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“ Resistance is Useless ”


Today ‘s universe or society is altering really fast with the aid of ICT ( Information Communication Technology ) . Everyday new engineerings were developed to simplify the every yearss work, but there is a opposition to accept those new engineerings among people. This is because of many people does n’t wish the “ CHANGE ” because they do n’t wish being changed. When alteration comes it brings opposition and fright to get by up with that or lose something valuable. Even many people could non understand how to utilize those new engineerings or equipments. Many Peoples have natural inclination to lodge with the manner of work with whom they used to, They frequently change and have wavering to alter the manner of work or equipments, Some people could non afford to follow new engineering or there is no support to show the manner ofA utilizing new engineering. In medical field every twenty-four hours new technique or method or equipments were introduced but many doctor, nurses and medical personalA does non follow these new engineerings alternatively they continue working in there conventional manner. New engineerings are invented to cut down the work burden every bit good as significantly better the patient safety, patient satisfaction in the heath attention system and besides better the infirmary efficiency. As a illustration most of the infirmary present the information database system where the infirmary shop all the information about the patient ‘s medical records, physicians information and all the staffs information about their instruction, salary, developing etc.

In medical field or can state in eHealth the sum of opposition for the new engineerings or equipments are much larger than other Fieldss. In eHealth new engineerings or methods are for better wellness attention and lowered the health care costs, but physician, nurses and medical personals are hesitated to follow these at first clip because they came from different background. Even sometime the research workers or developers in medical engineerings run out of budget or acquire budget to travel or go through the research phase because of medical personal are unresponsive to those engineerings or equipments.


  • What are the factors while planing a system?
  • How a new system or engineering will measure?
  • What are the ways to convert the people or the organisation staffs who will to utilize this system or engineering?
  • How would an organisation present the new system or engineering and fix their employees to acquire the most of the system?
  • What are the grounds behind these oppositions to new engineering and methods in wellness attention?


  • Lecture 4 ( skid 46,48 ) advantages & A ; disadvantages + Slide 32-37 ( for rating )
  • Slide 8 concentrating on benefits
  • Slide 24 – slide 30
  • Old people are pessimistic of new engineering for serviceability incommodiousness…


It can be said that opposition is useless. Resistance is the biggest obstruction in developing new technology.A Not merely opposition ever create job there are tonss of other factor affecting to make job to develop new engineering both in medical sector every bit good as in other sectors. Most of the people have natural inclination to make opposition to the new things because they have fear to alter the manner of behaviors occupations. In other since opposition is utile to some extent it helps the developer to develop the new engineering in more efficient and user friendly manner, So that the terminal user can acquire the most of the system. It is more of import to hold in head while developing new engineering for whom they are developing, in which state of affairs and context the user will utilize this tools, Equally good as which undertaking it will work out otherwise opposition will ever come to follow the new engineering.


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