Ethical Moral Values Essay Example
Ethical Moral Values Essay Example

Ethical Moral Values Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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My sense of morality basically comes from number of values within myself. These values are based on some ethics that gives guidelines on how to act upon rightness (Lichtenberg, 2010). The actions that I do are based on how they affect my needs and wants. When one tries to follow these ethics, is like trying to lead life that gives you happiness. These ethics helps in persuading me interest before I make any given decision (Lichtenberg, 2010). The choice that we make in helping others in need is directed by the ethics that are in our inner thinking. They also enable us to increase social interactions with others. Philosophers’ choice of words helps me on how to make basic choices in life and how to enhance my moral upright (Lichtenberg, 2010). The concepts employed by these philosophers enables us solve some problems such


as insecurity and dishonesty cases without self defense in killing what is right.

The concept influences me on how to give an account of other people’s moral situations and also my own moral upright. The concepts also promotes greatest amount of happiness in my life simply because fair interaction with others is direct product of proper application of the concepts given by philosophers in daily life situation (Lichtenberg, 2010). The hypothetical situations enables me make decision based on the theory displayed by the philosophers on decision making. The ideas of decision making guided by philosophy guidelines are so much application in daily life. For instant, a doctor could decide to kill some patients on the expense of others if it were not for the moral decision making guided by ethical moral values (Lichtenberg,

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2010). Another instant is when one meets very old woman trying to cross very busy road; a moral decision will tell you to leave what one is doing and assist the woman to cross through these are examples of basic application of moral uprightness (Lichtenberg, 2010).


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