The use of definition in Peter Fussell’s Stigmatic Uniforms Essay

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Extended definition not only defines but clearly explains the phrase. Extended definition has two elements. One is short to briefly concise about the topic while other is explanation. An extended element of definition is described with some more elaborations while remaining in the borderline of definition. Elements of extended definition include brief concise meaning, a brief description, usage and explanations of synonyms. It may be called as compound definition and is standard for all definitions. Extended definition has additional information, however, that information is only precise and it does not meant to alter the main definition.

Fussell defines stigmatic uniform as those uniforms that are a stigma for a person’s reputation. Uniforms are a great symbol for the person’s status. Whatever we wear is an indication of our respect, reputation and status in the society. For example, an air force uniform when worn can give a person high respect as it is a symbol of patriotism with the nation, a devotion to work and a job of high reputation. Uniforms of prisoners are a sign of shame, disgrace and dishonesty. Fussell has used definitions in both ways, as precise short definition and long explanatory definition.

Fussell not only defines the word ‘uniform’ but actually compares different types of uniforms and how they affect our personality. What we wear really affects our personality and our individuality. In writing about the stigmatic uniforms Fussell defines the stigmatic view, the stigma and different uniforms especially those which are stigmatic. Fussell’s use of definition is varies at different points of his writing. He explains his proposal with every point of view. In Fussells’ writing definition has much broader view. He used many explanatory and self-defining terms.

In Fussell’s writing he defined and explained different terms that were important in delivering his message. At several places explanatory terms were used. Our writing process involves several steps from brief outline to conclusion. Different kind of writing needs different skills but some common tactics required are same in all kind of writing. Writing an essay or a journal article has a bit different requirements, and some other kinds of writing are narrative, descriptive, argumentative, comparison and contrast – and all of them have different elements of definition.

Use of stigma and stigmatic is in terms of “disrespectful” and “dishonored” of one’s personality. After wearing certain kind of uniforms a person can have a disgrace. The disgrace is because certain uniforms are assigned due to person’s reputation. Uniforms reveal the kind of job person does and an extended definition can further elaborate the point by defining person’s character. Most of the person’s character is judged with the kind of clothes one wear. Our uniform is the identity of our job and our personality. Person’s own self-image is mirrored in his dress.

All uniforms are unique for a particular kind of job and status of a person. Fussell uses all the elements of an extended definition to make the picture clearer to the read about what he’s writing. He defines stigma, defines uniforms and then compares different uniforms. Then he further goes to explain each element. Hence, Fussell’s writing is a good example of extended definition and about the different elements of extended definition. He explained each and every term and point with wise use of language and words in his writing.

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