Beliefs and Values That Matter to Me Essay Example
Beliefs and Values That Matter to Me Essay Example

Beliefs and Values That Matter to Me Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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Every person has something that he/she values in life. The morals in us determine who we are since our actions are aligned with our decency. The characters we portray from the outside tell our humanities and the morals that we value. When we do contrary to the morals that we value, we experience an uncomfortable feeling of guilt within us and can result in sadness or anxiety. It is someone’s choice to choose the beliefs and values that he/she wants to be identified with by others. One moral value that is in me is the heart of helping others. It gives me the fulfillment whenever I touch someone’s heart by helping him or her.

We face tough situations every day, and we all need the help of others at one point. Many are the times that we see


k help from others, but this needs to be reciprocated. It is in my nature to help others out of their difficult situation since it gives me happiness and every time I notice someone with a problem that I can lend a hand of help, I give my honest and best assistance. I feel good whenever I help people because I have experienced how good it is to be supported. The fulfillment that comes with helping the needy is something that brings the peace of mind as well as spiritual growth in a person. It is good to help one another and help carry one’s burdens. Helping others shows that one is caring and has compassion for others.

Honesty is another value, which helps me to live a genuine life. Living an honest life contributes to keeping my heart and

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soul at peace. Honesty also helps to keep my mind free of doubt. It leads me to do the right thing even keeps me out of trouble. Living an honest life is beneficial in that it helps one have a good relationship with those people around him/her. I like being my real self and being committed to practicing honesty in my life. Honesty is a character that applies in a wide range of field starting from inside ourselves to our homes and places of work as well. I love honesty because it gains me respect among those who we meet and interact. In our families, morality plays a significant role in maintaining a family intact and respectable.

Couples who are honest to one another enjoy happiness in their marriage but dishonest in one spouse may lead to a break up since it brings the feeling of betrayal. At the place of work, honesty is a valued character which any organizations desires to have honest workers. People love honesty people, and they enjoy their company since they feel secure in their presence. Many people lose jobs, friends, and even lives because of being dishonest. It is good, to be honest with yourself and the people around you as well. Honesty leads to prosperity through blessings because of living a true or rather a faithful life. Dishonesty leads to self-destruction no matter how small the act may appear. It is good to live an honest life, as it will give us the peace of mind and happiness in our hearts. We give to the world what is in us. Therefore, we should put efforts to do what is

termed as good for our benefit and others too.

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