Increased Use of Technology is a Blessing and a Curse Essay Example
Increased Use of Technology is a Blessing and a Curse Essay Example

Increased Use of Technology is a Blessing and a Curse Essay Example

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  • Published: November 27, 2017
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In my view, modern surgery has pros and cons, yet I strongly believe that the advantages surpass the disadvantages.

Surgery and medicine have experienced significant advancements throughout history, from prehistoric times to the Renaissance and beyond. The progress is mainly due to discoveries in anaesthetics and antiseptics during recent centuries. These breakthroughs have greatly improved patient survival rates in complex surgeries. Currently, individuals can undergo various transplants such as heart, kidney, lung, or limb replacements successfully replacing almost every organ in the body.

In the future, individuals may experience consequences resembling Frankenstein's monster with mismatched limbs and organs. While this may seem amusing at first, it is a cause for concern. Although I support doctors performing necessary transplants, there is a worry that they will go beyond reasonable limits. It is crucial to


explore alternative solutions in order to address this concern.

A significant issue in contemporary surgery is the financial aspect. The establishment of the NHS in 1948 aimed to provide free medical care for all, with the belief that widespread vaccination would make healthcare more affordable. The concept was that by preventing illness, hospital admissions and healthcare costs would decrease. Healthcare in the UK is funded through taxes paid by British citizens.

Despite the benefits of purchasing new machinery for hospitals, the cost of these machines was overlooked. With ongoing development of more expensive machines, hospitals must acquire them to perform specific operations. Even if they are only used occasionally, having them available is essential for emergencies. Hence, the machines need constant maintenance and funding throughout the year regardless of their usage.

Healthcare expenses are increasing

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every year due to the rising costs of maintaining machines and allocating funds towards research. These expenses are primarily focused on continuous advancements in machines and medicines, ultimately benefiting patients but at a higher cost.

Advancements in surgery and technology in the 20th century have been made possible through research. Rather than making new discoveries, scientists have concentrated on improving existing ones. This has led to the availability of modern antiseptics for both internal and external use, guaranteeing safety for doctors and patients. The development of anaesthetics has also significantly advanced from the basic method of delivering a blow to the head. However, these healthcare advancements come at a price, which may make some individuals reluctant to pay for them if they do not directly benefit.

Many individuals utilize affordable private healthcare facilities due to the burden placed on the National Health Service. The cost of these facilities has significantly decreased. Opting for private medical services enables faster treatment and exclusive amenities like private hospital rooms.

Due to the scarcity and rising prices of medical materials, there has been a continuous increase in costs. Consequently, doctors are hesitant to prescribe specific medications because of their expensive production. Instead, they opt for exploring cheaper alternative remedies.

To summarize, I believe that modern technology has brought numerous benefits by making previously impossible tasks achievable. Advances in antiseptics, anaesthetics, and other medications have played a crucial role in reducing post-surgical mortality rates.

At present, there are two main drawbacks: expense and the possibility of doctors being excessive. At the moment, I am not impacted by the cost since the National Health Service (NHS)

offers complimentary treatment to specific groups. These include individuals with limited income, children under 16, students, and pensioners.

Doctors and scientists face potential dangers when conducting experiments to enhance and create new drugs. The side effects of these drugs can be dangerous, but people often only become aware of them through media or newspaper reports after someone has already died from using them. Despite their effectiveness in fighting diseases, people are hesitant to use these drugs because of their side effects. This hesitancy is evident when visiting a doctor for cold medication, as antibiotics are commonly prescribed. However, the germs that cause colds quickly develop immunity against antibiotics. As a result, it becomes harder to cure future colds because the germs become resistant to these medicines. Consequently, doctors must search for new medications capable of eliminating these drug-resistant super-germs that prove highly resilient.

In conclusion, I believe modern surgery and technology are beneficial, but caution should be exercised by doctors not to exceed limits. If used appropriately, technology will keep advancing and benefiting all.

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