Interview with Mr. Pradhyum Reddy

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Interview with Mr. Pradhyum Reddy, Assistant Coach, Bengaluru FC

Q: What inspired you to take this function at BFC at its really get downing?

Pradhyum:It was a new undertaking. A clean canvas for me. When I came back to India a twosome of old ages ago, there were several jobs with the manner the nines were running both in footings of football & A ; concern POV. I wanted a trade name new start. The ( BFC ) proprietors wanted to make something different as good & As ; did non desire to be typical I-league nine. They wanted to be the benchmark and set the saloon truly high for the other nines to follow.

Q: What do you believe about the current scenario in Indian football – ISL, I-league etc. & A ; how were are traveling to come on in the hereafter?

Pradhyum:I think Indian football is presently in a transitional stage. We’ve gone from seeking to construct something that is the I-league in a bottom-up mode that hasn’t been successful for assorted grounds & A ; now we have the ISL in which we are seeking a different attack seeking to construct it from the top down. It remains to be seems whether it will be successful which, evidently, at the minute, seems successful in footings of batch of people watching the athletics & A ; a batch of money coming in to the game. But we have to take a closer expression at the balance sheet & A ; see how they are run as a concern. I’ve spoken to a twosome of ISL squad proprietors who are evidently worried about how they are traveling to interrupt even. So, from a concern point of position it doesn’t seem really good. You have to keep some balance about it. The money has to dribble down to the Indian participants who have to profit at least something from it. Otherwise it will merely be a craze for two months which doesn’t benefit anything for Indian football.

Q: How influential has Ashley Westwood been in this first twelvemonth given his experience in English football?

Pradhyum:Ashley was non merely a foreign manager who was brought in – a batch of other I-league nines have had foreign managers excessively. Ashley was here non merely to work with the squad but to assist put up the whole nine. The complete outfit from the direction we were seeking to construct even seeking systems which were new to India. He was large portion of that whereby he brought his experience in the Premier conference & A ; the title every bit good. And to be just, the direction backed him and said that we will be different from the other nines. If you look at the outgo on participants – we are non even in the top 5 nines in footings of money spent on players’ wages. On the other manus, if you look the sum of money we spend on being a proper football nine – in footings of money spent on installations, players’ nutrition & A ; support staff, we would likely be one of the top Spenders in that section. You needed person manage all this and that’s why he ( Ashley ) has done a good occupation. The function that he plays is that’s why called as the director in the UK. And that’s what he has done. He has brought in a system that is really much needed for nines over here and he has therefore been successful.

Q: We would wish to cognize about your function at BFC. What is a twenty-four hours in your life at BFC?

Pradhyum: I was one of the first few to be brought in to the nine. The nine didn’t have a name at the clip & A ; a batch of things weren’t finalized. I was working at a nine in Pune at that clip. I think they were be aftering to convey a foreign manager at that clip & A ; wanted person who understands the Indian market because they wanted to make something different. I had shown them a theoretical account when I interviewed with them. I had put together a comprehensive presentation which showed non merely the football side of the tabular array but besides the concern side. I had talked about the book “Soccernomics” about how other nines make errors in their disbursement, particularly Indian nines. In India, you don’t have to pass a bomb on the participants to win the conference. You have to be smarter & A ; cognize how & A ; where to look for the participants. Having worked in the north-east for a twosome of old ages I know that there are good participants over at that place. I have a reasonably extended reconnoitering web in the north-east & A ; the other parts of the state – we utilize that. I’ve lived in Bangalore for over 10 old ages, I speak the linguistic communication over here and that was an added benefit. My local cognition & A ; training experience is why they brought me in here. An adjunct manager with local cognition makes it easier for the foreign manager to make better with cognition of both India & A ; abroad.

