Implementation of Enterprise system at Dyson Essay Example
Implementation of Enterprise system at Dyson Essay Example

Implementation of Enterprise system at Dyson Essay Example

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Dyson has been well established and enjoying its presence in all the geographical regions of the world, containing strong and innovative image of its British ness.

Dyson decided to take major overhauling of its infrastructure to enhance its efficiency in terms of cost reduction and sales growth. Dyson is now focussing on the procurement of ERP software which put to gather all the departments and their functions on to a single computer system which will fulfil their specific needs. The people of sales marketing, IT and finance will have their own computer but under ERP they will be able to share information easily. The report is focussing on main issues like current data, information knowledge management and core processes at Dyson.The feasibility of ERP implementation is determined by analysing TELOS and CBA at Dyson. Economic feasibility brings out NPV, IRR and pay back methods among


seen generic method.

In the process of implementation of ERP IT investment which require transformation, involves the insecurity in accessing the tangible and intangible advantages. Successful ERP implementation allows uniform communication across the organization (Musaji, 2002).This report explains Big -Bang function and process oriented approaches in implementing an Enterprise system and illustrate the stages of implementing an Enterprise system .Implementation an EIS is a complex and dynamic activity .Dyson has to undergo implementing an EIS as dividing the process into segment may lead to the loss of an understanding of the whole /which is more than the sum of parts.

There are three generic methodology, Big -Bang, modular -integration and process orientating implementation.In BPR it mainly focus on the changes in the technical and behavioural level due to the implementation of

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new system. Change management involves the conscious attempt to control or atleast to influence the change that is going to happen to the organization (Elearn, 2005). It leads to Radical restructring of business processes and with the help of management systems to enhance the performance of the organization (Oakland, 2003).

In the large scale change the organization's culture goals and leadership may all change altogather (Sims, 2002). The discussion comes up with the fundamental nature of usage of the system in the organization current activities. Finally the report explains the possible ways to improve supply chain management in the process of implementation of new system .It focuses the impacts on supply chain both forward and backward supply chain.Organizing and managing key resources of Data, information and KnowledgeAll the organizations have the capacity to retrieve information through various sources like internet and information systems.

Dyson scrutinize data, information and knowledge within the organization through various sources.Current Data at Dyson:An enterprise system can not perform efficiently without appropriate data (Ake et al., 2004). The key elements of current data at Dyson are as follows:* Core processes within the organization.* Employees training details.* Details of domestic home appliances.

* Details of their customers and suppliers.* Details of their branches and locations across the globe.Dyson manage separate record of all the details and use different sources to maintain data. Dyson gets information for records mainly from customers, suppliers, Government and share holders. At Dyson management of data is not as sufficient as it should be, as different departments using different data base system to store data. Some times same data being stored repeatedly by different departments as they do not

have integrated data management system.

Current information:When any raw data is being processed it becomes information. When data is collected by some one due to any reason it becomes information for others. Information helps to take decision at management, operational and organizational level to attain and sustain competitive advantage. Employees should be able to access information to perform every day business activity.

Top management decision making takes place by summarising evaluated data. Dyson requires a competent MIS to improve the flow of the information.Current knowledge:Knowledge management consist of various elements used by companies to identify, Create, represent and transfer knowledge to use it again. Designing a portal to increase knowledge sharing is an act of knowledge management (Mcelroy, 2003). Knowledge management system basically facilitates the flow of knowledge from a specific point to its destination. So we can say data, information and knowledge can be called as concentric value activities.

For instance marketing manager at Dyson access current year figures of marketing then that data becomes knowledge for top management.Core processes at Dyson:At Dyson core processes means HR, finance and operations. To maintain innovation and quality of its products, Dyson always try to find out the ways to develop and enhance the performance. Top management should have solid grip on all core processes (Despres, 2000).

High level information needs:Dyson needs high level information in future. Higher level information needs leads to change (Albers, 2005 ). The high level information needs means that Dyson have to focus on following key areas:* Improved functions of core processes.* Better transformed model to improve the employees understanding* An automated system which enables them to operate across the world for its business

process.Feasibility of implementing an Enterprise resource planning systemTo implement ERP at Dyson can lead to higher cost. But Dyson are committed to develop global ERP software for their company.

It will help them to take immediate decisions about their business activity. Due to new ERP system it will help Dyson to operate at low cost and enables them to remain competitive in the market. While implementing feasibility of ERP in an organization there are several issues which should be tackled systematically (Bruch and Vinnichenko, 2007 ). Different stages of implementing ERP system are as follows:* Pre evaluation screening* Evaluation* Project planning* Gap analysis* Reengineering* Training to be conducted* Testing* Post implementationFollowing are the four main stages of feasibility study:Technical feasibility:At Dyson their technical centres technical staff, implementation of ERP system requires knowledge about its specific life cycle stages. Among the technical staff most senior one will be the suitable person, in the process of working out the implementing process (GAP).

By upgrading communication system office is the main factor, which helps in the process of successfully implementing the system.

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