Intro to Healthcare- Chapter 1 Quizzes

What is the purpose of the Food and Drug Administration?
regulates food and drug products that are sold to the public
Lab testing is an example of what component of the health care delivery system?
Which of the following is true about organizational structures in health care facilities?
helps a facility to run smoothly by outlining the responsibilities of the employees
Tanya sees a psychologist to help her heal the trauma she endured as a victim of abuse. Tanya is considering to be what?
Which of the following is an example of cost containment?
Outpatient services, preventive care, and energy conservation
What is common to both a nursing home and an independent living facility?
As a result of people living longer, which of the following is true?
An epidemiologist is likely to do which of the following?
study diseases and vaccines
Which of the following should be a result of using practice-management software?
What is likely purpose of the non-profit organization Mental Health America?
promote public awareness of mental health
Which of the following is a non-profit organization?
American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and the American Red Cross
A lab technician has a backlog of tests to run. As a result, the physician cannot analyze test results and prescribe treatment. What does this example show?
The availability of the internet and access to medical information has had what impact on health care consumers?
Although epidemiologists are spending less time overall studying communicable diseases, which communicable disease remains a priority?
Which of the following is true about a PPO?
do not require that insured persons receive treatment from a specific network of physicians; does not require the insured person to select a primary care physician
Hospital care is covered by which part of Medicare?
part A
Why do HMOs encourage healthy lifestyle practices?
it is cheaper to prevent an illness than treat one
What is socio-economics?
the study of how economics is affected by society, culture, and politics; and shows that there is a link between poverty and poor health
Lena’s doctor charges $100 for a yearly check-up. Her insurance agency will only pay $75 for a yearly check-up. Who must pay the remaining $25?
In health insurance, what is the amount of money that must be paid by the patient each year before the insurance agency begins to make payments?
In which type of insurance to patients pay for medical expenses out-of-pocket and then receive reimbursement from the insurance agency afterward?
indemnity insurance
Medicaid is run by the _____ government.
Which of the following is true about Medicaid?
is a need-based program, administered by state government, not every low income person will qualify
In which type of insurance are medical services offered at a reduced rate through a network of health care providers?
managed care
What major medical breakthrough was made during the Industrial Revolution?
microorganisms were the cause of infection in people ; the connection between the structure and function in an organism were finally known
Which invention allowed scientists to discover cells?
the microscope
What is the Hippocratic Oath?
a code of behavior written by Hippocrates
What is the name of the time period in which many Europeans began to reject their commitments to religion and form new ideas about art and science?
The Renaissance
Who is known as the “father of Medicine”?
What is the name of the world’s first pandemic, which occurred during the Dark Ages?
bubonic plague
Which medicine was created in the Primitive Era and is still used today?
In ancient times, which of the following helped to slow the spread of disease?
invention of the sewer system and water pipes
Who identified microorganisms as the cause of infection in people?
Joseph Lister
What is the name of the time period in which curiosity and experimentation lead to dramatic increase in discoveries and inventions?
industrial revolution
Which age is known for an attitude of intellect and reason?
Which of the following could be an example of a quality control measure for a lab testing center?
“to provide our diverse urban community with quality, affordable care,” could best be describes as what?
Which of the following describes a system?
a group of individual parts that work together to form a unified whole
Patient satisfaction, productivity, cost effectiveness and efficiency are known as what?
success in health care systems
Which of the following would be an example of an input at a surgical center?
anything that enters a system (money, resources, materials, or effort)
You ordered a prescription through a mail-order company, and two weeks later you still have not received your order. Which measure of success for the company is NOT affected by this delay in delivery?
Cost Effectiveness
What is the reason for using the systems theory to study a health care facility?
to help focus on the primary mission of the system
What is the main type of health care system currently used in the United States?
Which of the following would be an example of a throughput at a family practice facility?
converts the input into a final product or service; the examination
Which of the following is true about health care facilities?

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