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Royal Group CEO Royal Group CEO Group COO Group COO Group CFO Group CFO Account Department Account Department KFC General Manager KFC General Manager Human Resource Manger Human Resource Manger Branch Managers Branch Managers Account Manager Account Manager Supervisors Supervisors Administrators Administrators Accountants Accountants First-Line First-Line Human Resource Management of KFC Corporation. The internationalization of human resource management has increased the scope of traditional HRM. Human resource management is defined as the utilization of individuals to achieve organizational objectives.

One of the most important functions in the human resource management system is staffing. An organization must always have the proper number of employees with the appropriate skills to do a certain job at a certain time. This is where staffing comes into play. Job analysis, planning, recruitment, selection and training are all important features that must be met for companies to ensure that their firms are always productive. Every position in a company should be analyzed and its skills posted. Anyone wanting to apply for a job should know up front what skills and duties he or she are responsible for.

Without this knowledge, the company will not be productive due to the fact that the person hired would not have a specific job description. The human resource management system itself is part of them firm’s internal environment. A firm’s internal environment can be defined as factors inside a firm’s boundaries that affect its human resources. HR are very important when it comes to hiring and maintaining employees with high level of ethics and productivity as well as keeping the organization out of legal suits. A company must also always know that they have the required number of employees with the proper skills on hand when needed.

To ensure the company does indeed have an adequate number of employees needed, the firm must systematically review human resource requirement. Failure to do so may result in a shortage of employees with the proper skills needed in a pinch. Firms must know how to recruit the appropriate individuals with the required skills needed for their business. Organizations that do not go out and recruit individuals risk settling for an employee. Below is the standard steps of HR process Human Resource Planning Process

1. Recruitment: a. The recruitment of KFC HR process are based on the store manager request.

Which means when the manager report a request of needs, HR department will start to plan on new recruitment. Recruitment way such as internal recruitment, advertising, newspapers etc…

2. Selection: b. After the recruitment plan approved by Head of Department, it will go through a selection process, all the CVs will be select based on their skill and level of knowledge also with the background.

3. Competent Employees: c. Competent Employees are those who passed the first two steps, which are the people who can do the job base on what they already experience.

4. Orientation: d. This step is employees will be introduce to the company as we can also called it a short course of internal understanding, is where we make sure the new comers know who they are working with and what are the environment.

5. Training: e. Training is the step where company offer employees the three steps training based on different level and department they are in, which is technical skill, interpersonal skill and problem-solving.

6. Performance Appraisal: f. Through a period of timing after the staff been working, performance appraisal is to valuation each individual work performance in order achieve objective personnel decisions.

Performance methods such as written essays, graphic rating scales, multi-person comparisons etc…

7. Career development: g. In the past days the organizations developed careers, but now a days individual are developing careers.

8. Compensation and Benefits: h. This is a system develop to change the mature of work or the workplace in order to make people motivated. Typical Compensation benefits included: Basic wages or salary, Incentive payment, Benefits and service, Wages and salary add-ons.

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