Importance of Youth Sports Essay Example
Importance of Youth Sports Essay Example

Importance of Youth Sports Essay Example

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  • Published: October 31, 2021
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Youth Sports


Sports is one of the most common physical activities among the youths. It is vital to the development and proper education of youngsters. Various researches pointed out that, is one of the determinants of a health childhood (Fredricks, & Eccles, 2005). It is said that sports activities boost the well-being of human and it has a lot of benefits to the emotional and physical side of human. This paper, therefore, aims at providing insights about my childhood sports activity.

During my childhood, my favorite sports activity was basketball. I was on the team with other teenagers of my age and we would play often. In the beginning I thought, I would turn it into a professional career due to the fact


that I loved it so much. My mom always told me that I will make a good basketball player and become a NBA super star like, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. I remember that I and my elder brother with our cousin started playing basketball at the age of ten. We played it until the time my cousin and his family moved from our city and went to the other city where I could not see him as often as I used to. This time, I was 16, and I lost interest in this game because it was no more interesting to my brother nor to me. Therefore, we decided to seek for other sports activities that would help us to move on with and which do not require us to spend a lot of energy and to sweat. This was because we were developing an interest in Video games and by the tim

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I became funs of Video Games such as Nintendo among many others.

Today, I have come to understand that sports activities are important to the education and development of a young person. For example, through sports activities youth learn how to live with others in harmony and peaceful way. This means that during their development process, children get to understand their personality and how to control it when interacting with other people.

In fact, sports helped me to make many friends with whom I share a lot of things and tastes. As a matter of facts, sport helped me to enhance my communication skills and to know to express my feelings. Therefore, since sport is compulsory due to its numerous benefits, some programs can contribute to engage more kids in physical activities. Such programs include, putting the collective physical activities into school’s programs (Malete, 2004). This will significantly influence more kids because it is more than having fun when doing physical activities with your colleagues, teachers and friends.

These school collective physical activities should require that all students, teachers and other staffs participate. It creates memories that they will always wish to spend over and over again. Furthermore, many people do not get engaged in physical activity because of lack of motivation or lack of an idea of which activity is suitable for them (Malete, 2004).

In conclusion, it is important to mention that physical activity is a must for positive results in school. It is said that children who participate in one or more sports activities are likely to succeed in school than those who do not (Fredricks, & Eccles, 2005). Furthermore, in order to create a sports

habit among youth the contribution of teachers, parents and the family is needed regarding motivation and sensitization.


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