Coming to the 2nd portion of the inquiry, a typical twenty-four hours at the nine. I love the exploratory survey & A ; the recruiting duties. I arrive early in the forenoon at 7:30 when the junior squad will be developing. There will be some integrating traveling on wherein I go and chat with the caput of the young person development, acquire updates about the U-19 squad from him. Later, I sit with Ashley & A ; plan the preparation activities for the twenty-four hours with the fittingness manager. We so acquire the update from the physio’s about the participants who are fit to develop for the twenty-four hours & A ; plan the session depending on the figure of participants who are fit & A ; ready. Warm up that I plan to make depends on how many participants we have for the twenty-four hours. The high public presentation manager tailors the Sessionss consequently. Then we have lunch & A ; dissect the session for the 2nd half. We discuss about the tourneies that are coming up be it the Durand Cup or the League because we have analyse different squads. We so do fit readying & A ; game analysis to happen the strengths & A ; failings of our oppositions in the first hebdomad. Then in the following hebdomad, we try to look at our ain strengths & A ; failings and seek to work the failings of the other squads.

Q: How is the academy coming up? What do you believe about the quality of Indian participants & A ; how do you compare it with the other nines that you’ve worked with?

Pradhyum:I think it is a small spot hard to chew the fat about this at the minute because the nine is merely merely 18 months old and the young person squad is hardly a twelvemonth old. It’s non fair to go through opinion on childs at a immature age so shortly. For illustration, we have an U-19 squad which isn’t the best U-19 squad in the state, and the ground is when we started the nine we felt that if we take the best U-19’s in the state & A ; seek to do a squad out of it, a twelvemonth subsequently you’re reasonably much gon na be left with a squad full of 18-19 twelvemonth olds in it. Besides, in India we have older participants playing in U-19 – there is an age-rigging issue. Anyway, if the U-19 participant doesn’t develop every bit much as we’d hoped and turn 20, we have no other travel than to play him in some local exhibition tourneies because he can neither drama in the first squad nor in the U-19. So we thought different and set up a U-17 squad to play as U-19’s so that participants get at least 3 old ages to develop even-though they can’t perform good in the U-19 tourneies, which in the long tally would profit us. Below that we have U-15, U-13, U-11 & A ; U-9 which a batch of nines in India don’t have. In footings of quality, we bring in local Bangalore participants merely for this squad. We don’t travel out & A ; expression for the best U-15 or U-13 in the state. We’ve opted non to be make that. You can see that we’re non looking to be the strongest but we look to develop local home-grown endowment. To compare it with Shillong where I’d worked earlier, Shillong had an academy which brought in the best participants in the whole north-east part through tests from Mizoram, Manipur etc. It’s a wholly different theoretical account over at that place. Pune FC had a similar theoretical account every bit good. They look throughout the state alternatively of merely a part. It’s a different manner of looking at young person development. There is no right or incorrect. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours the return is reasonably much the same. We are merely looking at 2 or 3 participants max. Universally, when you look at Chelsea for illustration, every two/three old ages merely a twosome of young person participants come through which is much lesser than the other Prime Minister conference nines.

Qs: Coming to last year’s win, was it expected? What do you believe are the cardinal factors than enabled you to win?

Pradhyum:There were really no outlooks. Even when we were recruited, we were merely told that we don’t want to complete at the underside, we don’t want to be embarrassed. The realistic outlook set by the proprietors was to complete mid-table and purpose for the top 3 or top 5. We can state that we had over-achieved which is true if you ask any player/support staff/management.

