Hospitality and Marketing

In the hospitality industry, marketing is
Doing what it takes to satisfy the customer and the company
The marketing mix
combines product, price, promotion, and distribution
A target market is
A group of potential customers with similar characteristics
The hospitality industry involves service marketing because
Intangible products are sold to the ultimate consumer
Hospitality marketing is one aspect of which industry sector?
Travel and tourism
Hotels and restaurants are generally divided into which two sections?
The front of the house and back of the house
What provides intangible products
service marketing
Area of the hotel to which the general public or a hotel guest has access
Front of the house
Characteristics such as age, income, gender or education level are
Group of people who share similar characteristics are the
target market
The balance of products, price, promotion, and distribution is the
marketing mix
Services or items offered to guests for convenience and comfort are
Assisting in the design and develop of new products is
product/service management
Offering reduced room rates in order to increase future business is an example of
Keeping track of guests’ preferences or special requests is an example of
marketing-information management
Limited-service facilities
are often the site of extended stays
Dramatically upgraded services and amenities
are a growing trend in all forms of the hospitality industry
The idea of bed and breakfast inns
evolved from European traditions
B & B’s typically offer
privacy, personal service, and atmosphere
A conference center is a
complex of meeting sites, lodging, and other attractions
The key theme of resort marketing is
marketing the experience more than the space
The two main divisions of the restaurant industry are
table-service and quick-dining
The fast food business
holds the largest market share of the restaurant industry
Travel packages include
sightseeing, transportation, and accommodations
International tourism is growing because
the world economy has been strong
Offer residential style units with multi room plans and kitchen facilities are
extended stay facilities
A prearranged vacation is a
travel package
Facility with primary features of privacy and personal space is a
Bed and breakfast
Properties that provide a range of services, usually including a restaurant on the premises, luggage assistance, and room service are in a
full service hotel
Living quarters owned by private persons that are rented out to the public most of the year are
Most common lodging facilities found in the US are
Motor inns
Buying a specific time period to spend at a vacation resort
Airport hotels
have poor services, spending thousands to repair image, and are becoming more luxurious
were first started by farmers along busy highways and have parking near the guest’s room
A successful conference center must have all of the following except
low hotel room rates
The responsibilities of the human resources department in a hotel include
recruiting, training, and employee compensation
Employee recognition
is a way to build loyalty
A guest’s account record at the front desk is called the
Which of the following is NOT the responsibility of a front desk agent
carrying guest luggage to the room
The executive housekeeper’s responsibilities include
maintaining lost and found, updating front desk about status of rooms, ordering, receiving, and storing supplies
Which of the following is NOT the responsibility of the engineering department
monitoring the amount of towels and linens necessary to the hotel
A multinational hotel is one that
has a property in more than one country
In order to meet the needs of diverse cultures, hotel have
established minority internships and networks, offered language classes, and used minority companies as suppliers or vendors
A summary of all fees charged to a rom during a guest’s stay
guest folio
Potential guest without a reservation
Includes benefits as well as salary
A continual or ongoing count of products, supplies, or merchandise
Perpetual inventory
Informing a guest of the availability of a room with better accommodations
Agreement a hotel will hold a specific type of room for a certain day or length of time
Responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, development, compensation, benefits, supervision, employee evaluation, and separation
Human resources (HR) department
Manages the engineering department
Facilities director
A menu that remains the same from day to day with items listed and priced separately is referred to as
a la carte
A guest who has not asked the hotel to hold a room until his or her arrival is a
walk in
The employee responsible for informing the front desk about the condition and availability of guest quarters is
the executive housekeeper
Employee recognition programs
may consist of tangible or intangible rewards
Third parties used to make reservations on the internet
Which of the following is a traditional sales technique used by hospitality industry?
Brochures, bulk distribution, and mailings
usually prefer guaranteed reservations, have more power to negotiate hotel room prices, and expect unfailing accuracy in reservation process
Which of the following is not a type of room reservation?
