to how to tackle these problems should they ever rise in your own life at some point. In Kilroy, the show focuses on one factor for that episode enabling it to be fully assessed and commented on.This has one major drawback, being that the issue may become tedious/boring. Jerry is a whole different matter. He focuses on a wide and varied set of issues, which would be considered to be more of a "gossip" issue rather than a factual or helpful issue.

It talks about issues that are unlikely and are "freak" scenario's most of the time. Jerry's issues are more along the lines of things such as "Confessions of a lover" and "I'm really a man" and so on. These factors really are just for adult entertainment purposes, getting in to the "nitty and gritty" as some would say.They take the audiences interest, which is why it attracts so many viewers. Having such obscerd issues is intended to make all of its viewers content with their lives.

For an example,

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one viewer may think to himself, "at least my life isn't that bad. " The only different part between them, once again, is how long they focus, with Kilroy lasting a whole episode and Jerry moving from one issue to another. This helps as, if the viewer/audience become bored, then soon after another scenario begins, it will re-attract them back in to the show.Looking from a civilised point, it is easily able to detect that Kilroy excels in this matter. His shows are more calm, and if begin to get out of hand are halted at his command. In Kilroy there is no violence or bad language whatsoever, whereas in Jerry Springer, chanting and "boo-ing" is the traditional norm of that show.

Jerry goes on to make the guests and sometimes the audience feel embarrassed, mocked or ashamed at times, by making quick hard hitting comments such as saying things such as "shall I call you he or she? or "so do you move on as soon as your bored with him/her? "There is violence and offensive language used in Jerry's show, and it is allowed until it is obvious that the audience watching are content with what they've just gone and seen, only then is it interrupted. Even in this topic Jerry's greatness is emphasised, as his only intervening is verbally, he has his security/bouncers to stop any physical encounters, thus emphasising, he has people who do dirty work, so he doesn't have to. Jerry Springer's layout is more spread out and less focused then that of Kilroy's.Jerry's has his audience in one part and his guests who he focuses on along with the audience. The seating arrangements are all in linear form, enabling all of eyes of the audience being able to see the guest, making them feel uncomfortable, attempting to provoke the guest in a particular manner. As well as being linear, the audience is on a sort of step platform, so all of the audience can look down upon the guest, once again with the intention of feeling greater than the other.

Kilroy on the other hand has a smaller group for an audience. This audience is set out in a circular/ball style form.This is knowingly done to make the guest feel more at ease and comfortable, a sense of unity and protection. It also gives a sense of equality amongst all as Kilroy himself is in the group talking in the manner most appropriate for that time. Having the studio set out in this way relaxes the guest and makes them open up more.

Because the viewers are smaller and are closer together on stage, Kilroy does not have to move around much, thus being no major distraction or any ruining the flow of the program. The clothing worn in both the shows have significance.Kilroy's chat show has Kilroy wearing a smart and simple suit, whilst his audience are all appropriately dressed wearing similar clothes to Kilroy himself. This gives a sense of equality amongst the whole group. With Jerry Springer, it is a much more of a different case. Like Kilroy he wears a

smart simple suit that would not catch attention, however, his audience wear everyday normal clothing and his guests usually wearing their best outfits, this gives the impression that, in a hierarchical sense, once again Jerry should be considered much higher and greater than his audience and his guests.

The audiences and guests clothing is a bonus to Jerry Springer's show being confrontational, for example if a disagreement was met between the audience and guest, and the matter becomes immature where a mockery has begun, then the clothes worn may also contribute to the confrontation where one of the two (audience and guests) begin to tease the other about clothes worn and impressions given. The camera angle and shots are both intentional and have reasons for being the way they are in both shows.Shots taken in Jerry Springer's show are either for one of the following reasons, to either look down upon the audience or guests or to look up at the "higher status" Jerry Springer, or to catch a reaction from the audience or guest. The camera looks up towards Jerry most of the time, giving us a sense of being below him again.

And the camera will look down on the guests so as to give us the impression to also look down upon the guest the way Jerry does. Zooming in and distant shots are the main shots used for these scenes with close ups mainly being to catch a reaction, of shock or anger build up.Kilroy's camera angle is at eye level with the whole group. Once again, an emphasis of equality.

The camera in Kilroy, only usually moves around to focus on a guest or audience member speaking or when a certain member of the group is sectioned out to listen. Both programs have a short summary towards the end of the show. Kilroy attempts to summarise the whole show, of how people may make mistakes and how it is not an issue of being right or wrong, it is what you think is morally correct. The way Kilroy summarises gives the impression that something valuable should have been learnt in today's episode, which is usually the correct case.Jerry's approach is more sarcastic and clever rather than informative, knowing that the shows intention was to purely satisfy the needs of the viewer regardless of the issue, he then goes to make them out as being serious real life day to day factors. Always at the end of his summary, he always says, "Take care of yourself" giving one the impression, that be careful because something daft that was just spoken about may happen to you, and also that without his "superiority" you are in a form of danger.

The end of the show is similar to the beginning of the show in both programs.Kilroy keeps on talking to the guests and audience in the same fashion he was throughout the show whereas Jerry Springer ends with the same chanting and clapping it started off with. From assessing the relaxed communication between Jerry and usually an audience member at this time, it is easily recognisable that Jerry is

getting praise for that episode. After a short clip of this, a backstage clip is shot, where audience members have made rhymes, songs, dances or comments about how great Jerry Springer show is.The timing of the show is crucial for both Kilroy and Jerry Springer.

A lot of research has gone in to this. Kilroy's program is during a morning period. This is done intentionally because mainly at that time there are appropriate viewers for that show. An obvious example being, "Are unemployed mothers entitled to benefits.

" This would be appropriate timing for the show as an unemployed mother would most likely be at home at the time the program is showed and therefore, her being in the situation she is, would attract her deeply in to the program.Because Jerry Springer is more laid back and more of an entertainer than an informer it is programmed to be televised after work hours. Where viewers of the show have come back from work, or an outing, and to relax, and have a laugh, they first show that they would see on would be Jerry Springer which would be a change in the day they have just had which was boring in contrast to the show which is meant to be involving and exciting. After reviewing both shows in great detail it is easily declarable what program is suitable for what type of viewer.Kilroy is a serious issue-debating program, which can help in situations, you may be in or which may be of interest to you.

It is more realistic, and life based than Jerry Springer which is for the laid back viewers who would prefer to have a laugh and prefer "gossip" issues instead of issues that matter. Basically, if you want to laugh at something, Jerry Springer. If you want to be on the more slightly educational side, then Kilroy it is for you.