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TAX CH 11 – T/F; MC

question One indication of independent contractor (rather than employee) status is when the individual performing the services is paid based on time spent (rather than on tasks performed). answer F question In some cases it may be appropriate for a taxpayer to report work-related expenses by using both Form 2106 and Schedule C. answer T […]

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Economics Homework ; Quizzes — Exam 2 (Part 2)

question The financial system of a country is important for long-run economic growth because A. most firms rely on their own retained earnings and do not use the financial system B. firms need the financial system to acquire funds from households C. people can increase their wealth very quickly under a healthy financial system D. […]

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Business-Chapter 5&6 Key Concepts

question Why does the success of strategic and marketing plans depend on a sound financial plan? answer give you realistic idea of what you will need, quality of your plan will affect the success of your business, impact your ability to qualify for financing, a concise/realistic financial plan will give lenders confidence in your business […]

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WGU C713: Business Law
20 Sep 2020 Database

question Role of Law in Society answer Law helps us settle disputes and regulate activity. question Stare Decisis answer Latin for “let the decision stand”. question Common law answer Consists of case decisions. Is also called case law or judge-made law. question Statutory Law answer Laws written and passed by legislature and signed by executive. […]

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Unit 5 APUSH

question Andrew Carnegie, Bessemer Process answer A young Scottish immigrant named Andrew Carnegie saw a future in the production of steel as he worked his way up in the railroad business in the 1860’s. Carnegie emerged as one of the nation’s wealthiest men through his Carnegie Steel Company. By using the Bessemer process to produce […]

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Topic 3 – The Business Analysis Project Lifecycle

question List the nine core stages of a project lifecycle answer Stage 1: Define the Business Needs Stage 2: Business Domain Scope Definition Stage 3: Requirement Elicitation and Discovery Stage 4: Requirement Analysis Stage 5: Requirement Specification Stage 6: Requirement Documentation Stage 7:Requirement Validation Stage 8: Requirement Management Stage 9: System Maintenance and Enhancement question […]

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Test 1 MIS200 HW 3 Review

question Business intelligence uses scorecards and query reports to support decision-making activities, whereas business analytics uses data mining tools and predictive modeling. answer True question The indexed sequential access method (ISAM) is slow and becomes increasingly useful as the number of records becomes larger. answer False, the method is fast and only slows with large […]

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Strat Management 1

question A winning strategy is one that answer Fits the company’s internal and external situation, builds sustainable competitive advantage, and….. something about performance question A winning strategy must pass answer Fit test, competitive advantage test, & performance test question What question can be used to distinguish winning vs mediocre? answer How well does the strategy […]

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Small Business Management: Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures CHAPTER 16

question value answer the extent to which a good or service is perceived by a customer as meeting his or her needs or wants, measured by the customer’s willingness to pay for it question credit answer an agreement between a buyer and a seller that allows for delayed payment for a product or service question […]

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Review Quizzes Chap 9 to 15 pls 4 Final Exam

question Which of the following is not an example of the benefits enterprise systems provide to firms? answer The cost of information systems falls, making the firm more productive. question Enterprise software is built around thousands of predefined business processes that reflect answer best practices question Which of the following is not true about enterprise […]

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PS 201 CH 14

question The most visible indication of oversight is the answer use of public hearings before congressional committees and subcommittees. question The response to the Department of Homeland Security’s color-coded terror-level warning system reveals answer that bureaucratic agencies, like politicians, must pay attention to public opinion. question What is a government corporation? answer It is an […]

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practice 6

question Return on assets (ROA) is the profit generated by the assets possessed by the firm. answer T question Self-gratification for the retailer is classified as a societal objective. answer F question Gross margin are the total revenues received by a retailer that are related to selling merchandise during a given time period minus returns, […]

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PA Driver’s License Practice Test

question This is the shape and color of a ______ sign. answer yield question If you are under 21 and are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, you will receive a _______ license suspension for a first offense answer 1 year question If someone is driving aggressively behind you, you should answer try […]

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Nutrition Ch 9
29 Aug 2020 Database

question 1. Society plays a role in eating disorders because they are known only in developed nations and they become more prevalent as wealth increases and food becomes plentiful. answer True question Waist circumference indicates visceral fatness, and above a certain girth, disease risks rise, even when BMI values are normal answer True question Taller […]

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question In a ____, the loop body might never execute because the question controlling the loop might be false the first time it is asked. answer c. pretest loop Correct question The first step in a while loop is typically to ____. answer a. initialize the loop control variable Correct question In some cases, a […]

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question Which of the following is true about cloud computing? answer The elastic leasing of pooled computer resources over the Internet is called the cloud question Which of the following is a reason for the term elastic being used to define the cloud? answer Computing resources can be increased or decreased dynamically in cloud-based hosting […]

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MIS 13
22 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question 1) The most common form of IT-enabled organizational change is automation. answer T question 2) Rationalization of procedures describes a radical rethinking of the business models. answer F question 3) Failure to address properly the organizational changes surrounding the introduction of a new system can cause the demise of an otherwise good system. answer […]

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MGT 3500 Ch. 5 TB

question TRUE answer The predominant model of unionism in the U.S. is business unionism. question TRUE answer Business unionism works within the capitalist system by focusing on securing labor’s “fair share” of profits, rather than seeking broad scale social change. question FALSE answer The servicing model of unionism is one in which employees play an […]

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MGMT 449 CHAPTER 12 (Done)
18 Aug 2020 Database

question 1. A company’s corporate culture is BEST defined and identified by: A. the integration of the strategy and business model that a company has adopted. B. the company’s shared values, ingrained attitudes, core beliefs and company traditions that determine norms of behavior, accepted work practices of “how we do things around here,” and styles […]

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Med 147 Ch. 13
16 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question watermark answer designs or letters that can be read from printed sign question equipment used for written communications answer stationery, envelopes, pens, pencils question 4 parts of a letter answer heading opening body closing question 3 items that should be on a continuation page answer name of addressee page # date question parts of […]

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Mar 3023 -exam 2 – thru quizzes

question Brenda wants a new car that will be dependable transportation and look good. She wants to satisfy both functional and psychological needs. answer True question When making an important purchase, consumers often consult friends and family. This is considered an external search for information. answer True question As manager of a local donut shop, […]

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management ch. 3

question enviroment answer all of those factors that affect the operation of the organization question external environment answer all of the factors outside the organization that may affect the managers’ actions. question general environment answer the broad, complex factors that affect all organizations question task environment answer those factors that have a direct effect on […]

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