Information Communication Technology Example Essay Example
Information Communication Technology Example Essay Example

Information Communication Technology Example Essay Example

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  • Published: September 18, 2017
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"Resistance is Useless"


In today's society, there is resistance towards adopting new technologies and innovations in ICT (Information Communication Technology). People fear losing something valuable and struggle with understanding how to use unfamiliar equipment. Some individuals prefer sticking to familiar ways of working and are hesitant to embrace change. Additionally, financial constraints and lack of support hinder learning and adapting to new technology. This resistance can be observed in the medical field, where doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel choose traditional methods over new techniques, methods, and equipment. However, these advancements aim to enhance patient safety and satisfaction within the healthcare system while improving overall hospital efficiency. Lecture 7 (slide 17) addresses the disadvantages associated with implementing a new system or technology in healthcare and provides strategies for o


vercoming resistance.For a deeper understanding of the reasons for opposition to adopting new technology and methods in healthcare, please refer to Lecture 9 (slide 22). The impact of new technology on different age groups is discussed in slides 32-37. Slide 8 highlights the advantages of the new technology, while slides 24-30 provide more detailed information. The text indicates that older individuals often hold negative views towards new technology due to its inconvenience and complexity. However, it argues against opposing new technology as this hinders progress. This resistance to change originates from a fear of disrupting established behaviors and occupations. Nevertheless, opposition can be useful as it drives developers to create more efficient and user-friendly technologies. Developers must take into account the target users, their situations, contexts, and specific problems that the technology aims to solve; otherwise, there will be reluctance in adoptin

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