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what has been shown by research to reduce social loafing?
hybrid rewards
which of the following statements about groups is not true?
people who do not confirm to group roles are given high status by the group.
which of the following about norms is not true?
Norms are typically written down and discussed openly by groups.
Teams are tasks groups that have maturated to…
Performing stage
what are the stages of group development in order
forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning
of the following what is the least rich form of communication?
Compared to men, women are more likely to
share Credit
Soft skills are…
Needed to interact with, influence, and perform with others
which of the following statements are true?
Human and social capital are both extremely important
in an ethical dilemma
there are 2 choices, neither of which resolves the situation in an ethically acceptable manner
what is a problem?
a difference between an actual and desired situation
the perspective that states that behavior is a function of interdependent person and environmental factors is called
Interactional Perspective
Anne, a manager, hires the first person she interviews because she believes that person can do the job adequately. Anne is …..
Resolving the problem
which of the following is not a suggestion for managers who want to reduce voluntary turnover?
Reward all employees equally
which of the following statements about workplace attitudes is false?
Job satisfaction is the least studied of the key work place attitudes
which of the following is not a factor in contributing to employee engagement?
Cognitive dissonance
The component of an attitude that refers to how one intends to act is called the …
Behavioral component
The extent to which an individual identifies with an organization and commits to its goal is called
organizational commitment
Order, Self-restricition, preservation of the past, and restriction to change are known as
In a complex decision environment, a manger should use the _____ method of decision making
Motivation refers to the psychological processes that underline
Extrinsic and intrinsic factors
__________ theories of motivation revolves around the idea that employees needs influence their motivation
_________ is a positive set of assumptions about people at work
Theory Y
The five needs in Maslow’s needs of hierarchy model, in order from lowest to highest are…..
Physiological, safety, love, esteem, self-actualization
In Herzberg’s motivator- hygiene theory
satisfaction comes from motivating factors, and dissatisfaction comes from hygiene factors
A theory that attempts to describe how various person and environmental factors affect motivation is known as:
Extrinsic theory of motivation
I will perceive negative inequity when:
another’s total input is less than my total input
The first step in effective performance management is:
defining performance
Therese is very charismatic and fun to be around. she often wants her employees to work late on special projects by being very friendly. she is exercising her _______ power
which of the following situation is most likely to result in conflict?
Competition for limited resources
which of the following is not a result of escalation of conflict?
parties move from \”heavy\” to \”light\” tactics
Which of the following is not a suggestion as to improving communication between generation
Enhance the most current technology
The critical aspect of organizational politics is the emphasis on
Self- Interest
A very high level of cohesiveness in a group
Increases cooperation of the group with other group
In the following situations would a leader’s situational control be considered low?
leader member relations poor; task structure high; position power weak
In which of the following situation would a leader’s situational control be considered high?
Leader-member relations good; task structure high; position power weak
the general strategy for the practical application of situational theories includes all but one of the following:
stick to one leadership style
According to Fiedler’s theory, a moderate-control situation favors ________ leadership
in an in-group exchange, a leader is attempting to:
Create trust and mutual obligation
\”let me share a vision that transcends us to a greater gapped\” is a statement that reflects
Inspirational motivation
when a leader is encouraging employees to question the status quo and seek innovative and creative solutions to organizational problems, he or she is engaging in:
Intellectual stimulation
when a leader is planning, scheduling, organizing, and coordination work, he or she is engaging in:
work facilitation
A lack of concern for others, impulsive behavior, and lack of remorse of guilt one’s actions harm others is known as:
According to Fiedler’s theory, a low-control situation favors a __________ leader
Which of the following is not an implication of transformational leadership:
transformational leaders cannot work virtually
___________ theory is based on the idea that people have beliefs about how leaders should behave and what they should do for their followers:
Implicit Leadership
Which of the following statements about assessing leadership effectiveness is true?
evaluation of leadership effectiveness depends on what the evaluator wants
the two dimensions of the competing values framework are:
internal-external and stabile-flexible
which of the following is not a driver or cause of organizational culture?
work attitudes and behaviors
Levels of organizational culture are:
observable artifacts, espoused values, and basic underlying assumptions
in the _______ phase of organizational socialization, employees master important tasks and rules and adjust to their work group’s values and norms:
Change and acquisition
Andrew is starting his own bakery. to Help him out, his father’s friend, who owns a supermarket, offers him a supply of flour at discount prices. Andrew’s close friend, who is in real estate, gives him advice on how to get a large loft at a reasonable price. Which of the following developmental networks does Andrew Have?
A ______ developmental network is associated with low developmental relationship diversity and low developmental relationship strength:
A ______ culture exhibits a strong desire to deliver results and accomplish goals:
On her first day of work for ABC company Justine attended a full day session with other new employees to learn about the company. Each person in that session was introduced to a specific person whom for once a week for the next 2 months to answer their question about the company. This experience would be described as:
Collective and serial
which of the following is not a dimension along which a socialization tactics can vary?
Managerial versus peer
Organization with clan cultures are described as:
Internally focused and valuing flexibility
Organizations with hierarchal cultures are described as:
Internally focus and valuing stability and control
the process by which a person learns values, norms, and required behaviors which permit him or her to participate as a member of the organization:
organizational socialization
Organizations with adhocracy cultures are described as:
Externally focused valuing flexibility
The functions of organizational culture are:
organizational identity, collective commitment, social system stability, and sense-making
A program to help new recruits integrate, assimilate, and transition to new jobs by making them familiar with corporate policies, procedures, cultures, and politics and by clarifying work role expectations and responsibilities is known as:
Onboarding Program
Clan organizations:
devote considerable resources to hiring and developing employees
In which stage of organizational socialization process would be a realistic job preview normally be provided
Anticipatory socialization
what is a gate keeper
encourages all group members to participate
______ is any message sent or received independent of the written or spoken word
nonverbal communication
the highest degree of empowerment is
Power distribution
If a person attributes outcome to lack or fate, that person is likely to have
An external locus of control
Which of the following is not an element of emotional intelligence
emotional stability
which of the following is not a property of deliberate practice
provides little or no feedback
A _______ is a situation in which there are possibilities to do things that lead to results that exceed goals and expectation
IN the __________ bias, a decision maker tends to stick to an ineffective course of action when it is unlikely that bad situation can be reversed
Escalation of commitment

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