Gypsy tarot cards meaning Essay Example
Gypsy tarot cards meaning Essay Example

Gypsy tarot cards meaning Essay Example

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  • Published: December 31, 2017
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Depicting a woman on her own, divorced, detached, looking Inward, the card can also be a symbol for independence, a call to use Intuition instead of logic, or the need of letting go of someone or something. Widower Signifies an older man, father, father-in-law or older male relative or friend. Possibly a man from the askers past, or some such man who has passed away or is currently In the askers life but is stuck in the past. Thought The card often denotes a secret admirer, or a man with whom the queerer (if female) has a secret relationship.

In a more abstract manner the card can speak of a secret plan, or a percolation of a new idea. It can also signify creativity, a tendency for deep, analytical thinking and slow processing, as well as a person who's introspective, withdrawn or emotiona


lly unavailable. Officer In the days of yore the card used to be interpreted as a literal symbol for a military officer, or any uniformed man, all of whom possessed great prestige back then. Young girls often dreamed of such suitors. The soldier is also known to embody all the masculine qualities, such as courage, heroism, an unwavering sense of duty, and reliability.

To today's modern reader, however, the card no longer necessarily denotes a uniformed man, but simply a dark-haired man. As an abstract concept, the card tanks for rules and regulations, work-related and business matters. Sadness Denotes a fair-haired woman who is sensitive, vulnerable, artistic, and Insecure. This is the companion card for Thought. In an abstract sense it denotes sadness, a turbulent emotional state and solitude. Desire This card

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can be interpreted as a personal card: if the asker is a man, then it often denotes the woman he is in awe of and whose heart he wants to capture.

For women, drawing the officer means the same thing. ) If the card Is drawn next to Illness, and the asker is a woman, it denotes issues with feminine health. It is very Important to bear In mind that although the Gypsy Cards can signal Illness, It is not the reader's place do give a medical diagnosis, especially since the cards first and foremost represent the Askers mental processes. Ecclesiastic Denotes a priest, pastor, spiritual leader or other master.

As a concept, it symbolizes devoutness, a firm commitment to beliefs, faith, piety, complete Immersion In split.

It actions. The asker is a deeply spiritual person with a soul sensitive and receptive to such matters. Furthermore, the card can stand for organizations or institutions. Judge Official with the right to exercise power, to rule over us. The card can represent legal procedures.

As an abstract concept, it can stand for clear Judgment, our ability to recognize our limitations, and it also tells us that important life decisions should always be preceded by careful contemplation. Movement and Happenings Death The negative aspect is obvious. Something has come to an end.

The card can also symbolize that something is "death-proof", meaning, for instance, that a constructive relationship or positive situation we are currently in is to last until the grave. Warning! The card itself does not signify death, only if it is drawn along with Judge or Misfortune.

In any context, the card reader should be very

careful when forecasting actual physical death. Loss Primarily denotes monetary loss, but it can also mean that we feel like we have lost/ are losing something. (This loss does not concern us, rather the person symbolized by the card next to it. Anger The card represents the individual's conflict with the outside world. Needless to say, such conflicts arise from inner tension, issues with one's self. It may also represent physical violence or bullying.

The surrounding cards will inform us of any specific person or event that may be the source of our woes or in some Constancy The card is also known as "God's Eye", meaning that we are watched over and our actions are guided from above. In the company of negative cards it shows that we are stuck in a rut, things are stagnant.

The card is calling us to recognize and realize our life lessons, so that our future actions can be adjusted to be in harmony with our fate. In a general sense the card tells us that results are achieved by persistence. Little Money Limited financial possibilities, poverty, daily fiscal difficulties. Denotes failure in our attempts to remedy our unfavorable budgetary situation.

Indicates living from one day to the next. In the future we may receive some money but this will only be enough to cover our basic needs.

Misfortune The card warns of unexpected danger, misfortune, collapsing of an existence; a massively negative event that will catch us unaware. It could simply be saying that we're feeling luckless or broken. It is up to us to contemplate what the card is trying to tell us at the moment

of the reading. Visit An indicator of ephemeral, superficial relationships, or obligatory social events.

Next o certain other cards it denotes uncertainty, contingency. Merriment Celebration, parties, happy life-events, Joyful gatherings with friends and family. We can expect pleasure, an emotional recharge and a positive outcome.

Unexpected Joy This card denotes unexpected material gain such as an inheritance we didn't know about, or some type of a win. The opposite of Misfortune, it symbolizes something good coming into our life.

The card signals the arrival of unexpected Joy, that permeates all aspects of our life, in the form of a blissful event or a pleasant The card can denote movement, a short trip to a nearby location, a message levered verbally, or even a smaller amount of money arriving by mail. It always signifies that the event it is referring to will come to pass very soon.

Journey (l Voyage) Denotes overseas, or mid-length travel. It can also be saying that someone or something (designated by the neighboring card) is "on the way' towards the Asker.

Voyage can also symbolize a permanent move, change of residence, especially in relation to property or marriage. Thief The card is a warning of someone thieving us, either in the material or metaphorical sense, by stealing our ideas or trying to tempt away someone important to us. It can also denote envy, the emotion that is the trigger for all types of thievery.

