Ideas on “Behaviour of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden” Essay Example
Ideas on “Behaviour of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden” Essay Example

Ideas on “Behaviour of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden” Essay Example

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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‘Behaviour of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden’ . written by Keith Douglas is a verse form about the connexion between adult male and adult female. Describing and construing the relationship between the genders sense of hierarchy. beauty and character. This could be analysed in the unusual rubric ; the fish ( adult male ) is mesmerised by the Garden’s ( adult female ) scene. because it is metaphorically unnatural yet remarkably attractive. This draws the fish in. as seen by the fish’s ‘behaviour’ .

Douglas makes a good illustration of imagination. utilizing it to further spread out the uninterrupted metaphor in a curious manner. By utilizing the enormousness of the sea. filled with fish of all backgrounds. Douglas makes the verse form seem rather huge but besides deeply multicultural and cosmopo


litan. The typicality of it all is that the fish’s all have a common desire. a sexual desire to be more accurate. This accretion of “cruel want for love” from the flock of fish ; towards a white rock which radiates beauty. makes the verse form seem somewhat immoral because of the manner she “slyly” draws them in with their undeniable lecherousness.

The manner Douglas structures each stanza adds to the intension behind the fish. such as the thought of how cosmopolitan the fish’s behavior and thought forms are ( lust/love ) . Resulting in a whole flock of fish coming over to look at her beauty. For illustration in some of the stanzas ( such as three. four and five ) we can see that Douglas introduces a new type of fish/man for each stanza demoing how work forces are universally ‘all’ the same despit

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their backgrounds. The length of the stanzas being the same throughout could besides stand for the typicality of work forces. intending it is common throughout. about predicted.

Although there are metaphors throughout this verse form. the enjambement is besides an of import technique in this verse form because in each stanza it is to a great extent used. In the quotation mark “The fish swim off on concern: and she sits entirely at the table” there is a new line between the two clauses further adding to the capriciousness of the adult female but it besides shows how short lived ‘beauty’ is. either the adult female has grown old or she has stopped flashing her organic structure. Furthermore the ground why enjambement adds to the capriciousness is because on every line Douglass uses it to detain the purpose of emotion to demo how surprised the fish are towards this stone/woman.

In the last stanza we can see situational sarcasm ; that the escalation of attractive force between all the work forces ( believing they would acquire something ) . gets turned down by the lady. coercing them to travel back to being normal once more. This is because the “ice-cream is finished” . in other words she has stopped badgering and flashing her organic structure. Last this leaves her with merely the option of holding a stable and boring life with a deadening rich adult male ( “collector” ) . who can be given to her want/needs of money. Furthermore the adult female did non happen her spouse for love because all the work forces were in a brainsick lecherousness for her organic structure. non taking in

history for her personality behind the scene.

To reason we can see that Keith Douglas chief technique is by continuously comparing his thoughts utilizing metaphors throughout the verse form. One figure that came to mind when composing this essay was Marilyn Monroe. because in her epoch she had so much attractive force. possibly because society wasn’t used to such beauty. that people ( work forces in general ) hyped her ‘level’ of attractive force.

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