The Truman Show Analysis Essay Example
The Truman Show Analysis Essay Example

The Truman Show Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: November 2, 2016
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Some aspects of Peter Weir’s film ‘The Truman Show”, can lead you to believe that the participants have truly blessed lives. However, other aspects of the show prove that, in reality, life within The Truman Show is truly damned. The viewer’s perspective on life determines whether life in the Truman Show is blessed or not.

While Meryl states that The Truman Show is “a truly blessed life” her actions deny this statement. Although she gets paid to lead a ‘normal’ life, her life is viewed nearly as much as Truman’s is. As she stated, “For me there is no difference between private and public life”. Meryl may say that she does not mind the lack of privacy but she proves otherwise by seeming too manufactured when she knows she’s being watched. A life withou


t any privacy is defiantly not blessed. Meryl realises her life isn’t blessed when she says “I can’t work under these conditions…it’s unprofessional”. If Meryl lived outside The Truman Show, she would be able to control her own actions and not be under constant stress from her producers. She would be able to choose whom she loves and create her own family. Meryl’s life would be more blessed if she wasn’t a part of The Truman Show.

Some aspects of Truman’s life may be blessed but the sacrifices forced on Truman are not worth the outcome of the show. Although Christof believes Sea Haven is a better world for Truman to live in, it is actually destroying him. Christof falsely states “you have nothing to fear”. Throughout Truman’s life, Christof forces fears onto him just for the smoot

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running of the show. From his birth, Truman was cared and loved only because his happiness was necessary for the enjoyment of the audience. Although the show needs Truman content, the priorities of the show always exceed Truman’s true needs. Entertainment is valued over morality. Truman’s “blessed life” lacks freedom. He didn’t choose to be part of the show; he was unknowingly forced into it. Christof manipulates and reinforces Truman’s fears to keep him in Sea Haven. Christof proves this by insinuating “You’re afraid, that’s why you can’t leave.” When the technician says “We can’t let him die in front of a live audience”, Christof replies “He was born in front of a live audience”, proving that Christof values his show above Truman to the point of causing Truman’s death. A life full of phobias and fears, neglect and manipulations is not a blessed life. It is a damned life.

Truman’s whole life is an illusion, full of lies and deceit. A life where nothing is real except himself “Was nothing real? … You were real.” is not a blessed life. Even his best friend lies to him, hypocritically saying “the last thing I’d ever do is lie to you”. This convincing speech is fed word for word to Marlon by Christof. Truman’s whole life is fake and he is the only one who doesn’t know. Truman has lived most of his life being lied to and even as he is about to escape Christof still lies to him. “Truman, there's no more truth out there than in the world I created for you … the same lies and deceit.” Christof could have explained

things honestly, acknowledging the fact that he thought a TV show better than Truman, that everything he knew as life was fake, even his “love” life and apologise for manipulating Truman. Instead of admitting how inhumane and selfish he was, Christof chooses, in Truman’s last minutes at Sea Haven, to continue to lie to him. A life full of lies and deceit is NOT a blessed life.

Christof may have a blessed life, with fame, money and power. However being ‘Godlike’ has its costs. All the power affected Christof and made him sick. He became so much a part of the Truman show that he forgot morality. He began believing his own lies, “I have given Truman the chance to lead a normal life. The world, the place you live in, is the sick place”. Christof’s life revolved around The Truman show, which over time destroyed him. Christof lost his principles, eventually leading to him to try to kill his own ‘son’. A life where you have lost your values and all morality is not a blessed life.

A blessed life is a life where you have control over yourself. You have freedom, friends and reality. Many members of the Truman Show had lost themselves in the show. In Truman’s case he had lost the sense of freedom, rights and everything that was reality to him. Truman and many other cast members did not have a blessed life. They had a dammed life that could only be fixed by exiting the Truman show.

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