However, we should be aware that when someone else trying to take something away from us, we should always look for the reason within ourselves.

We either are neglecting the person or thing important to us, or

are clinging to it too much. Other cards House At it's most basic it symbolizes home, the warmth and security of the hearth. It also represents tradition, values instilled in us by our parents, our spiritual and material heritage. The card is not a reference to our in-laws, but to our bloodline, the family here we were born into and brought up in.

Love Denotes love, affection, a strong emotional bond.

The meaning is enhanced when the card is drawn next to the Ecclesiastic or Constancy, and is weakened in the company of negative cards, and also Visit. Hope Denotes a long overseas Journey, but only when accompanied by Journey. It can also symbolize our inner longing, the unconscious anticipation of a forthcoming life- changing event. However, the card also warns us that our dreams will only come true after a long wait and many sacrifices. We can not do anything to bring the moment of he desired fulfillment closer, we must sit back and allow events to unfold at their own pace.

Letter Symbolizes communication, news - usually in the form of the written medium, such as e-mail or letters, even parcels. Depending on the surrounding cards it can denote official communication or a love letter, birth and death notices, tickets, passports, contracts, financial papers or other legal documents. The card can also stand for something secret. Fortune Symbolizes fortune, an optimistic outlook, successful enterprise, the fulfillment of our plans. When this card is drawn, we can be assured we are on the right path, there ill be no obstacles.

Our dreams will come true.

Falsehood Lies, cheating, insincerity, something or a host of

things having gone awry, a sign indicating that things may not turn out as we would hope or expect. The card is a warning of someone deceiving us, abusing our trust; it can also signify our disappointment in a person or a life-situation. When considering this card we must always bear in mind that whenever we are too naive or lazy to look behind the fade and are Judging by appearance instead, it is always our own mind that's doing the deceiving. Money a financially secure future.

Enemy The card refers to a secret enemy, an ill-wisher or bitter rival, who is not attacking us openly, but is looking to deceive or hurt us in an underhanded manner. The card signals that the queerer is surrounded by evil forces of some sort. We must also remember that at times it is the shadow side of our own soul that is our worst enemy. Jealousy Represents not only Jealousy, but fear, anxiety, indecisiveness and mistrust as well. We can become addicted to our own negative thought processes, and get caught up in a downward spiral. When one becomes ridden with worries and insecurity, the ability for clear Judgment is lost.

Baby The card can be a literal symbol for a child, either a boy or a girl. In an abstract sense it represents our inner child, our naive, untainted, primordial nature. It can signal that our inner child needs nurturing, or can suggest that we have yet more growing up to do in order to face our responsibilities full-on. It can also be a reference to a child who we are responsible for, or ourselves being

dependent on others, furthermore it can signal a new beginning in our life, our own rebirth. Fidelity Symbolizes loyalty, honesty, devotion, sticking by someone through thick and thin.

Indicates true friendship, trust, reliability, and can stand for a gentle, loyal companion.

If the queerer has been in doubt regarding a certain other's allegiance or trustworthiness, s/he can now rest assured that it is there. Gift The progression of our life, our personal evolution, has its happy turning points. All is fated, and thus, luckily, we cannot prevent the positive events from occurring, even if we're extremely good at self-sabotage. In a general sense this cards represents our skills, talents, as well as material gifts we may receive, and it also means endearment. Marriage

The card does not necessarily indicate actual nuptials, only when drawn next to the Ecclesiastic.

In a broader sense it represents our in-laws, the family that we have entered by marriage. The card is far more than a symbol of marriage; it stands for two people's enduring, deep commitment, be it a person or a cause - anyone or anything to whom or which we have whole-heartedly pledged ourselves to. Malady The card can represent actual physical ailment or inner conflict. It shows that we have reached an impasse, a stagnant negative state, causing the mind in turmoil to more easily succumb to or escape to illness.

The surrounding cards will shed light on the nature of the disease or pinpoint the person that is ailing.

READING GYPSY TAROT CARDS Five-card career reading for a friend The queerer has been working for the same company for 15 years. He's risen in the

ranks, but sees no opportunity for further advancement, and therefore has been considering seeking employment elsewhere. Let's see what the cards have to say about his situation! The layout shows that the queerness current employment status is stable, as denoted by Marriage. (Incidentally, this is the perfect example to illustrate he wide-range of meanings a card can hold! However, stability in this case equals stagnation, and Death indicates that the queerer feels it is time to end this period of the Judge, meaning that it is difficult for the queerer to actually follow through with the desired career change, due to the fact that he is in a very high position at his current workplace. The best solution would be for him to actively begin strengthening his professional relationships outside his current employer, and see where that takes him. This would require a lot of communication and movement - as denoted by Message.

The good news is Constancy signaling that he will soon witness the unfolded of a positive outcome - it is fated. Considering that the card depicts the watchful Eye of God there's little cause for worry, but let's draw another one Just to be absolutely sure. Up comes Love, which assures us that all will turn out as the queerness heart desires. Buying and selling property A girlfriend of mine has asked for a reading because she has been thinking of moving house, which is immediately confirmed by the cards of Thought, House and Travel.