Due out
Important things to plan for future hospitality business are
Forecasts and guest questionnaires
The sales staff of a hotel is responsible for selling
meeting space, rooms, and recreational facilities
particular types of people and what they like
psychographic information
Vacation awards are
incentive travel
Renting multiple hotel rooms and meeting rooms
group sales
Promotes tourism and convention
Conference and Visitors Bureau (CVB)
Future projections
Guest expected to check out today
due out
holds the hotel room until check out the next day
guaranteed reservation
The internet
offers infomediaries to reserve hospitality and tourism services
The sales strategy for a hotel
must forecast future trends and is the responsibility of all hotel employees
A customer with a guaranteed reservation
Has priority over a walk in
Personal selling is
a one-on-one presentation to encourage a customer to buy a product or service
The elements of the promotional mix are
personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and advertising
Advertising is
a paid presentation, with an identifiable sponsor, for a product or service
The elements of a successful print advertisement are
headline, copy, illustrations, and logo
Sales promotion is
any activity other than advertising, public relations, or personal selling that works to increase sales
Which of the following is NOT an example of specialty advertising
a billboard of a beachfront hotel
Hotels and other businesses in travel and tourism that team up with businesses that buy, sell, or arrange sales of products are
The combination of advertising, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion
promotional mix
Paid presentation of a product or service with an identifiable sponsor
Activities or events in which companies participate to promote the name of the business and to improve its image or reputation
public relations
Computerized link between hotels and other travel and tourism related companies
Global Distribution System (GDS)
Ways to help the customer meet needs
Individual, one on one effort made by a representative of a company to persuade a customer to purchase goods or services
Personal selling
Characteristics of a product or service
The system that keeps the same inventory of rooms available to anyone making a reservation, whether the reservation is through an agent, a direct call to the hotel, or the Internet, is known as a
single-image inventory
Sponsoring a charity fun run or golf tournament is an example of
public relations
The part of personal selling in which one sets an appointment to see a client and prepares information for that client is known as the
Which of the following is NOT one of the elements of market segmentation
target market
The largest percentage of the current US population consists of
Baby Boomers
has not noticeable affected the amount of business travel
Female business travelers tend t seek
Security, services, and the same high level of services and respect as males
Leisure travel
may include nearby destinations
Senior travelers
make up a huge and growing market segment
Most travel agencies make their money by
earning commissions on sales of tickets
Jet lag
is caused by a disruption of the body’s daily rhythms
Specific group of people that a business intends to reach
target market
Information on age, gender, marital status, income, educational level, and attitudes
Selling goods and services to a smaller uniquely defined group of people
niche marketing
Vacations and pleasure trips
Leisure travel
Putting info about local history, culture restaurants, museums, and other attractions and programs on the guest room television
interactive marketing
Provides individual service to hotel guests
Group of people within a larger market who share one or more characteristics
market segment
Hard adventure travel is
participating in strenuous sports on vacation
Factors considered when setting room rates include
services and amenities offered, location and property type, demand, competition, economic conditions, and business cycles
The breakeven point is
te point at which revenue equals the cost running a business
The sum of opening inventory and monthly purchases minus closing inventory is called
cost of sales
The largest airline operating expense is
employee payroll`
Which of the following is NOT a normal function of purchasing
evaluating employee effectiveness with supplies
A purchase order is
a document requesting and agreeing to specified items and prices
A legal agreement to operate a business under the name of an already established business trade name or brand is
a franchise
The term capital includes
property, equipment, tools and money
The number of rooms sold expressed as a percentage of the amount of rooms available per month
occupancy rate
Legal agreement to operate a business under the name of an already established business trade name or brand
Evaluating demand and setting prices that result in maximum revenue
yield management
Expenses that can be directly attributed to a department
direct operating expenses
Expenses that are shared among departments
indirect operating expenses
Selecting and obtaining goods and services from vendors
When two or more people own a business and share the risks, responsibilities, and profits
When the demand is low and the rates go down as well
shoulder season
Hoel room rates are negotiable and subject to change because
room space is a perishable product
IN a restaurant, pre-opening specials and promotional items are
indirect operating expenses shared by all departments
The Hubbart Formula is used to calculate
average room rates
The industry standard for a profitable hotel occupancy rate is
Information in a guest history database typically includes a guest’s
room number, rates paid, dates of previous stays
Yield management is
concerned with maximizing revenue from room sales
Creative hospitality marketing techniques are most effective when
they result in higher occupancy rates
Hotels that receive high rankings
establish and train consistent policies of customer service
A progressive approach to managing restaurants
is necessary because restaurant tastes change
Which of the following is not a standard in the hospitality industry
The earliest phase of a hospitality sales program is
researching information about customer expectations
Gold standard of the hospitality industry
repeat business
Allows hotels to keep up to date records on their guests
guest history database
Estimated number of hotel rooms populated in the future
Unique, flamboyant, inexpressive advertising to draw attention to a company or product
guerilla marketing
Goals or basic expectations that a business must meet to succeed
Complimentary hotel rooms given for renting blocks of rooms or as promotions
non-revenue rooms
An experienced room attendant trainer that is paired with a trainee to ensure that a room is cleaned properly
have made it easier to track customer history
Effective guest service
requires employee training
Giving employees the authority to immediately solve a guest’s problem or complaint is known as
The combination of related services into a single priced product is
In some hotels, the duties of a concierge may be handled by
front desk personnel and bell staff
One of the most important attributes of a company is
positive reputation
Employee uniforms
create a sense of order and attentiveness
what a business does to eliminate or at least decrease risk is known as
risk management
A contract between a business and a company to pay for certain business losses is known as
an insurance policy
Deciding what products to sell and what services are necessary to sell those products is known as
product planning
All of the different products offered by a restaurant are known as
product mix
Combination of special activities events, or programs designed to appeal to customers’ interests
Deciding what products to sell and what services are necessary to sell those products
product planning
The American Automobile Association uses what symbol to rate the quality of hotels
Demographic trends that affect consumer food and restaurant choices are
less food preparation time, interest in healthy cuisine, and well traveled population wtih diverse food interests
Travel agents
earn commissions on reservations they make
Tour operators
often create their own products
The main difference between and is
Priceline allows consumers to negotiate prices
A cookie is a
planted file that returns data about the user to a web site
ONe effective way to distribute info on a web site is through
a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page
Visits to a web site as recorded by a counter
A company that creates and markets tours through travel agents
travel wholesaler
Amount of change in consumer demand when prices change
price elasticity
Percentage of sales revenue earned by a travel agent for all hospitality and travel sales booked
Web site that uses technology to prevent date from being intercepted
secure server
Hotels that dedicate marketing personnel to meet customer needs are called
Traditional travel agencies
earn commission on sales, provide personal service, and have been challenged by intermediaries
Hotels want to be included in the database of intermediaries because
they can reach more potential customers
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