Importance of accountability Essay Example
Importance of accountability Essay Example

Importance of accountability Essay Example

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  • Published: October 5, 2017
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I have been given the task of writing a 1000-word essay on the significance of accountability for sensitive items within the military. This assignment was assigned to me because I failed to ensure that I had my firearm with me at all times, which was an error on my part. Despite receiving advice to leave it at home, as an NCO, it was my responsibility to seek guidance from my superior on how to properly secure my weapon. However, instead of doing so, I chose to limit the amount of time I traveled with it and left it at home. Unfortunately, this decision proved incorrect because any harm or loss to that weapon would have serious consequences not only for myself but also for those under my command who could be affected by my negligent actions.

The process of safely transporting a firearm from California t


o Massachusetts is unfamiliar territory both for me and my unit. In accordance with JetBlue and TSA regulations during travel, I secured my weapon in a lock and slide-lock arm case. Upon arriving in Massachusetts, I stored my firearm in the 1st CST safe for safekeeping. A day before the Boston Marathon, I retrieved my weapon along with 45 rounds of hollow point ammunition from the 1st CST. After the marathon concluded, I kept possession of my firearm until it was time for me to return home.

Army regulations (AR 710-2, AR 735-5, and AR 190-13) provide guidelines regarding accountability of belongings including sensitive items such as military ID cards and communication equipment. These sensitive items are objects that can potentially be utilized by enemies to counter attacks or acquire information.
In life

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we come across valuable things, some of which hold more sentimental value than others. In the military, our weapon is considered our most valuable possession. We train and rely on it to protect ourselves and our comrades. It becomes a part of us that we cannot imagine life without. Weapons are classified as sensitive items because if they fall into enemy hands, they can be used against us. Keeping track of its whereabouts or having it on hand at all times helps prevent such situations.

Thus, I never forget the significance and value my weapon holds for me. It is crucial to always keep sensitive items secure. I should have treated my weapon as one of those important items but instead chose to leave it behind thinking it was just another item I needed to bring along.

The consequences for losing a weapon in the military are less severe compared to losing other sensitive items. If a weapon is found within a reasonable amount of time, the penalty is a "Company Grade Article 15." This results in losing one rank, a week of pay, and two weeks of extra duty. Losing only these things is considered getting off easily.

However, in the event that a weapon is lost in a combat zone and if your chain of command chooses to be lenient, there would be a "Field Grade Article 15" penalty. This could result in losing at least one rank (from E-4 to E-1), having half of your base pay withheld for two months, facing 60 days of limitation, and being assigned 45 days of extra duty.
It is worth noting that the consequences mentioned only apply to enlisted

personnel. Officers who commit the same offense may not face such severe punishment, but it would effectively end their career and they would need to find new employment, while hoping for an honorable discharge. Therefore, we regularly check our sensitive items. Personally, I ensure throughout the day that I have all my sensitive equipment with me or perform a final check at the conclusion of each exercise to guarantee that none of our team members are missing any valuable equipment. Most often, our gear either remains on our person or is securely locked up elsewhere.

The military places significant emphasis on accountability and personal responsibility for equipment because during battle, losing possession of one's armament makes you unreliable and unable to be entrusted with important duties. Recognizing the impact my actions have on others is crucial; thus, I will always gather necessary information from senior leaders or conduct thorough research before making decisions. My objective is not to burden others but rather be a dependable asset who completes tasks and missions promptly and accurately.

I will make sure not to make mistakes like leaving sensitive equipment in an insecure place or at home. If I have important questions, my first step will be to ask for guidance from my subdivision leaders because they always point me in the right direction.According to Steve Maraboli's book "Life, the Truth, and Being Free," it is important for us to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and see them as opportunities for growth and progress.

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