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what are the three major perceptual properties of film sound?
loudness, pitch, timbre

a “dialogue overlap” means
continuing a line of dialogue over cuts during shot/ reverse shot

the frequency of sound affects pitch, or the
perceived highness or lowness of the sound

in film sound, “fidelity” refers to
whether the sound comes from within the diegetic space of the story

what is not true about diegetic sound?
it can come from a source inside or outside of the world of the narrative

the term for sound that represents a character’s thoughts without him or her speaking aloud is
internal diegetic sound

a “sound bridge” is
overlapping the sound of one scene into the next

what are two methods of sound recording?
foley, ADR

(t/f) sound effects are the most common kind of non-diegetic sound

(t/f) contemporary films have denser, fuller soundtracks when compared to older films

(t/f) internal diegetic sound can be heard by other characters

(t/f) robert bressons a man escaped frequently uses offscreen diegetic sound

(t/f) ADR refers to a type of sound recording that takes place while filming on set

(t/f) sound gives new value to silence

(t/f) the dialogue between characters is a common example of asynchronous sound

in a narrative film, an element is nondiagetic if
it is not part of the world of the depicted narrative

as defined by film art, a film’s plot is
everything visually and audibly present in the film

the flashbacks of citizen kane are an example of
a manipulation of temporal order

the flashbacks of the girl triggered by jamal’s memory in slumdog millionaire are an example of
mental subjectivity

the chains of actions that make up the narratives of classical hollywood films most typically depend on
psychological causes

the final freeze frame of Francois Truffaut’s 400 Blows is an example of
an open ending

when a film opens in media res it literally means that
the narration begins in the middle of action

credit sequences may often provide
glimpses of forthcoming action, an overall mood, motif or themes

(t/f) narrative form can be used in documentary films

(t/f) the opening scene of north by northwest contains no nondiegetic elements

(t/f) in a narrative film, plot duration is always equal to story duration

(t/f) a point of view shot is an example of perceptual subjectivity in narration

(t/f) plots based on searches might be considered examples of goal oriented plots

(t/f) alfred hitchcock’s approach to narration is to withhold as much information as possible from the spectator in order to create surprise

(t/f) film credits and orchestral music are considered to be diegetic elements

john grierson was responsible for the establishment of
national film board (NFB)

a “direct cinema” documentary
records a real event as it happens

leni riefenstahl’s triumph of the will is an example of which type of documentary
government progaganda

dziga vertov’s most famous documentary is
a city symphony named man with the movie camera

which of the following types of argument is not typical of rhetorical form?
arguments from source

(t/f) a documentary film is defined by the fact that none of the action has been staged

(t/f) cinema verite techniques have been over-used by music documentaries and reality television shows

(t/f) fact-based films like apollo 13, schindlers list, and malcolm x deal with real events are considered documentaries

(t/f) night mail is robert flaherty’s most famous documentary film

(t/f) michael moore’s films are examples of the rhetorical form of documentaries that employ arguments from source

nanook of the north is about
the archaic lifestyle of inuits

(t/f) triumph of the will was recut and used as counter propaganda for the allies against the nazi party

dziga vertov believed that documentary films should have an educational and social function

kenneth anger is an important filmmaker in the area of
experimental cinema

film art describes a common way of organizing films with abstract form as
theme and variations

the “dance” in ballet mecanique consists of
a rhythmic juxtaposition of various ordinary objects and people

experimental filmmakers often begin abstract films
by photographing real objects

many experimental filmmakers were early pioneers of
music videos

the two filmmakers who made ballet mecanique are
dudley murphy and fernand leger

an example of the associational form of experimental cinema is
a movie

(t/f) ballet mecanique uses a theme and variations pattern of formal progression

(t/f) any sort of footage may be used for an avant-garde film

(t/f) bruce conner’s a movie is an example of found footage

(t/f) techniques associated with the avant-garde have been deployed in music videos

(t/f) an experimental film cannot be improvised or built according to mathematical plan

(t/f) the experimental may tell no story, creating instead poetic reveries or pulsating visual collages

(t/f) in talking about abstract films, film art amends the phrase “art for art’s sake” to “art for life’s sake” thus suggesting the importance of such films in enhancing ones life

(t/f) kenneth angers scorpio rising explicitly associates motorcycle gangs with traditional religious groups and with nazi violence

a genre’s “iconography” consists of
its characteristic objects, settings and stars

which of the following is not a reason or is not true about the recent popularity of the crime thriller with filmmakers?
it allows for elaborate special effects

which of the following is not a reason for the longevity of horror sub-genres
lack of other genres such as the western and the musical

which statement about the musical is not true
it is a genre without possibilities for innovation

there can be genres in…
fictional live action films, documentaries, experiment and animated films and others

(t/f) the fred astaire ginger rogers film swing time is an example of the backstage musical

(t/f) periods within which genres are popular are called “cycles”

(t/f) filmmakers try to create “pure” films that avoid mixing the conventions of more that one genre

(t/f) most scholars see genre films as pure escapism with no significant relation to contemporary society

(t/f) genre criticism has overinvested in analyzing the genre of the western

(t/f) genres have fixed conventions and do not change over history

an ordinary modern hollywood film typically contains
1000 to 2000 shots

which of the following is not a type of transition from one shot to another

in the scene of the gas station explosion in the birds, the editing employs
conflict of graphic qualities

lev kuleshove’s discovery, termed the “kuleshov effect”, suggests that
even if no establishing shot is shown, spectators will still assume that objects in separate shots are near one another

the term “crosscutting” means
alternating between simultaneous shots in two separate spaces

a temporal ellipsis in editing
eliminates part of the action

the 180 degree system is designed to
ensure consistent screen direction across cuts

(t/f) films that use a great deal of editing are more “cinematic” than those that rely mostly on long takes

(t/f) film editing may be though of as the coordination of one shot with the next

(t/f) in editing, rhythm depends on the patterning of shot lengths

(t/f) an establishing shot is a close view that reveals a significant detail in the scene

(t/f) shot/reverse shot refers to cutting across the axis of action

(t/f) a match on action is a common method of breaking the axis of action

(t/f) the iris and wipe are cinematographic devices

which of the following is a characteristic of discontinuity/alternative editing?
crossing the 180-degree axis of action

abstract films are often edited based on
graphic or rhythmic patterns

jump cuts occur due to
the violation of the 30-degree rule

which filmmaker is associated with the term “intellectual montage”
sergei eisenstien

which of the following is a discontinuity editing device frequently used by sergei eisenstein?
non-diegetic insert

non-diegetic inserts occur in which of the following films

(t/f) overlapping editing is a device used by both continuity and non-continuity editing systems

(t/f) montage is a french word meaning editing

(t/f) jump cuts shots the action from multiple angles

(t/f) ballet mechanique is an abstract film which explores rhythmic editing

(t/f) the non-diegetic insert is a metaphorical or symbolic shot that is not part of the space and time of the story world

(t/f) in eisensteinian editing, shots are not just joined, they collide together to create a new idea or emotion

(t/f) shots cannot be joined together on the basis of purely graphic or rhythmic qualities

(t/f) in october, the classical continuity of space is broken by the intercutting of different locales

(t/f) eisensteinian editing asks viewers to interpret the story events and work out implicit meanings

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