The card of Misfortune signals that if she goes along with selling her old apartment he may encounter trouble related to official documents (Letter).

It seems rather

likely that she could only sell the apartment way below market value, as indicated by the card of Little Money, and that the whole transaction would be drawn out for a long time (Thief). The presence of the Enemy card tells us that moving closer to her family, as she is planning to do, would not be a good idea right now. Taking all into consideration, a move, or transfer of property is not advisable at this time - it is wiser to wait.

Love reading At this point the relationship is characterized by "Constancy, which means it is no monger evolving, although things aren't getting worse either. The two parties met by lucky chance (Fortune card) and both were rejoicing in the union which was based on mutual attraction and an emotional, spiritual give and take. However, it seems things are now stalled because one party (likely the male) desires to take it to a more intimate level, while the other is not willing to.

The card of the "Widower" signals that the man in the relationship is saddened by the status quo and refusal, and will become gloomy as a result.

The obstacles in the way of furthering the relationship re the reluctance to assume responsibility - perhaps stemming from naivety on both sides, because neither quite knows yet what they want from the relationship. If they managed to somehow overcome their insecurities resulting from this (Enemy card), they could still be the source of much Joy to each other. Card reading for a friend In this sample reading the queerer is a young woman, wondering about her love relationship. The card that

has fallen in the signification position is the Baby.

However, as it can mean a variety of things, the young lady is asked to give a brief description sis them to be, and this instantly puts the card of the Baby into context: on her beau's part it shows a lack of commitment.

Naturally, the young woman has been mulling over this (Thought), and it is eating away at her. However, according to the surrounding cards, her partner seems content in the relationship (Marriage card), and appears committed. Still, deep down the queerer feels she's only wasting her time (Thievery), and feels cheated by the man's unwillingness to commit.

Although it is clear she'd love to make the relationship official (Letter), she is also keeping some secret. Her beau loves her sincerely (Love card), but his reluctance Rooney) can be a problem in the long term. All in all, there is no cause for much worry, because the layout shows a pleasant and functional relationship, where the Gift card signifies that - even in spite of the current imperfections- the parties involved will not have to work hard to reach a compromise, because they were made for each other.

Consulting the cards prior to making major life changes The queerer here is a young woman wondering if she should relocate to the foreign country where her boyfriend of two years is living. For this reading, Sweetheart will be used as a signification card. The layout tells us that the beau's offer came as Unexpected Joy. Fortune indicates that this relocation would bring much luck and happiness.

It would be a major life change, something the

queerer, as Hope suggests, has been desiring.

However, as much as she would like to follow her heart and follow through with the move, her fears are holding her back (Marriage and Jealous combined). Although the cards show doubts and wavering on the queerness part, it is also obvious that the relocation would end up being a success, because Fortune is a arid that trumps all. Whether the projected success refers to the relationship or the queerness career, only time can tell - if she is brave enough to walk down the path to finding out! :) Sometimes you've Just got to let Fate steer for way'!

The queerer is a young woman wondering about an unfolding relationship that's beginning to look more and more like love. The card of Journey tells me that there is still much fluctuation, and spurts of advance movement are always followed by a couple of steps backwards. However, the card of the Baby suggests that even though he queerer is unsure of the exact nature of her feelings, there is something growing deep within her soul, unrecognized as yet, possibly unconsciously being repressed.

Judge indicates that in the recent past she had to make a serious official or work- related decision, which somehow also linked her with the man she is wondering about. The card of Malady signals that what is standing in our queerness way is her own fears and uncertainty, which may be causing her to try too hard to be in control of the situation. Constancy urges her to relax into the flow, because right now it loud be most beneficial if she would leave it

all to fate. As Vive said many times before, I'd rather not use the cards to predict time-frames.

However, it seems from this spread that the queerer has the possibility to be living in a harmonious and transport her to that perfect A middle-aged friend of mine, who already has children from a previous relationship, has come to me saying she is seriously thinking of having another baby with her current partner, asking me to consult my deck.

Well, I must admit, using the cards for projecting childbirth is extremely challenging, as there are two combinations only hat clearly signal upcoming birth, and those are Joy paired with Baby, and Constancy paired with Baby.

It is also quite hard to tell whether the newcomer will be a natural born child, an adopted one, or one brought into the relationship by one of the parties. But let's look at what the spread revealed in response to my friend's query: The cards of Journey and Baby were drawn alongside Gift, which denotes with certainty that a new addition is coming into the family, at a time when least expected, albeit bringing much Joy. No clues are given concerning the time-frame, but my friend was not asking about this anyway.

This reminds me that it is very important to always think over prior to getting a reading what it is we want to know, and phrase the question accordingly - are we focusing on how likely it is that a desired event will ever occur, or do we want to know the time-frame for when it is likely to happen? ) The Card of Money tells us that

my friend's current relationship will be greatly strengthened by this coming birth, which, Fortune assures us, is sure to take place. Rarely do I see such a great spread, with so many positive cards alongside each other! Wonderful news indeed! :)

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