Holes Chapter 29-35 Review Questions

What does Stanley think he sees in the flashes of lightning?
God’s thumb

How many holes has Stanley dug by July 8th? How has Stanley changed physically since he dug his first hole?
45; he’s stronger

Why do the other boys start to resent Stanley? How does Stanley justify this to himself?
The boys resent Stanley because Zero is digging his holes. He needs the energy.

Why do the Warden and Mr. Pendanski tell Stanley to stop teaching Zero to read?
He is too stupid.

Why does the Warden tell the counselors not to shoot Zero after Zero hits Mr. Pendanski with the shovel?
They don’t want an investigation.

What does the Warden expect to happen to Zero?
The warden expects him to die.

How does the warden plan to cover up the incident with Zero?
She plans to erase him from all her files.

Who arrives at Camp Green Lake to take Zero’s place in Group D? Why was he sent to Camp Green Lake?
Brian or Twitch; He stole a car.

Why does Stanley steal the water truck? What happens to the water truck?
He steals the truck to rescue Zero. He drives it into a hole.

Where does Stanley find Zero? How had Zero managed to survive?
Stanley finds Zero under a boat; sploosh

At the end of Chapter 35, Stanley considers returning to Camp Green Lake. What deal does Stanley make with the Warden?
He is going to tell her where he actually found the lipstick tube.

When Stanley asks Zero what the mountain looks like, how does Zero respond? What does the confirm to Stanley?
Zero shows Stanley his thumb pointing upward. It confirms that they shall take refuge in the mountain.

When Zigzag begins punching Stanley, Mr. Pendanski tells Stanley to “teach the bully a lesson” by hitting Zigzag back. Do you think this is a proper solution to a fight? If not, how would you have intervened?
No because violence is not the answer. I would have stopped them both and mediated between the two.

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