Finding Truth Essay Example
Finding Truth Essay Example

Finding Truth Essay Example

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  • Published: December 13, 2017
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The man, who was once an army officer and had seen the glory of authority, shrugged in surprise as the gentle wind tickled his body. Unaware of their fragility, he broke the delicate petals in his palms. Although the rising sun brightened his face, its rays couldn't make him blink his eyes. He remained blind.

His youth was comfortable and his life had generally been idyllic, like that of a free bird soaring towards the horizon. His future promised material prosperity and he was steadily progressing towards it until one fateful day when a bullet pierced him on the border of his homeland. Ever since that moment, he has inhabited an entirely different realm. I observed my neighbor Harris leisurely walking through his garden, relishing the tranquil shade provided by the trees and serenaded by melodious birdsong. Initially, I empathiz


ed with him as he seemed to have lost all desire to continue living.

Approaching the man in the garden, I observed his serene acceptance of death and his comfort in nature. He sat on a bench, completely at ease. When he noticed my presence, a smile graced his face and he raised his head, struggling to focus his sightless eyes on me. Intrigued by his perspective as a blind individual, I yearned to comprehend how he perceived various sensory stimuli—such as the rustling sound of autumn leaves, the noise emitted by tadpoles, and the splashing water from a waterfall. Harris proceeded to elucidate that each sensation held newfound significance for him. The scent of flowers unveiled nature's myriad colors; through touch, these images became imprinted upon his heart.

He experienced the sensation of being a painter testing various

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pastels in the moving water of a stream, bestowing whiteness upon the swans gliding within it. He possessed the ability to transform bare autumn trees into ones laden with fruits, lull frogs to sleep on lilies, and make the cataract splash incessantly. He was the ruler of an undisclosed realm. His inability to see was not a burden, but rather a gift for him.

In fact, he possessed a vision that captured the true essence of objects, a visionary perspective able to appreciate the beauty of...

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