Importance of accountability Essay Example
Importance of accountability Essay Example

Importance of accountability Essay Example

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  • Published: October 5, 2017
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I have been tasked with composing this 1000 word essay on the importance of answerability of sensitive points within the military. The ground I have been assigned to make this undertaking is due to my failure of being attentive and procuring my arm and holding it with me at all clip. I failed by go forthing my M9 Berretta at place in my safe before I left in support of the Boston Marathon. I was told by certain persons to go forth it at place. but I failed as an NCO to inquire my subdivision leader on how to decently procure my arm. I did what I thought was best and left it to at place limit the sum of clip I traveled with it. In making so was incorrect. if anything would hold happened to that arm at that place would


hold be terrible effects that non merely myself would hold to confront. but persons in my bid that would hold been affected due to the carelessness of my actions. This whole procedure is new to the unit and me on how to transport a arm decently and safely from California to Massachusetts. I secured my arm in arm instance with and lock and a slide lock following JetBlue ordinance and TSA ordinances.

Once I landed in Massachusetts I would procure my arm in the 1st CST safe for safe maintaining. A twenty-four hours prior to the Boston endurance contest I would be issued it once more and along with 45 unit of ammunitions of hollow point ammo from the 1st. Once the Boston Marathon was over I would hold the arm remain with me

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until my going back to place station. In AR 710-2 ( Supply Policy below the National Level ) . AR 735-5 ( Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability ) and AR 190-13 ( The Army Physical Security Program ) . All these Army Regulation cover the Army policy for belongings answerability. Some sensitive points are your arm. military ID card. communicating equipment. etcetera. Sensitive points are anything that can be used by opposing forces or the enemies to counter onslaught. weaken forces. and gain information. and so on. Throughout our lives we come across many things of value. Some things are more valuable than others. either because they cost more money or they hold a sentimental value that we keep close to our Black Marias. In the military regardless of what subdivision you are. it is instilled in our caputs that our arm is the most valuable thing you will of all time hold.

You train with it. you eat with it. you sleep with it. you use is to protect yourself and your conflict brothers and you take attention of it like it was your kid. In the terminal it becomes a portion of you and you can non anticipate yourself without it. Your arm is considered a sensitive point because if it ends up in the enemies’ ownership. it could perchance be used against you and your companions. Keeping path of where your arm is or holding it on you at all times will assist forestall any of that go oning. An so I forget the value of my arm and what it means to me. Always holding your sensitive points is really of

import and I should hold treated my arm as one of those. Alternatively I chose to go forth in my safe believing it was merely another points that I needed to convey.

Compared to the active ground forces side the really little penalty for mislaying a arm. if it’s found within a sensible sum of clip. is a “Company Grade Article 15. ” That means you can lose one class of rank. a hebdomad of wage. and two hebdomads of excess responsibility. If that’s all you lost. you got off really. really lightly. More frequently. and particularly if you lose your arm in a combat zone. you’re looking at a “Field Grade Article 15” if your concatenation of bid is experiencing really generous. You would put on the line losing at least one or every bit many as three classs of rank ( E-4 to E-1 ) . one half of your base wage for two months. 60 yearss limitation. 45 yearss excess responsibility.

That’s merely for enlisted though. If you do the same as an officer. you won’t acquire the same smack on the carpuss as a penalty. Your calling is over. You may every bit good get down looking about for a new occupation and hope you don’t acquire a bad discharge. So we check our sensitive points sacredly. Normally I check to see if I have my sensitive equipment with me thru out the twenty-four hours or we do a cheque at the terminal of each exercising to do certain each one of us on our squad is non losing valuable equipment. Most of the times our cogwheel is either on your individual. or

locked up someplace secure. Accountability and personal duty for your equipment is something the military takes so earnestly it’s non even funny. Because if there’s a battle. and you don’t hold your arm. so you’re a immense liability to everyone.

You besides can’t be trusted to make certain thing due to fact of non being able to manus the duty. It is really of import to cognize that my action don’t affect me but everyone around me. I now know that because my failure I will be ever certain to acquire my proper information from senior leaders before doing a determination or make my research more extensively. I don’t want to be a liability but an plus that everyone can trust on to acquire undertaking or mission done. in a clip and right mode. I won’t do the errors like go forthing my sensitive equipment at place or unsecure. I will besides come to my subdivision leaders foremost in the event I have a serious inquiry. I am certain they will be able to steer me in the right way every clip. From Steve Maraboli. Life. the Truth. and Being Free. “It is of import that we forgive ourselves for doing errors. We need to larn from our mistakes and travel on. ” and traveling on is precisely what I am traveling to make from this experience.

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