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As a professional teacher, a great privilege for me to touch and change the lives of many Individuals. I do believe that each one created by God has his/her own unique personality. We have different obstacles and endeavourers in life. To provide a quality life to my learners, I must aim to be a HERO to them. I can also be a blessing to the people I will met in my every day journey. I have heard various stories of heroic leaders like Crisis Valued, Terror Lauren, Jesse Robbed and others. It really inspires and motivates me to make a difference UT of every resource God has put In me.

Leadership Is not merely getting the Job done; It’s how the Job Is done. Let the attitude that really matters on how one accomplish a certain task. As an individual, I have my own weaknesses and blind spots that hinder me to grow. But through constant meditation and reflection in the lives of those leaders Vive seen and encountered, I must say I’m awakening and strengthening the desire to widen the scope of my positive influence. My career, family, students and the presence of God are the things that help me eel alive and happy.

To grow dally and nurture my Inner life, I always go back to the basic, recalling my purpose In this world, praying and trusting Him In everything I do. The fear of getting failed often controls me and takes over my better decisions and actions in life. To set myself free from all those negative thoughts, I always remember the values that I must have to become a better, effective and productive person in the future. Living each day with gratitude energies my spoilt and soul. God has been very good to me In all areas of my life.

I learn to spread love and care to my family, friends, workmates and to my learners. By this, I can give back to God the things He has showered to me. I can do nothing without Him. From all the bad and good experiences I have in life, I truly believe that what I do affects the well – being of the world. I must contribute and do my part well for the betterment of this globe. I realized that I must give my very best effort and potential In everything I do. As a public teacher, teaching my children to the extent of my of this wonderful nation.

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