GRBU 511 Ch 10 E-Trade Quiz

Kim and Mauborgne propose four crucial questions for marketers to ask themselves in guiding blue-ocean thinking and creating value innovation. Which of the following questions did E-Trade ask when it offered low cost stock trading?
Which factors should we reduce well below industry standard?
Which of the following did E-Trade ask when it offered online trading?
Which factors should we create that the industry has never offered?
Which advantage did E-Trade’s Super Bowl commercial give the company?
Competitive and leveragable advantage
E-Trade’s first Super Bowl commercial was effective. It accomplished all of the following except for one. Which of the following is the exception that benefits associations that are not necessarily unique to the brand but might be shared with other brands?
It created point-of-parity
How did E-Trade differentiate itself from other stock traders?
It offered online and inexpensive trading.

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