Business Ethics Essay
Business Ethics Essay

Business Ethics Essay

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  • Published: January 26, 2022
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The world of business has gone through a lot of reforms and it has had its up and downs over the years. There are businesses that have been started in recent years and these are those that only harvest the fruits of what old companies and corporations have to. There are companies that have gone through many tragic events and they still stand strong today despite the numerous challenges they have faced over time (Dawson, 2015). In the twentieth century there were many major tragedies and among them, there were those that caused more disaster than others. The attack on the world trade center is one of these tragic events. The attack was brought about by a rise in the conflict between terrorist groups and the Government of the United States. The attack saw to mega damage, destruction and


mass loss of life. The attack was meant to prove a point by the terrorist by causing as much damage as they could to the United States economy (Dawson, 2015). The attack was built on the basis of a rivalry between the terrorist group Al Qaeda and the United States of America. The attack was pretty effective in achieving the aims of the terrorist and it actually earned the name of America’s darkest hour.

There was a complete fall in the state of affairs in terms of negative move which meant poverty increased, businesses fell, there was crystal clear insecurity and there was a rise in havoc with some businesses completely falling as a result. Individuals at that moment who were running organizations for whichever the purpose faced many challenges and thus they were affected by the

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events in one way or another (Dawson, 2015). The organizational leaders had many ethical issues especially when it came to decision making because there was no sure way of knowing or to the very list predict what would come next. For this reason, most of them were affected in an indirect manner because they had to make decisions that were risky not knowing what they could lead to. There was also the ethical issue of diversity because most people did not know how to handle the different people who needed the services of their organizations. At that time many people were differing on different platforms based on their ethnicity and therefore this proved to be difficult when handling people on different occasions (Dawson, 2015).

The authorities were struggling to keep the situation in New York City in position to practice normal activities but his was difficult because the attack had influenced the very root of the community which are the individuals at personal level (Cuillla, 2011). The authorities could therefore not do much in maintaining the situation because there was confusion because everyone was running for their safety. One major organization that was involved with trying to contain the situation was the Red Cross among other well-wishers which was very active and it tried to cater for all and maintain a non-profit operation. It did this by using all the aid they could gather irrespective of the side the individuals or organizations who offered it was on. Red Cross did not discriminate on the people who offered aid and it played a big role in reinstalling humanity and it maintained the highest achievable level of ethics

at the moment during all its operations. In the United States, the attack has contributed highly to how people relate to each other ever since that moment to now (Cuillla, 2011). It made people notice there was a difference in their religious stands despite them living on the same soil, the United States has however been able to maintain ethics amongst its people despite the gap. In recent years however there has been concern and extra caution when dealing with Muslim followers

The society has been made to create boundaries especially a loathsome nature between the different religious groups. From this event, people should learn there is a need to respect what other people believe on the basis that there must be a difference amongst us (Cuillla, 2011).


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