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Ashok Leyland Financial Analysis

Ashok Leyland’s current status: Ashok Leyland is the second technology leader in the commercial vehicles sector of India behind Tata Motors. The company has also maintained its profitable track record for 60 years. The annual turnover of the company was USD 1. 4 billion in 2008-09. Selling 54,431 medium and heavy vehicles in 2008-09, Ashok […]

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Trends in Hr Practices During Recession

In these tough economic conditions, there are many reasons to suggest that if the human element was responsible for plunging companies and the world into this deep financial crisis, then the human resources of an organisation are also perhaps the best bet to help it emerge out of the same. And this is the reason […]

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Business – External Influences

Every business is part of an external network called the Environment. This network plays a large role in the way a business functions and is run. The effects of the environment on the business can be both a boon or a bane to the business. The External Environment in which a business operates can be […]

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Is the World Heading for a Global Recession

First of all, I would like to explain what global recession means and what were the same recessions in our history? Global recession is the sharp deterioration of economic health of the countries, namely: a plummet of manufacturing, bankruptcy of enterprises, a big rise of of unemployment and finally – the decrease in the standard […]

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Thomas Cooks Problems In Recession Business

Thomas Cook Plc. is a travel and touristry company. This administration ab initio started in 1841 by an English adult male Thomas Cook. In 1855 this company started working internationally and Thomas Cook arranged his first party from Harwich to Antwerp and onwards to Brussels and around some metropoliss of Europe to Paris. In 1865 […]

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TomTom – 1260 words – College

The economic forces The sales that generated by TomTom are impacted by the economic fluctuations of the market in which it competes. If the economic is downturn, it is limited the capacity for business and consumers to spend, as a result, the level of revenues for TomTom are going down. For example, the economic recession […]

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Great Recession

Economists called the financial crisis of the 2007 – 2009 as the “Great Recession”, since it is a critical factor and vital cause for the failure of many businesses and significant influencer that has worsened many economies. After US busted out the housing bubble, this raised the rates of sub-prime and mortgage rates. India, the […]

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The Global Recession And Workplace Malfeasance Analysis

It could easily be proven with the right set of data presented in the right light that the Global recession is causing people in the workplace to cause problems at an increased rate, and in a worst case scenario, go ‘Postal’ on other employees. This case study does not prove that a recession either impacts […]

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