Business Ethics and Professionalism Essay Example
Business Ethics and Professionalism Essay Example

Business Ethics and Professionalism Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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Various organization deals with different product and services, therefore, calling for differing on the set work ethics. Therefore, the essay defines work ethics moreover giving the reason why the employees of the given organization may have different work ethics and still move the organization forward. Further, it elaborates the practices within the COB that contribute to the development of work ethics.

Ethics is any acceptable and applicable code of behavior that is acceptable in any given institution. For work ethic, it is defined as an agreed set of principles and moral values that an employee and employers should follow while they are working in an institution. It encompasses of certain factors that are combined to come up with a robust and firm work behavior that enhances diligence and hard work.

Whatever one may consider as work ethic may be unethical in anot


her person. From different perceptions, it can be said that work ethics varies from one individual to another depending on numerous factors such as the types of work done, the professionalism, and the product handled in the organization. Moreover, work ethics also is termed by the relationship between the employees and staff besides the enterprise's objectives and the goals. Hence, various individuals operating under different environments differ in the set of work ethics. It is because of the management of the organization, besides the size and the place where the organization is situated. Further, the services offered and type of the product dealt with. The position of each employee in the institution also contributes to varying work ethics. However, regardless of differing in work ethics employees may work together, and through coordination, they contribute to achievin

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the organization objectives hence helping in moving the organization forward. It is because what matters are the effort that one put in his or portion and the delivery time.

Furthermore, some factors that are practiced within the COB, highly contribute to the development of the work ethic. Those factors include the reliability and one’s honesty. Output mostly depends on the efficiently and the delivery time. When one completes the work within the set time, he or she creates integrity. Through reliability and honesty, work ethics is enhanced for individuals will be motivated to work even when they are not watched by anyone. In addition, they will work aiming at the quality, and portraying the wellbeing of honesty.
Moreover, dedication is another core valued that is highlighted in the COB. It contributes to good work ethics whereby the workers will do any possible thing to make sure that the job done comes out well. When one is dedicated to his or her work, the output time is facilitated because the employees tend to put more effort in all ways either by working extra hours to make sure that the product comes out perfect and within the set timeframe.

Productivity and cooperation are other factors that contribute to work ethics. Working out in an environment where individuals are united they all tend to adhere to the set rules and regulations, therefore; whoever tries to violate is always influenced by others to work towards the set standards. Additionally, in an environment where individual works as teamwork, their traits are built, and they end embodying in a surrounding that portrays actual characters of work every time, hence creating a difference with other

individuals who work in an isolated and disunited area. Therefore, it can be concluded that employees may work under different work ethics, but at the end, they facilitate to the running of the organization. It is because what mostly matters is the final product produced and one’s effort.

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