Ethics and Moral Principles Essay Example
Ethics and Moral Principles Essay Example

Ethics and Moral Principles Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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Ethics refers to a system of moral principles and a branch of philosophy which defines what is good for individuals and the society. In a broad spectrum, it affects how people make decisions and lead their lives. The concept of ethics has been derived from religion, cultures and philosophies. It covers how to live an excellent life, rights and responsibilities, language of right and wrong as well as moral decisions. This paper shows how ethics should be given the first priority as far as occupation is concerned.

In a personal view, ethics are limited to duty. This is simply because individuals do not have the same moral values and take things differently. In addition, people have to analyze their career choices as a way of enhancing stability and move on with life accordingly. As a matter of fact,


it can extend to personal desires, but if this is involved, adverse consequences will always be frequently experienced (Gioia, 1992).

Lying is a vice in the community that drives incompetence besides leading to failure in the long run. This can easily be realized when the truth is found. It’s advisable for an individual to be truthful as a major way for avoiding inconveniences in life as well as enhancing the righteous aspect in the society (Zanker, 1996). Morally, being open to your fellow people tells a lot about a person’s character and one can easily be. Moreover, nothing can a person gain if the truth is at long last found.

In reality, I would avoid the advice and walk in the moral path to upload the societal values. This is quite useful because it will prevent my masters from getting

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an ideal of us being caught up with marijuana, which is a pathetic outlook when the truth is finally uncovered. My friend’s opinion will not be useful because it will hinder all the success ambitions as far as my test is concerned. In conclusion, truth is always the best choice to take and the way to go as far as the society is concerned. Any chance to apply honesty can save someone from dangerous risks.


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