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Absolutism is the autonomous power or ultimate authorization in the province and layed power in the custodies of the King who claimed power due to deity. The authorities of France in the seventeenth century couldn’t be labeled an absolute monarchal authorities because it depended on limited political worlds. The male monarch relied on curates. Lords and provincials.

to command people and their control would fall short of the aspirations of the King due to overlapping governments. In order for tyranny to be in France the authorities would necessitate to command the societal. political. and economical lives of all the abode of France. King Louis XIV was the closest King to obtaining tyranny.

people considered his version of tyranny to be the best but even that could non make the full pentagram of tyranny.During the seventeenth century in France the King Louis XIV’s reign was the best illustration of tyranny. The societal position of Gallic civilization. which besides included linguistic communication and mode was seeable throughout Europe.

Nobility nevertheless still wanted to be in control of their wealth which caused clash with the ultimate regulation of absolute monarchy. The sovereign needed to to the full command spiritual beliefs of all the people and even the King who wanted everyone to be Catholic could alter the manner people felt about God. The King believed in “one King. one jurisprudence. one faith” but Protestants didn’t have the same religion as him so they undermined his authorization.

In 1685 King Louis issued the Edict of Fontainebleau. this destroyed the Huguenot Church and closed Protestant schools. After the publishing many people fled from France which weakened their economic system and gave power to the States they fled to which formed a group of Protestants against Louis.The political power of an absolute monarchy allowed them to do Torahs. administer justness.

and do revenue enhancements. King Louis XIV relied on Cardinal Mazarin to command the authorities. Cardinal Mazarin was a alien so he had a difficult clip acquiring the Gallic to listen to him.The Lords of France joined up with Parliament of Paris members to revolt. The Parliament was the most influential tribunal in all of France. The members included Lords of the robe.

service aristocracy of attorney and decision makers. The first Fonde of Paris was led by the Lords of the robe and ended in via media. The 2nd Fonde was led by Lords of the blade who wanted to coup against Mazarin. The contending gave the thought to people that stableness layed in the Crown. The combat caused sovereigns to lose political power even though their end was to each be a political leader.The authorities is where the King has absolute power over the economic system.

no-matter peoples ailments they still had to pay their revenue enhancements. Intendants of Ricelieu collected revenue enhancements although it wasn’t without struggle of other governors. Despite the attempts of Cardinal Richelieu and Mazarin there was still overlapping authorization. Every part had their ain Torahs. tribunals.

and provinces. aristocracy with big estates wanted much authorization. Towns had privileges and powers they wouldn’t release effortlessly. Local functionaries obstructed executing of policies they didn’t like which caused absolute power to be taken from the King.

The King of France in the seventeenth century didn’t have absolute authorization over societal. economical and political lives of his state. When Louis tried commanding the spiritual beliefs of his people. they revolted and left cause economic weakening.

Louis used Cardinals to enforce authorization but this led to jobs like the Lords of the blade and robe. The struggle didn’t terminal there he was successful in the aggregation of revenue enhancements. but local governors and Lords undermined the King. King Louis XIV had control over cardinal policy doing machinery of authorities and this gave power over monarchal districts. However. disposal of the land was limited by town councils.

aristocracy functionaries. and Estate representatives. Louis’s opinion over the authoritiess was obstructed and he was undermined which didn’t allow for tyranny.Bibliography: Western Civilization Combined Volume Sixth Edition.

Jackson J. Spielvogel

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