First Reflective Journal of My First Clinical Experience

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This diary reflects my first clinical experience at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. The experience has made me re-examine and analyze a batch about my way towards making my end and going an RN. I felt that being able to touch and experience the working environment is highly of import for a future nurse and so for any wellness attention supplier. Real life experience is so of import in acquisition.

At first I was nervous. non yet to state frightened but I found my ego funny to cognize what the clinical scene would be like. how it would experience caring for person unfamiliar. My nervousness rapidly disappeared. I was touched and inspired to see how caring my ” brother mate” was to the occupants of Wascana Rehab. There was no 1 who seemed unusual to her. she shared her love every bit with everyone. She cared for them like they were all particular to her. I was so astonied to see how much a for a alien.

She made each and every occupant feels like she was at that place for them to and non merely making her occupation. I so realized that no 1 can be unusual if we see them with a human oculus and welcome them with an unfastened bosom and loving mode. esteeming them for who they are. In my childhood I heard about a godmother coming to the universe. distributing her love to everyone and doing differences in people’s life. Oh yes. I now know I can be that individual who can do differences in people’s lives.

What is next—-In my following clinical session I m trusting to use everything that I learned on The first twenty-four hours and will seek my best to foster research what can I larn to assist me to construct a strong foundation for my future dream calling as a nurse.

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