Coming to the grounds why we were able to accomplish what we did, I think the recognition goes to the participants. The sort of participants that we had brought it were hungry for success like how Jose Mourinho does. We brought participants who were passionate & A ; professional. We gave a opportunity to participants who were talented but were discarded by the other nines and therefore wanted to turn out themselves. The recognition besides goes to Ashley who ensured that participants were driven and gave their 100 % on the field. We besides focused on athletics scientific disciplines. Players took hydration trials, pH degree trials & A ; so many fittingness trials to guarantee their wellness & A ; fittingness. These participants being professionals were competitory & A ; wanted to execute better in every subsequent trial they undertake. Not merely these negative facet like proving, there were besides positive things like participants remaining together & A ; gelling good. We ensured that all our participants be it Indian stars like Sunil Chhetri or local participants like Vishal Kumar or Foreign stars like Sean Rooney, John Johnson acquire equal intervention & A ; installations & A ; stay in the same hotel. It built a great squad atmosphere & A ; good vibration among our participants. The participants felt the togetherness & A ; understood each other good. And in conclusion, the fans were a great portion of our success. It is rare to happen a jammed football bowl in India but our fans ensured that we had sell-outs for all our home-games. They even travelled to some of our away games in Goa. You don’t even see a sell-out for the popular Kolkata bowler hat between Mohun Bagan & A ; East Bengal these yearss. The fans were our 12Thursdayadult male with their chants & A ; support. It besides motivated the participants & A ; gave us a distinguishable place advantage doing it hard for other squads to play at our place.

Q: What do you believe of the trade name of Bengaluru FC in comparing to other established bigger nines like Mohun Bagan?

Pradhyum:Those nines haven’t moved on with the times. Kunaal ( Media Manager, Bengaluru FC ) has done a fantastic occupation with the selling of the nine. He is really near to the participants as good and societal media has been used good to acquire the fan connect. The nine besides backed it up by making some advanced things. We came up with the merchandize last twelvemonth and it was an instant hit with the fans. The people who run those other nines haven’t realised that fan connect is of import in this twenty-four hours & A ; age and are non interested in the gross. They did it because AFC made it a standards to concentrate on the commercial facet of the game excessively. Shillong & A ; Pune have realised that every bit far as I know. The shirt gross revenues besides provide a agency for gross. Not every bit much as money needed to purchase a participant but these Numberss and the figure of likes on facebook & A ; followings on chirrup to count to the patrons who put their money on you. Shillong is run by some IIM Shillong guys & A ; Pune is besides run by some smart cats and some of the other nines excessively have put in immature people, people who have been tuned to the European manner of running things in football. Some nines like Mohun Bagan & A ; East Bengal are still being run by gerontologies who are dinosaurs and don’t want to travel on with the times. I think we are different in that manner. Mr. Pradhyum Reddy

Mr. Pradhyum Reddy is a Scottish-born Bangalorean with an extended coaching experience in the UK and US. He started his calling with Woking FC in the UK and moved to the US with South Jersey Barons. After 10 old ages, he returned to India and coached Shillong Lajong to derive publicity from the 2nd division to the I-league. He is presently the Assistant Coach of Bengaluru FC. He holds an ‘A’ License from the US Soccer Federation.

Interview with Mr. Sunil Chhetri, Player, Bengaluru FC & A ; Indian Football Team

Q: What are the grounds behind you fall ining BFC in its first season?

Chhetri:It was come ining unchartered district but the vision that the squad direction had from Day 1 was obliging plenty. With no discourtesy to my teammates ( who have now become beloved friends ) , I hadn’t heard about most of them before I signed for the nine. But I’ve been about plenty to feel what the aspirations of a nine are. It was ever traveling to be a challenge and I guess that played a large factor excessively in my determination to fall in BFC. Looking back, I have no declinations.

Q: Can you speak about your life at BFC so far?

Chhetri:It has been nil short of superb. I have been a craftsman when it has come to football nines but what I have experienced here on the pitch and off it, is something else wholly. The systems, the chances, the preparation, the bonding, the installations – all of these are top notch. It’s easy been the best experience at a football nine for me.

Q: What is your sentiment on Ashley Westwood & A ; the support staff at Bengaluru FC?

