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Applying the _____means that one has the ability to see the societal patterns that influence individual and group life.
sociological perspective

August Comte is known for:
coining the term “sociology.”

Conflict theory originated in the work of _____.
Karl Marxx

Functionalist theorists and conflict theorists both share the belief that
social behavior originates in the structure of society.

Positivism refers to
scientific observation and description

Sociology is defined as _____.
the study of human behavior in society

The Thomas dictum states that people behave according to what they believe to be real, not necessarily what is objectively true. This principle is fundamental to which type of sociological theory?
symbolic interactionism

_____ was the first Black person in any field to earn a PhD.
W.E.B. Du Bois

Which of the following is not true about the global perspective in sociology?
although societies are interconnected, their social and economic systems remain very separated

As an element of culture, language is important because

it permits the formation of culture

it enables a person to become a part of society.

language enables us to learn social skills.

All of these choices are true.

All of these choices are true

Culture shock refers to
the feeling of disorientation one feels when placed in a new or rapidly changing cultural environment.

Folkways are
the ordinary customs of different group cultures.

Mass media influences
values, styles, and language

Material culture consists of
objects created in a given culture.

Mores are
strict norms that control moral and ethical behavior.

Norms, values, laws, and customs are all examples of _____
nonmaterial culture

The difference between subcultures and countercultures is that
countercultures reject and defy the dominant culture and subcultures do not.

According to Charles Horton Cooley, the self is formed as we
respond to the expectations that others have of us.

From a sociological perspective, what a person becomes
results from social experiences.

From a symbolic interactionist perspective, the key to the development of self is _____
reflection and interpretation

Mead’s stages, in their correct order, are
imitation, play, game.

Resocialization is a process that
radically alters or replaces existing social roles.

Through the process of socialization we do all of the following, except

learn the customs, habits, and practices of one’s society.

form our individual personality.

develop our identity.

experience diversity.

experience diversity.

Which of the following is not part of the process of the looking glass self?

We watch others and learn the basic rules of identity.

How we think others perceive us affect how we feel.

We consider how we think we appear to others.

We consider how we think others judge us.

We watch others and learn the basic rules of identity.

Which of the following is true about the family as an agent of socialization?

Not all families socialize children in the same way or into the expectations.

The family is rarely a person’s first source of socialization.

In today’s world parents have a very minor role in the development of their child’s identity.

The media are a more important source of gender socialization than the family.

Not all families socialize children in the same way or into the expectations.

Current research on women in sports has found that women athletes
develop a strong sense of bodily competence.

Which theorist used the concept of the looking glass self to explain how the self emerges in interaction with others?
Charles Horton Cooley

According to the concept of the social construction of reality,
there is no reality beyond that which is produced by social interaction.

According to the text, social structures
are difficult to see for the untrained observer.

A status that is earned is called an
achieved status

Ethnomethodology is based on the premise that
we are not wholly aware of the norms that we use even though they are shared.

In postindustrial societies
the economy is dependent on the production and distribution of services and knowledge.

An ascribed status is one that is _________.
beyond the individual’s control

Nonverbal communication
varies according to one’s race, class, and gender.

Standards of beauty are culturally variable. In the U.S.,
White women are more concerned about weight than African American women.

Your age and race are examples of
ascribed statuses.

In what way does symbolic interaction theory differ from conflict theory and functionalism?

Conflict theory and functionalism focus on immediate social interaction and symbolic interactionism does not.

Symbolic interactionism is a macro-level approach; conflict theory and functionalism are not.

Symbolic interactionism does not examine society in terms of its abstract institutions, and conflict and functionalist theory do.

Conflict theory and functionalism are theoretical frameworks and symbolic interactionism is not.

Symbolic interactionism does not examine society in terms of its abstract institutions, and conflict and functionalist theory do.

W.E.B. DuBois was most interested in which of the following?
social justice

According to symbolic interactionists, culture
creates group identity from diverse cultural meaning.

Members of a subculture
exist within and share some elements of the dominant culture.

America’s dominant culture is characterized by which of the following?
middle class values

Symbolic interactionists emphasize
the social construction of culture

_____ are the expected behaviors associated with a given status in society.

Socialization agents teach us the social expectations of society. According to the text,
everyone is potentially a socializing agent

According to Emile Durkheim, it is _____ that gives groups social solidarity.
collective consciousness

Erving Goffman’s analysis of interaction views the participants as actors on a stage. This perspective is called the _____ model of social interaction.

In the study of social interaction, sociologists find that
social status influences the meaning of nonverbal behaviors.

Social institutions
cannot be observed directly

Which of the following is not an example of a social group?


the elderly

American Idol fans


American idol fans

Exchange theorists analyze human interaction in terms of _____.
profit and loss

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