Chhetri:Ashley Westwood is an astonishing professional. He is obsessed about acquiring everything right and it rubs off on the squad excessively. He has let us cognize he is brag and commands that sort of regard from the male childs. He’s besides a great friend to all the male childs off the pitch. He knows merely how much to pull out from the squad. Assistant manager Pradhyum Reddy excessively has been a large influence on the male childs – particularly the younger 1s. The two of them have been astonishing. Our support staff excessively is the best in the state without a uncertainty. Everybody gives the section they represent, the best.

Q: What are your ideas on BFC ‘s hereafter with new installations & A ; participants coming in? Do you believe the rubric can be defendedthis season?

Chhetri:We won the rubric in our first season and of course the outlooks have already risen but that’s the challenge. The nine is ever looking to introduce, to be one measure in front. This season we have begun utilizing a GPS system to mensurate every of our moves. That is something the top football nines in the universe usage. Training is ever disputing. We have a truly good squad with our new summer add-ons. We are all hungry to travel back at that place and turn out that our win wasn’t a flash in the pan attempt.

About Mr. Sunil Chhetri Sunil Chhetri, 30, is a professional football player who plays as a striker for the Indian National Football squad & A ; Bengaluru FC. He has won 3 I-league rubrics with different nines & A ; has been awarded the AIFF Player of the twelvemonth award thrice. He has played 74 lucifers for India and scored 43 ends in them. Chhetri was the shining star for Bengaluru FC in their inaugural rubric winning run as he scored 14 ends – the highest by an Indian in an I-League season.

Interview with Mr. Mustafa Ghouse, COO, Bengaluru FC & A ; JSW Sports

Q: Why Bangalore was chosen by the JSW group & A ; how the metropolis has embraced BFC?

Mustafa:Bengaluru has ever had a particular topographic point in the bosom of our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Sajjan Jindal as he completed his technology from the metropolis. The connect was ever traveling to there and picking Bengaluru the first opportunity we got was a no-brainer. That apart, the metropolis has such a nice vernal vibration to it and we felt it deserved a football nine that it could name its ain. Bengaluru has had a history of bring forthing some great squads in the past and we didn’t want the memories to merely be distant.

About how the metropolis has embraced us, coming to a BFC lucifer at place will give you your reply. We may non hold the Numberss that some of the more constituted squads do but we have choice fans like none else. BFC has become an of import portion of their lives and the feeling is common.

Q: What were the ends set while the nine was started by the proprietors & A ; how far have they come in achieving the ends?

Mustafa:There was ne’er any force per unit area. A mid-table coating was something that would make merely ticket. We let the manager know this and he in bend, kept relaying this to the male childs. We played every game as it came and ever steered clear of worrying about the points table. At this nine, we are ever looking to raise the saloon. So, winning the League doesn’t mean don’t have range of bettering. Be it on the pitch or off it, we are ever looking to break our show from the old twenty-four hours. There is so much more to accomplish.

Q: Why was Ashley brought in? Remark on his influence in last season’s victory.

Mustafa:This is an country we wanted to acquire wholly right. We interviewed at least a twelve managers before zeroing down on Ashley. He was in sync at every measure, sharing the same passion and vision that the direction had. He spoke approximately systems that he wanted to set in topographic point and we knew we made the right call when we saw him walk the talk. He’s been a really large factor behind last season’s success merely because of what he has put in topographic point at the nine. Every item is looked into and the coaching staff, led by him, is ever calculating ways of pull outing the best from the male childs.

Q: There were rumors that BFC was seeking proficient aid from Juventus as a sister nine. Is the nine still seeking for a sister nine?

Mustafa:No, nil on those lines at the minute. We are merely over a twelvemonth old and have programs for the nine. We have large undertakings like our academy and Soccer Schools – both of which are functional and are looking to turn. All our energies at the minute are focused on bettering what we have created.

About Mr. Mustafa Ghouse

Mr. Mustafa Ghouse was a former International Tennis Player. He is presently the COO of JSW Sports which owns the Bengaluru FC football nine.

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